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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 31

If anyone missed out the previous part;

Part 30


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Next morning,
Twinkle’s room:

Sunlight falls over twinkle which wakes her up. She finds herself sleeping over kunj’s shoulder on the sofa. She was surprised as she had no idea how she landed up sleeping at his shoulder. She gets up from the sofa and lovingly sees kunj sleeping. She caresses his hair and goes to freshen up. She comes out wearing a grey top paired up with white denim along with a long maroon colored cape. She finds kunj still sleeping and thinks “He looks so cute and innocent when he sleeps but when he’ll wake up, he’ll back on his stupid annoying mode. Anyway, I guess I should wake him up already, it’s getting late”. She moved towards kunj and tried waking up kunj but all in vain. She then gets up, fills a glass of water and splashes it on his face which wakes kunj up completely.

Ku: what on earth is wrong with you twinkle?
Tw: what now?
Ku: are you a psycho? You could have awakened me by just calling out my name but no, you have to do all this stupid things right?
Tw: look, I tried it all! I called out your name, moved your shoulders and even tickled you but you were so engrossed in your sleep that you couldn’t even feel all of this so I had no other option left.
Ku: are you kidding me?
Tw: okay, stop fighting over this stupid thing. Go pack your stuffs! Don’t you know we have a flight to amritsar tonight?
Ku: yea right! But but, first a good morning kiss is required (he winks)
Tw: shut up and go!
Ku: not leaving until you don’t!

Twinkle gives a cute little peck on his cheeks.

Ku: what man! I didn’t ask for a kiss on my cheeks -.-
Tw: you didn’t mention so now my work is over. You better leave my room, even I have to pack my stuffs.

Kunj stands still and doesn’t move. Twinkle drags him out of the room, closes the door and laughs at his childishness.

It was 8 in the night, everyone had gathered to have dinner.

Be: so is everyone done with packing their stuffs? Btw, when is our flight taking off?
Ku: 2 in the morning.
Be: okay then, we’ll leave by 12 alright?

Everyone agrees.

Be: let’s have dinner then?
Tw: sure!

Everyone began to have dinner. All talking about the best times they had spent in phuket. By the time they had completed their dinner along with desserts, it was 11.

Be: I guess we should all go and get freshen up and check out everything now because it’s already 11. All of you, meet at the reception at 11:45 and from there .. all of us will leave for airport.

Alll agree and leave to their respective rooms.


Everyone had assembled at the reception and waiting for a taxi. The taxi arrives, they all settle down and left for the airport.

At the airport;

They had completed all the security checks and immigration and were sitting at the gate. It was 1:45 and a lady announced that the gates are open for the flight to amritsar. All boarded to the flight and because everyone were given seats in pair, twinkle and kunj sat together.

It was 2:15 in the morning when the flight took off. The duration of the flight was 4 hours.

Ku: we have a long way to go! What are you planning to do?
Tw: what do you mean by what are you planning to do? Its 2:30 in the morning, what will you even do? Shut up and sleep and let me sleep as well.
Ku: are you kidding me? We won’t get such golden opportunities always plus you’ll soon be flying back to Mumbai as well (he sounded sad)

Twinkle realized he was right. Soon after they reach amritsar, she would hardly stay for another couple of days and will be leaving to mumbai.

Tw: okay, so what do you want to do?
Ku: whatever you wish?

Twinkle stood up and called for an air hostess and asked for two cups of coke. Twinkle and kunj sat and talked the whole journey back to amritsar about how the two fell for each other and all. They had passes 3 and a half our talking about all this. Kunj holds twinkle’s hand and entangled them with his. He then lifted it up and kissed on her hand and she rested her forehead on his shoulder.

Ku: I love you twinkle. I don’t wanna loose you. What are we gonna do when we will be living differently?

Twinkle sensed the fear and pain in his voice and cupped his face and spoke;

Tw: don’t you consider our love to be strong? I am sure we’ll tackle this situation as well. Don’t you worry okay?

Kunj nodded.

Tw: we’ll call each other everyday and talk about the day. This way we’ll feel each other’s presence and moreover, my heart already belongs to you.

Kunj cupped twinkle’s face and gently kissed her forehead.

They had finally reached amritsar. All family members met each other, cleared all the security checks and moved out of the airport towards the car which was waiting for them.

All reached to Sarna Mansion and went to freshen up. Later everyone assembled for breakfast.

Le: okay then bebe, we shall take leave soon! Our tickets are booked for tomorrow and we’ll leave for mumbai
Be: what’s the hurry leela ji? You could have stayed for a little longer
Le: no no its alright! We don’t really wanna trouble you so yea
Be: as you wish!

Listening to this conversation, twinj’s face turned pale due to shock. Twinkle had no guess about this. The rest of the family began eating while twinkle and kanj’s face was sad.

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Okay, I personally allow anyone to curse me because I know I deserve it. Yea I am sorry, I genuinely am! Yes I know it has been really long since I have updated but I was really busy and then festive season pluss laziness. Okay! But guys are you not liking the plot? Well, I always say it’s boring but you guys always encouragee me write as you all like it. But on the recent post of mine, I’ve got really less comments compared to the number of comments I usually get. I know my ff is boring when compared to the other ff’s in this site. Yet again, won’t be forcing but a small comment wouldn’t harm, right? Anyway, hope you guys still give me your support. Will really be looking forward for your curses or whatever the comment is 😂 So bye guys? Love you all and take care! xx 💕 Plus ignore errors (if any) cause I didn’t re-read this one!

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