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The Desperate silence (intense ardhika ) chappy -8

Chapter-8 ( love is not my cup of tea)

Recap:- Arjun heading towards Diwan mansion
“Director ….are you really selling that land” . A man dressed in white pants and white coat asked Dilip Diwan.

“Yeah Saral …i am” Dilip replied.

” in Arjun’s dreams” . Dilip said while looking at Saral.

Saral was looking outside the window of his cabin. Dilip often comes to his cabin when he is tensed.

Saral was thinking about Sia. He liked her always. He murmured something .

” if i say ..i want radhika too” . Saral said and picked a marker.

Dilip looked at him. He stared him. ” if you can …then fight like everyone for her”. Dilip said while tapping his fingers on the table.

Saral turned and chuckled. He shrugged and nodded.

“Je suis celui who is va gagner `a la fin” Saral said and put down his marker.

“What???” Dilip asked all confused. He didn’t get what Saral said to him.

” Sorry Director …i said ‘ Ik ben degene who is gaat winnen op het einde’” Saral said and chuckled.

Dilip gave him impossible look. Outside it already started raining heavily.

Arjun was driving his car. ” no matter what ….no one can win from you…not even me” . He smiled reminiscing Neil’s words on the first day of his college.

What if Neil really likes Radhika??? The question was roaming in Arjun’s mind.

He called someone. ” Manager….Amaal ….i want you to do something” Arjun said curtly.

“Anything on your order master….but young master ….today you called me …is young director alright???” Amaal who was assistant of Arjun’s dad asked Arjun.

” yeah Neil is perfectly fine …..i want to know ….is it possible by an therapy or medicine that makes me forget about someone in a second who is screwing badly with my mind now” . Arjun asked him in one breath.

Amaal smiled . ” Young master …..in my 65 years ….this question is the first that i found easier” . He said .

“Really ??? Manager Amaal ….tell me quickly” Arjun asked while applying breaks .

“Young master ….i will text you the solution of your problem” Amaal said and disconnected the call.

“Manager …manager Amaal ….. hello… hello” Arjun looked at his phone. He quickly opened the message.

” Andare a sposarla” . Arjun muttered. He opened his google and searched the meaning of the message.

“Go and marry her” . He muttered again. Arjun smiled and opened the message again.

“Grazie….Manager Amaal” He typed and send the message.

Manager Amaal smiled more while looking at the message from Arjun.

” you are welcome young master” . He mumbled.

Arjun put his phone aside and laughed. He started driving again.

Neil entered in prerna’s room.
“Anything you want from your only alive mother …my son” Prerna said and Neil stepped inside her room.

” it seems like ..you are forgetting about our deal ….Mrs Mehra” . Neil said while clenching and opening his fist.

Prerna turned and glared Neil. ” sit Mr Malhotra. …coffee or tea ..or vodka or anything else… because you really need to work on your poor memory” . She snapped and Neil sit on the chair seeing a smug face of his mother.

“Looks like …the little baby brother of yours had already started making you poor …first target is your memory ..i guess” Prerna laughed at her own words.

She opened her drawer with a key and took out a file. She put it infront of Neil. He sighed when he saw the file.

” i am the one who asked manger Amaal to prepare the papers long back …so i can destroy it too anytime …if i want ..stop ruling on me …..don’t you dare interfere in his life again … i don’t want to do something that i regret for my whole life” Neil shouted and throw the file.

Prerna smirked. ” i know ..you can destroy these papers ..but you will not do it ..i know that too… and about ruling your life ….i have that right because i am the one who gave birth to you ..not that mistress of your father whose heinous acts leads to the birth of that maggot of my life” Prerna said in low voice. She looked at the clenched fist of Neil.

” one day he will sleep with your woman ….and you keep shouting on me for him” Prerna said angrily .

Neil’s fist got open. “Mom” . He shouted looking at the heartless woman standing infront of him.

“How could you even say those words…. how could you??” . He asked in a broken voice gulping with his eyes full of tears.

” because i hate him so much that if he die too some day then also i will not pity him on his dead body” Prerna said maintaining the calm expression on her face.

Neil took a deap breath and wiped his tears from the sleeves of his shirt.

” just do one thing …pray to your god that i will not alive to see my brother’s coffin” . He said and left the room . Sam who was standing outside startled seeing his red cheeks and eyes.

He glared her and she stepped back. He pinned to her the wall. “You didn’t heard anything…Miss khanna” . He said in her ears. She gulped and nodded.

Neil took out the handkerchief from the pocket of her skirt. Sam’s lips parted when his finger run over skirt.
” i need it more ..now” . He said and walked away wiping his face. Sam bite her lower lip and then hit her head with her fist.

Radhika put on the uniform of a maid. She pinched her cheeks to make them red and lick her lower lip to lessen it’s dryness. She was again getting out of the house secretly.

She covered her mouth with a mask and blinked many times. She took the flower vase of her room and moved out of the room.

‘Radhika ..if someone will ask you something just sneeze’ . She thought and sneezed in real.

Her eyes widened when she saw her sister Dia coming from opposite direction. She quickly lowered her head and moved little fast.
Dia was smiling looking at her pout selfies.
She walked away without even noticing the other person near her. Radhika sighed and looked at the vase.

“Who are you ??? And what are you doing with this vase” . A man asked her from her behind . He was virat . Radhika’s eyes widened.

Precap:- Maid and king .
Hello everyone. ..missed me …well i miss you all too . Everything accepted. ..flying chappal ..flying joota …and even expensive sandals are allowed too.
The chappy is dedicated to rossy di for her birthday which was few days before.
So next will be vidya’s last shot .
Song dedication for rossy di :- you are so beautiful ..so damn beautiful.
I know it’s short but i am busy with my projects …will update a longer one soon

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