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The Captives – Five Shots ~ Ria (Introduction)

The Captives – Five Shots

This story begins four years after Kunj was shot dead by Anita in Goa. The plot revolves around two people who are held captive in a secretive place which no one knows about. These two people have been held captive for the past two years and all this while their families have only grieved about their death.


Everyone suggests you to move on after a person’s death but, is it really so easy? Not everything changes with time and similarly, even the families of the captives couldn’t move ahead in life. Nothing has changed for these families since the past two years except for the absence of these captives and the miseries which have come upon them.

So, who are the captives and why are they held captive? Is there any motive of captivating them? If yes, then what is the reason behind all this which separates these two captives from their families?


Hello, everyone! Okay, firstly don’t think how many articles am I writing at a time.😂 Frankly, I’ve too many short stories coming up in my mind and I’m picking up the best one that I feel is this.

Anyways, I’d be completing this story and “I Love You” (Comeback) by the end of this month and then, I won’t have anything to write as I don’t have any ideas for another fan fiction.😅😂

Well, let me know your views on this idea. I’ll surely continue if you all want me to but, ofcourse not if you all don’t like the plot. So, drop down your views and suggestions below to help me know about your opinions. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome as they’ll help me improve but, no abusive language.

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