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The Captives – Five Shots ~ Ria (Chapter 4)

The Captives – Five Shots
Chapter 4

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Chapter 3
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Twinkle and Kunj had been peacefully sleeping in each other’s embrace and had been cherishing their moments of togetherness all this time. They both parted after sometime which seemed only like a minute. They both looked at each other with the tears rolling down their cheeks and smiled at each other. After a while Twinkle stood up and helped Kunj to get up as well. He stood with much difficulty and Twinkle instantly gave him support.

Yuvraj came to them with Mahi in his arms who was in a semi-concious state. He looked at Twinkle and smiled at her thinking that finally they had achieved what they’d been trying to do since the past one year. Kunj moved his hand away from Twinkle’s shoulder and walked towards Yuvraj struggling. Twinkle requested Kunj to listen to her for once, but he wasn’t ready to listen to any of her explanations. He ignored all her requests and pleadings and walked towards Yuvraj who looked at him nervously. He asked Kunj to listen to him once, but Kunj ignored everyone and asked him to make Mahi stand. Twinkle ran over to Mahi to give her the support and requested Kunj to not do anything without knowing. Kunj ignored her and tightly hugged Yuvraj. All of them remained shocked by the sudden action of his. Yuvraj hugged him back after a while and they pulled back after a minute or so.

Twinkle and Mahi smiled looking at them and Kunj asked Yuvraj to forgive him for not believing him two years ago when he tried to save him. He told them about how Anita Luthra had confessed everything in front of him and he had secretly recorded her confessions when he wasn’t given any doses in particular. Yuvraj and Twinkle quickly asked him to hand them the confessions so that they could get her arrested. He handed them the recording, but sighed thinking that he had no clues of her being involved in Mahi’s attempted murder.

Everyone seemed disappointed and stood there thinking how to make Anita Luthra confess her crimes when they heard someone shooting in the air. Mahi clenched her firsts tightly while everyone looked shocked towards the entrance. Anita Luthra walked inside laughing and said that now she had three captives instead of two. The four of them looked at each other when Yuvraj started laughing along with her. Twinkle, Kunj and Mahi looked at him shocked as he walked past them and stood beside his mother, Anita Luthra.

He asked them whether they had thought if he had actually turned a good person. Everyone continued looking at him rather shocked and clueless. Twinkle couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t believe that the person with whom she had been working and planning for the past one year was actually with her enemy, Anita Luthra. Twinkle told him that how much she trusted him and respected him for improving so much, but she was wrong. She told him that a person like him can never improve.

He walked towards her and caressing Twinkle’s face with the gun told that she was right. He could never improve and he could never forget loving her. Twinkle jerked away his hand in disgust and asked him to stay away. He walked behind and fakely apologised to her. He told his mom that it’d be better if he shot Twinkle because Mahi and Kunj were already unfit and it won’t be a big task to tie them up and inject them again.

Kunj shouted telling him not to do anything and stood in front of Twinkle to protect her. Yuvraj told Anita Luthra to control Kunj and Mahi so that he could do his work properly. She walked past Yuvraj to move Kunj away so that Yuvraj could complete his work when Yuvraj shot her on her right leg. Anita Luthra turned around shocked to look at Yuvraj and fell down on the floor. Everyone stood there confused and clueless when Yuvraj shot his left hand.

Mahi called out Yuvraj’s name and ran to his help. Anita Luthra shouted that he had betrayed her. He had promised to help her in executing her plans, but he betrayed her. She told him that she was doing everything for him so that he could get Twinkle in his life. Yuvraj in a choked voice told her mom that Twinkle had always been his obsession and not love. He understood what love was when he spent time with Mahi and now he wanted Mahi in her life. Anita Luthra shouted at him telling that he had become mad staying with the Sarnas and Tanejas.

Yuvraj looked away as the police entered and arrested Anita Luthra. He looked at her teary eyed, but she had to bear the punishment for whatever she had done. Meanwhile, Mahi hit his chest and asked him what was the need for him to shoot himself. He smiled and holding on to her hands replied that it was just an act of self defence or else the police would’ve arrested him too. Mahi freed her hands and taking out his handkerchief tied it around his wound. She complained that why doesn’t he understand that she loves him and when he’s hurt, it hurts her too.

Yuvraj smiled and pulling her close told that he loved her too. Mahi looked at him shocked as Twinkle and Kunj smiled at each other. Mahi had finally confessed to Yuvraj that she loved him even if it was an indirect confession. He pulled her into a tight hug making her blush instantly. She too hugged him back after a while rather hesitantly. Kunj slid his hands into Twinkle’s and entwining them, the two of them confessed their love for each other yet again.

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