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The Captives – Five Shots ~ Ria (Chapter 3)

The Captives – Five Shots
Chapter 3

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Chapter 2

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Twinkle quickly kneeled down at the place she had tripped over a while ago with Yuvraj beside her. Both of them had been equally shocked to find Kunj lying over there unconscious. Twinkle lifted up Kunj slightly and made his face rest on her lap while the tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. She was clueless whether she should have been at the moment for finding Kunj finally after the wait of two years or, be sad seeing his miserable condition.

Twinkle patted his cheeks trying to bring him back to his senses, but it was to no avail. She asked Yuvraj to get some water for Kunj who had been lying unconscious with blood stains all over his shirt. Yuvraj frantically searched the godown for some water, but there wasn’t the slightest chance of getting a drop of water. While he had been frantically searching for some water he stopped at a point and called out for Twinkle who had been crying vigorously sitting next to the love of her life. She feared to lose him again and may be this time her hopes could really be let down. She laid down Kunj carefully back to the floor and ran over to the direction from where Yuvraj had called for her.

She stood beside Yuvraj and meekly asked him what had happened. Yuvraj pointed out to something on the floor which made Twinkle being shocked completely yet again. She widened her eyes and both of them kept staring at the thing lying in front of them. Twinkle immediately sat down on the floor and lifted another person. ` Mahi open your eyes ` was all she muttered patting her cheeks. Yuvraj rushed out of the godown to get some water from the car forgetting about all their plans and secrets.

Yuvraj returned after a few minutes with two bottles full of water and handing one to Twinkle asked her to check out on Kunj who had been lying there unconscious because he didn’t want to face him. She enquired him about the same to which he replied that Kunj might still be mad at him as he had been two years ago and he didn’t want him to fall ill because of him right at the moment when they had a hope of setting everything right. Twinkle smiled over his practicality and rushed to Kunj who had still been lying on the floor unconscious in a feeble condition.

She made his head rest on her lap again and splashed a good amount of water on his face. He slowly opened his eyes and begged not to inject him any more drugs. Twinkle was elated to see her Kunj, but she was clueless about what he had been talking. He requested again not to inject him with another dose of drug and told that he had already been tired of this and had no wishes to live his life further ahead. Twinkle let the tears roll down her cheeks and immediately hugged Kunj to never let him go away. ` Twinkle? ` was the only thing that he was able to utter in this feeble condition of his. Twinkle ignored everything that had been going around her and just enjoyed the moment, the warmth, the touch that she had been missing since the past two years. Kunj slowly lifted his hands to hug her back, but everything seemed to be impossible in his feeble condition. He just smiled relishing the moment, the gentle touch and everything that he too had been missing these two years that had seemed like ages.

Twinkle pulled back after a while and both of them smiled looking at each other while they let the tears roll down their cheeks. ` I missed you ‘ was everything that Twinkle’s eyes had been conveying. Kunj fell down on the floor and tried to pull her over him while struggling and was able to do so after sometime. Twinkle just rested her head on his chest and he tiredly wrapped his arms around. They smiled to themselves and reminisced all their moments of togetherness closing their eyes. How they had wished time could just stop at this moment letting go all the worries of their life!

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