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Thapki pyaar Ki finish the boring track (FF) Part 4

The episode start with thapki open her eyes see the flower in all place she smiles and ask bihaan why you did this ,bihaan : I make this place full of flower to see the smile in your face also I have a gift for you just wait her I will bring it and come , bihaan go out the room to bring the gift. Thapki was waiting suddenly sanker call thapki , thapki go to her room saying what happens sanker why you are calling me a hand shut up her mouth thapki trying to remove the hand to call for help but she can’t.

Break precaps:
Bihaan and the family look for thapki but they don’t found her .


Bihaan return to the room with the gift he didn’t found thapki, he go downstairs to asks the family the family tell him thapki not her they start looking for her but they don’t found her bihaan get worried. Thapki was in black room ,was roped her arm and leg and her mouth was shut up she cannot call for help a man enter with a black mask thapki crying she try to remove the rope from her hand .

Break precaps :
Kabir tell thapki to marry him or he will kill bihaan .

Thapki remove the rope from her arm and leg and she says who is you and why you bring me her I want to go to home she run to the door the man push her back thapki stand up again she says you cannot keep me her bihaan will come and safe me, the man say I will make bihaan go from your life Forever if you didn’t accept me condition, she says who is you and why you do this you cannot do anything to bihaan , the man says I will kill him if you didn’t accept my condition , thapki feel angry she said who is you he remove the mask and it was kabir thapki shocked and said kabir you why you want to kill bihaan, kabir: because I love you thapki and in the Same time I want to get revenge from him and best way is marry yes thapki my condition is you have to marry me to safe bihaan life , thapki look at him with more shocked .

Recaps :
Thapki return home bihaan look happy to see her but he feel angry to see kabir come after her .

Hope you like it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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