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Thapki pyaar Ki finish the boring track (FF) Part 3

The episode start with thapki huge bihaan, bihaan hold thapki hand and remove her tears and said to her : thapki I will never let you cry again because I will be always with you thapki in all these day when you denied that you are my thapki I was feel pain in my heart when you accept kabir to be your husband I wish to die than see you marry kabir . Thapki : bihaan you don’t know that I was feel the same when I tell you to get marry to sanker I was crying in my heart , bihaan : thapki promise me that you will never leave me again and that you will never hide anything . Thapki : I can’t leave you bihaan if I leave you I will di.. bihaan stop her from saying the word he said to her I tell you before nothing will happen to you I will be always with you thapki , they huge each other.

Break precaps
Thapki and bihaan return home and they see the family decorated the house they will make a party for thapki return.


The family was planning a party for thapki return they try to let her forget about the losing her child it was vaus idea to remove all the sad day that come to home and make a new beginning. Thapki and bihaan come to home and see all the house was decorated , thapki look to bihaan saying you not going to marry sanker are you bihaan look at her gajab my wedding happen without you, thapki laughter and say but what is this decorations, vaus come and say it is a party for your return thapki with your return all the happiness will come to home . Bihaan : maa thapki come and the problem come with her vaus shutup bihaan it is not time for jokes, bihaan : i am sorry mrs thapki bihaan pandy . Thapki : say I miss your jokes bihaan and hold his cheek, both of them come to the door to enter, vaus push them back , bihaan : maa what happen thapki say the same , vaus you have to hold thapki in you arm and then enter the home , bihaan : say ok Maa ,thapki : no it is not important your hand are injured . Bihaan hold thapki in his arm, thapki look at him saying put me down bihaan he don’t listen to her and look at her smiling.

Break precaps
Sanker thinking the decorations is for her wedding with bihaan.

Bihaan put thapki in ground thapki says to him I told don’t hold me if your arm get more injured she hold his arm and her eye get tears, bihaan : hey thapki nothing happen to me why you are worried he huge her saying nothing going to happen to me if you stay beside me . Suman and preeti say will hello love bird we are her bihaan and thapki cut the huge suman talking to preeti after they come back their amazing love come back with them and they start laughing thapki get shy and bihaan hold her hand. Main while, sanker was seeing the decorations she say in her mind of course all this decorations is for me and my bihaan wedding finally this day is coming she go to room and ware the wedding dress and she about to go down stairs she her the family saying we are so happy to your return thapki . Sanker get so angry listening to them, she says thapki come back she tell them the truth , every thing is finish my bihaan my love my dream my wedding I have to kill her she promise me that bihaan will marry me she have to do her promise . In that time thapki was about to enter the room bihaan close her eyes, thapki said bihaan stop this, bihaan : how do you know it is me . Thapki : I can feel you without seeing you . Bihaan okay mrs thapki bihaan pandy I have a surprise for you he open the room door and when thapki open her eye she see all the room was decorations with flower ?.

Precap : thapki got lost bihaan search for her and the family but they don’t found her.

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you like the story today I try to put thahaan scenes ?

Don’t worry I will make kosi get out from the house but still thinking of a great scene that make you remember it forever ??


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