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Thapki pyaar Ki finish the boring track (FF) Part 2

The episode start with bihaan look at thapki and every body feel confesd that he said he  find thapki , vaus look at vaani and said again you think vaani is thapki bihaan you have to understand thapki is dead . bihaan simle and said but maa am not thinking it is thapki , thapki remove that fack teeth and the glasses from her face and tell them that she is thapki everyone was shocked.

Break precap
Thapki tell bihaan about the baby and the accident that she had .


Thapki tell the family that she make her selfe as vaani to get revenge from bihaan but she didn’t because she love bihaan a lot , she hide that kosi kept the letter from bihaan , every body shoked and happy in the same time vaus hug thapki and the family  say to thapki  why you went to get reveng from bihaan , she said because in the day that bihaan make me leave the home I got a accident and i lost my baby, bihaan get more shoked to know that thapki was pregnant, bihaan wake up from the bed and hold thapki with anger saying why you did not tellme thapki why you hide all this can’t you even tell me that you was pregnant that time ,  bihaan crying am the reason that our child dead by my hand  i lost our child I should never let you leave the home, thapki crying:  I was going to tell …but.., bihaan left the room with anger. Vaus try to come down thapki . Thapki  crying : I lost my baby …., the other family member crying for thapki losing her child. Thapki remove her terse and said I have to find bihaan of course he will do somthing crazy after  he know the truth she run to outside calling bihaan..bihaan..

Break precap
Bihaan ask thapki don’t you hate me thapki after losing our child .

Thapki trying to find bihaan . She ask a strange man about seeing bihaan the man said I saw an  man walking throw that place . Thapki run to that place she find bihaan crying and hit his hand until his hand get blood and injured  thapki take his hand and say why you do this to your self bihaan. Bihaan : after I lose our child aren’t you mad at me don’t you hate me thapki, thapki with crying voice : I will never hate you bihaan , she huge him bihaan smile.

Sanker still think that she will get married to bihaan,  bihaan close thapki eye when she enter the room the room was decorated with flower .

Hi guys it me sandy aging I hope you like it , I just have a question for you do you like to make kosi leave the home or stay ?


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