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Thapki pyaar Ki finish the boring track (FF) Part 1

Thapki go to kosi room and put a recording to record her voice, while kosi was talking about all the plan that she make to take vaani money thapki come and say what you are saying kosi ji kosi confused she try to lie and then thapki say are you hidden something from bihaan , kosi think about the stoped thapki letter she written to bihaan she says yes I hide this letter that thapki writes to bihaan thapki get terse in her eye she say bihaan didn’t know about this letter kosi yes I hide from him so he think thapki are wrong , thapki get flashbacks about the thing that happened before she slap kosi and remove the class and fake teeth she say am thapki kosi get shocked, thapki says I come to get revenge from bihaan but know I feel sorry for him he didn’t know about the baby and you are the reason kosi request thapki not to tell bihaan she says yes but you have to tell him that you are wrong and you try to kill him before, kosi says yes , in night thapki was waiting for kosi to tell bihaan , bihaan was seeing thapki pictures in his phono and cry kosi come and says this girl was always right bihaan I wanna tell you something bihaan say what happened why you are sad after kosi tell him the truth bihaan push her side and tell her he will never forgive her kosi run after him , bihaan ride his bike so fast until he get accidents, in hospital every one worried about bihaan thapki come to him and sad I am back bihaan am thapki bihaan open his eyes he say thapki you are vaani as I said but you always denied this even you force me marry sanker why thapki why why you did this to me thapki cry saying sorry Iam sorry bihaan I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings bihaan before I tell you the reason I want to you to forgive your mother for everything she did bihaan but thapki she try to kill me thapki said even that she is you mother bihaan said okay I will but tell me why thapki when she about to tell him the family enter and said bihaan are you fine bihaan after I found my thapki am more than fine the family staring at vaani and feeling confused.

Recap: thapki tell bihaan about the baby dead on the accident that she had .


I wish you like my imagination story 😉

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