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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Chacha telling that he doesn’t know this person and beats the man. Thapki asks him to tell. Man says he is the one who gave me money to kill Kosi. Kosi recalls Chacha asking her if she can him insulted by Vani. Thapki asks Chacha, how can he try to kill Kosi. Kosi cries and tells that he is taking out enmity with her. Chacha says he haven’t done anything. Thapki says today is the big day of my life and asks them to go to room and sort out the problem, asks them to understand else she will make them understand. She asks Bihaan to keep in mind about mahurat time. Bihaan thinks he won’t be at home and get engaged to Vani. Vani comes and handcuffs his hand. Bihaan is shocked and asks her to remove it. Thapki says you can go after engagement, and says mahurat is just for 5 mins. Bihaan asks her to open it and falls on bed with her. Thapki gets up and asks him to be on time. Bihaan is angry.

Dhruv comes to Shraddha’s room and sees the decoration. He gets agry and asks why she has done all this. Shraddha says I will tell you why did I do this? She serves wine in the glass and says I know we are divorced, but we are still good friends. For our friendship, we can have just one drink. Dhruv refuses to drink. Shraddha insists. Dhruv drinks and is about to go. Shraddha asks him not to be rude and asks her to take a drink just last. Dhruv refuses. Shraddha says I won’t force you again. He drinks again and is about to go. Shraddha pushes him on bed, and plays music. Jadu Hai Nasha hai song plays….Shraddha dances with him and hugs him. He imagines Aditi and hugs her confessing his love. Shraddha is shocked when he takes Aditi’s name.

Kosi comes to Vani and says Bihaan couldn’t be seen anywhere. She asks someone to bring Bihaan back and tells that mahurat is only for 5 mins. Thapki asks how did he run away. She asks who met him last? Preeti says she gave water to him. A fb is shown, Bihaan takes clip from Preeti’s hairs and opens his hand cuff. Thapki says I knew how did he open his hand cuff. Kosi says if this engagement doesn’t happen then everyone will feel bad. Thapki recalls Bihaan telling her that he goes to some place whenever he is tensed. Thapki goes to him and asks what he is doing here. Kosi also comes there and asks him to come. Bihaan asks Thapki, how did she know that he will be here, and says only Thapki and I know about this place.

Thapki says your wife told me about it. Kosi is shocked. Thapki shows the pic and says this is the same place pic. She asks them to come within 3 mins, else he can’t enter again in the house or his family. Pandit ji tells that mahurat is ending. Vasu says even God doesn’t want this forced engagement to happen. Thapki comes and says engagement will happen. Kosi asks Pandit ji to hurry up and read the mantras. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Bihaan makes Thapki wear the ring. Kosi claps. Thapki is about to make him wear ring then….Everyone looks on.

Sankara pours kerosene oil around Thapki’s bed. Thapki wakes up and is shocked. She asks why did you put kerosene oil here. Sankara says you can’t snatch my Bihaan from me and lights the match sticks. Thapki is shocked to see the fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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