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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The episode starts with Kosi thinking Vani is ruining her life. Shraddha talks to someone and fixes an appointment, says she is coming. Kosi asks where you are going with black face and wonders what is happening in the house. Thapki thinks about Kabir proposing her and gets tensed. Bihaan comes and says I am dying 1000’s death seeing you becoming other’s. he asks her not to make him go far from her and says I can’t live without you. Thapki gets emotional and says even I can’t live without you…Bihaan. Bihaan gets happy. Thapki runs and hugs him. Ae dil hai…Ranjhana song plays……………..Their romantic moments is shown. Bihaan hugs her and smiles….It turns out to be Thapki’s imagination. Kabir comes and asks if she was thinking about him, and asks her to thank him for the ring


as Bihaan will not trouble her now. Thapki thanks him for supporting her in the drama, and asks if he remembers his two conditions. Kabir asks shall I remind you. Thapki says even I have a condition, and tells that this was just an act and says she loved only Bihaan and will never love anybody else.

Kabir says even you have the same condition and agrees. Dhruv comes to Thapki and says your hatred are keeping you away from Bihaan. Thapki says she is dead since her child died, and says no dream or relation can stop her, and says she will take revenge on Bihaan for her motherly love. Bihaan comes home drunk and falls down. Thapki holds him. She scolds him for drinking wine and falling down. Bihaan says you made me fall by leaving me and accepting someone else.

He tells her that he is pained and recalls Kabir saying that he wants to make dream house with her. He sees the lamps house made by Kabir for Thapki, and goes near it. He throws hot oil/candle inside his shirt. Thapki stammers and asks him to stop it. Bihaan looks on. She asks him to stop the drama. Bihaan tells her that he can’t live without her and asks what happened to you. I am the same Bihaan whom you loves. Thapki’s dupatta catches fire. Aditi comes and pours water on her dupatta. She scolds Bihaan. Bihaan asks how dare you to speak to me like this. Aditi says Vani is like her sister. Dhruv reminds him that Aditi is his wife now. Bihaan says I am Thapki’s husband. Aditi tells Vani that she don’t want to lose her, and says Bihaan was behaving inhuman. Shraddha thinks if Bihaan is an animal, you should not have wounded him, now see what I can do.

Dhruv asks Aditi to understand Bihaan’s condition. Aditi says she will apologize to him. Dhruv says not now, and says he is going out. Aditi says I love you. Bihaan recalls Thapki calling his name and stammering, Aditi scolding him etc. Shraddha comes there and rings the bell says your condition is like this, and says Aditi did wrong and came in between you and Vani. She says Aditi has pushed you, and asks him to show his manly power and make her get scared of him. Bihaan falls in her trap and says Aditi. Aditi drinks juice and feels drowsy. She is about to faint and sees Bihaan coming.

The man comes as Bihaan misbehaves with Aditi and tries to molest her. Aditi pushes him and shouts Dhruv. Dhruv, Thapki and others come there. Aditi slaps Bihaan and asks how dare he to misbehave with her. Thapki and Dhruv are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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