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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bihaan coming back to the mandap and wears turban. He picks garland and makes Sankara wear it angrily. Chacha escapes from prison and reaches Pandey Nivas. He collides with someone and his watch falls down. Man picks it. Bihaan asks Sankara to make him wear garland. Kosi tells Bihaan that everything will be ruined. Bihaan says he wants to see what will happen. Both couple sit for the marriage. Thapki comes downstairs and looks sad. Shraddha tries to free her hands. Chacha manages to go to upstairs room and targets pistol on Dhruv. Whenever he tries to shoot, someone comes in between. Thapki recalls her marriage with Bihaan. While Dhruv looks at Aditi and smiles. Pandit ji asks them to start pheras. Kosi thinks this dumb brain will fail my plans.


Bihaan and

Sankara start taking pheras, and at the other side, Dhruv and Aditi takes pheras. Pandit ji says 4 pheras are completed and asks brides to step forward and take the remaining rounds. Thapki recalls all the memories which she shared with Bihaan, and pleading infront of her not to give him life which is far worse than a death. She comes near Bihaan. Bihaan stops taking pheras. Thapki then recalls her accident and turns her face angrily. Pandit ji declares that the rounds are completed and asks the groom to make their bride wear mangalsutra and fill sindoor on her forehead. Dhruv fills Aditi’s maang and makes her wear mangalsutra.

Pandit ji asks Bihaan to complete the marriage and make his bride wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor on her forehead. Bihaan gets up and refuses to complete the marriage. He asks Thapki that he will not marry until she proves that she is not Thapki. Thapki asks if anything else is remaining to be proved. Bihaan says you are ruining my life and asks her to prove. Dhruv and Vasu try to calm down Bihaan. Bihaan asks Thapki to prove and marry someone else. Shraddha asks Chacha to shoot and not to wait. Bihaan asks Thapki, if she will marry or not.

Thapki agrees to marry someone else. She says if you accepts me as Vani then I will marry someone else. Bihaan says you are lying…you can’t marry as you are Thapki and not Vani. You can’t accept anyone else except me. Thapki says this is your misunderstanding, I can marry anyone except you. She says whoever comes from the door right door, I will marry him. Chacha is about to shoot. Shraddha asks him to put silencer. Chacha fits silencer.

Suman asks Thapki how can she marry a stranger. Thapki says he is stubborn and I will marry someone to end his stubbornness. She says she will marry the person who comes first from the door. Electricity goes off. Preeti tells Suman that Thapki is more mad than Bihaan. Someone comes humming music. Bihaan says your wish is fulfilled, someone is coming marry him. A man is shown entering there. Electricity comes back. Everyone is shocked to see a man coming there. Thapki looks on.

Man introduces himself as Kabir and tells that someone collided with him outside and his watch fell down. He asks if this watch belongs to the person standing here. Dhruv says he will see. Just then Chacha shoots bullet and everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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