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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vasu crying in the temple and asks God, how could I do this injustice, Thapki cried and told us that she was not wrong, but we didn’t believe her. She apologizes to God and Thapki. Balwinder says she is so far that we can’t even apologize to her, this is the biggest punishment of our sin. Thapki gets teary eyes. Dhruv looks on sadly.

Kosi stares Dhruv and says I won’t leave you Dhruv Pandey. She comes to Police station. Chacha asks why did you come here? She asks her to go. Kosi says I will make everyone get in jail, and says if we both were exposed, then who could save us. Chacha looks thoughtful. Thapki tells Dhruv that Kosi is very clever and have accused Chacha. She asks him to be careful. Dhruv smiles. Kosi tells Chacha that her enemies are Dhruv

and Bihaan who have trapped them. She says Bihaan had beaten you badly, and promises to bail him out once she gets Vani’s property. She says I will see Dhruv and Bihaan now and asks him to stay peacefully. Chacha says mosquitoes are biting him. Kosi says she will make him enjoy Vani’s money once she gets the money.

Bihaan thinks about Thapki and recalls all the moments spent with her. He walks on the railing of terrace wall. He thinks he didn’t believe Thapki and accusing her, breaking their relation. He recalls slapping her and is about to step out, then thinks about Vani.

He comes to Thapki, holds her hand and tries to take her. Thapki asks him to leave her hand and asks what is he doing? Bihaan takes her out of house. Thapki asks what do you want? Why did you bring me here? Bihaan blind folds her surprising her. She asks what is this? He asks her to be quiet and blindfolds himself also. He holds her hand and kisses on her hand. He dances with her while the song Janam Janam plays…………………..They recall dancing with each other before and all their romantic moments. Thapki tries to go, but he holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. He lifts her and makes her swirls. He removes his blind fold and says he has felt his touch with closed eyes. Thapki removes her blind fold.

Bihaan says I know you are my Thapki, and you know this well. You made me realize the truth and have come to do the same. He says you have suffered a lot and then also came back for me. I am the one who have done wrong with her. He asks her to make him human again, and asks for forgiveness for one last time. He begs infront of her. Thapki gets emotional hearing his words. She comes near him and makes him stand up. She says I can’t forgive you. Bihaan asks why? Thapki wipes her tears and says because I am not your Thapki, but Vani Oberoi. How can I forgive you on Thapki’s behalf. Bihaan says you are lying…my heart knows that you are my Thapki. He says you will not go anywhere from me, and will marry me soon. This time around, I will give you immense happiness which will force you to forgive me. Thapki goes. Bihaan looks on.

In the room, Thapki recalls what Bihaan has told her. Dhruv comes and asks if she is thinking about Bihaan. Thapki is teary eyes. He asks when he apologizes, why didn’t you forgive him. Thapki says how to forget that I was kicked out of house by him when I was pregnant. He didn’t come to bring me back even after knowing about my pregnancy. Dhruv tells Thapki that may be Bihaan didn’t know about your pregnancy, and says he couldn’t do this much wrong. Thapki says she will do as she has decided. Dhruv asks her to think again, and tells that life has given you a second chance. He asks her to think again. Sankara hears them and are shocked to know Thapki-Vani’s truth.

Thapki finds her letter with Bihaan and goes. Sankara thinks she has kept this letter in Bihaan’s letter. Bihaan comes there and tells Sankara that he couldn’t believe that she will stoop so low.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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