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On the next day in pandey nivas

Vasundara comes out from

dhruvs room.bihan sees her .he comes closer to her and asks her why she is gloomy. She says that nothing
Bihan: maa plz tell me the problem…
Vasu: nothing bihan there is no problem at

Bihan : then why are you so gloomy today.. tell me maa
Vasu: beta we have fixed dhruvs marrage.
Bihan: what??
Vasu: yes bihan….. it is indeed right?
Bihan :maa but… who??
Vasu: havent i told you about thapki…
Bihan: noo
Vasu: she is a good girl bihan perfect
match for dhruv…
Bihan: i dont understand maaa how can you all forget all those things??
Vasu: didnt forget anything beta… but life has to go on…. sooo…
Bihan: i dont understand any thing( angrily) what about dhruv??? Even if he agree i will
not allow this marrage to happen..
Vasu; dont be angry bihan…
Bihan: i have to talk with dhruv…
He angrily goes into dhruvs room….
Bihan: dhruv….. say me what is in your mind… he holds his colar and shouts… i heared everything how can you become a cheet ???? My brother…… say me…

Dhruv: cool down bihan… this is not my wish you understand…this is for maa and
for all….
Bihan : leaves his colar… but…. dont do this dhruv dont cheat your consince…
Dhruv: then ?? How long i ll wait?? Where i ll find her you say??
Bihan : i ll search her ..
Dhruv; you have gone for a tour with friends .. is it.? I know .. it was not a tour..right?? Was searching for Sraddha..
is it …
Bihan: weeping… yes… i was trying to find her……

Dhruv : did you get something? No naaa… so stop this bihan…
Bihan: no dhruv how can you say this…how can you leave your love??? …. i will not allow this…she was my friend…..more than that she is like my sister …i never let any thing wrong to happen with her…dhruv you will have only
one girl in your life and that will be sraddha only…
Dhruv: bihan … i know .. i love only her…

but what will i do know?? No calls no msgs ……
Bihan: trust me dhruv ill bring her back

Dhruv: how many years you take bihan?? Cries…
Bihan tap on his shoulders..and says never let your expectatoin down dhruv …dont marry an unknown girl…dhruv stars to say

Bavuji is drinking tea and reading paper. Vasu sits near him .she says that they have to fix the marrage date after talking with thapkis father.
Bavuji: have you discussed this with dhruv? Is he ok with this?
Bihan interrepts.. No this marrage never take place…
Vasu : bihan beta cool down.. bihan angrily says that he will not allow the marrage and leaves..
Bavuji asks her what will happen if bihan does not agree with this marrage. Vasu says that she will takecare of this.vasu runs to him and says how long we ill wait for sraddha you say bihan it is his life more important to me…it matters for me bihan.. i have promised to thapkis family ..my son will marry their daughter.. bihan i have to keep my promise.. you have to agree with his marrage plzzz….
Bihan: but ma… you have to think before giving a promise..
Vasu: you want to see my promise broken ehh cries…
Bihan : but maaa .vasu hugs him and cries plz bihan …. dont stand against this…say..
Bihan nodes his head. On mind voice no maa i will not allow any thing wrong to happen with sraddha…i will bring back her… he goes ..

Bihan takes the bike on a hurry.. thapki was coming to the house his bike hits on her and she falls down.bihan comes out from the bike and helps her.he gets supershocked to see her face.. gets freezed .. she looks at him.. ( ranjana playss) they share an eyelock.. bihan takes his eyes off from her.. he thinks that this may also his imagination.he takes the bike and starts it
Thapki: dont you know manners? You are supposed to say a sorry ( stummers)
Bihan: why are you stummering… ? Now you want me to say sorry..? Noway…drr… first you say sorry for pricking on my hand then i willsay…. understand…
Thapki: what r u saying?( stummers)
Bihan : ohh now r u intrested in talking with stangers ehh??
Thapki wonders : what ?? I dont understand…
Bihan: but i understood everything.. you are not real…. now i dont have any time to waste with you..
Thapki: real? What real??
Bihan : you.. i….. go now….
He wents out….. thapki get confused more … she comes inside the house

Precap: vasu asks thapki about her openion about dhruv and bihan

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