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Hai friends thank u all for your support..here our story starts

One beautiful day blooms ..on pandey nivas….

Bihan sleeps on his bed. Vasu takes coffee to him and calls him. He opens his eyes .sees his room full with mess and dirt .. vasu looks him sreiosly and turns to leave. Bihan gets up from the bed and asks what happend vasu does not givevany answer everyone enters the room and look at bihan.. dhruv appears there bihan ask him that whay happened to every one dhruv takes out the knife he was hiding on his hand at back bihan gets shocked
Dhruv : take this and go…
Bihan tottaly confused ask him what happend but every one keeps silence
Dhruv: i said take this and go through your path no one will stop you..
Bihan : wats going on here i dont understand..
Dhruv forcefully give it to him
Dhruv: nothing to say to you just go out ..from here. Bihan looks at everyone they stares at him.. bihan totally confused come out of his room and get shocked by seeing the decorations on the hall.he reaches the hall.. dhruv wraps his hands over his shoulder.. and looks bihan with a smile.. every one start to scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIHAAN …!!!!!!!!
Bihan gets super shocked… dhruv says it is the time to use the knife.. on pointing the cake.. every one wishes him he cuts the cake and feed all.
Bihan: bai … bahut mazza ayyi dha na..
Dhruv: smiling ofcourse bihan u r always giving us surprises soo this is our sweet revenge…
Bihan: ok mazza to ane vale hee bhai. Bihan spreads the cream on dhruvs face and ran.. every one laughs. ………..

Bihan gets ready and calls his friend . He reaches in the balcony and talks
Bihan : now what? You are coming with me and that is final
Friend: plz understand bihan i have to meet her
Bihan : u are always like this.. i dont understand these silly things

Friend: how will u?? One day some one will enter in your life too then you will understand
Bihan: laughs hello iam mr bihan pandey muche koi nei badelnevali hei… ofcourse no one ca…n
Small gentele breeze comes. … bihan accidently look on the road.. from one end of the road a beautiful girl comes.. the breeze become more cooler and stronger such that the flowers from the road side trees shower on her . She is coming closer bihans heart beats faster now he can feel it.. suddenly it starts dizziling small rain drops fell on her forhead .. on the wind her hair strands fell on cute face… bihan gets mesmerised on her beauty unable to take eyes from her …on the other side of phone
Friend: hello … dekh ek din tumhari ladki tumhari sindigi me ayega … then u will change… behan looked on the phone smiled and disconnected . ” tumhari ladki” this words resonated in his ears.. yee muche kya horaha hei..?? He told to himself and looked on the road.. she was not there.. he comes down through the outside stair and cheked … she was not there.
Bihan on mind voice: what i have seen felt.. ohh ..it was true or dream?? This is the first time i feel like this.. what is this i dont understand…!!
He takes the bike and goes out…..

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