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Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 9

Thanks my dear readers..It seems you people are having a good hope on me.. thanks for your support always.. My ff is nothing without ur love and support.. I want the silent readers also to comment for my ff.. The readers who are commenting please do comment for every episodes.. thanks once again… here Priya back with ningth episode..
The episode starts with
Bihaan lies on the bed..Bihaan sees Thapki..
Bihaan: Thapki.. I need to tell something to u..
Thapki: tell me Bihaan..
Bihaan: I have to thank you for accepting me just because of my maa’s fate..
Thapki: I also have to thank you for accepting me with my stammering problem..
Bihaan: In order to save my maa’s life, I will even marry a beggar..y not u..(Thapki stares at him angirily..) wo.. what I mean is.. you also accepted me eventhough am ur enemy once upon a time..right?
Thapki: when I told you that you are my enemy?
Bihaan: oh madam.. whether you are having amnesia?
Thapki(acts to be anger): yes am having.. just go to sleep…
Bihaan: u also go to sleep chuk chuk gaadi..
Thapki: No Bihaan.. I may not sleep today as this is the new place to me..
Bihaan (smiles) : Gajab.. then I will sleep happily.. good night chuk chuk gaadi..
Thapki looks at him.. Then Bihaan slept ..Thapki is still awake and thinking of her past.. Suddenly she heard Bihaan’s voice..
Thapki: Kya Bihaan..? do you need anything?
Bihaan did not reply anything.. but still she hears his voice.. she went near by him.. Bihaan murmurs something in sleep..
Thapki: kya Bihaan..?what happened..?
Bihaan(murmurs): Katrina…Katrina..
Thapki gets anger.. Thapki’s mindvoice( oh.. this idiot.. am staying here as his wife.. but he is dreaming about Katrina..).. Thapki left angirily and went to balcony..
Bihaan(murmurs ): Katrina.. sorry Katrina..please forgive me.. I was married to a beautiful girl.. please don’t come in my dream anymore..)
The next day morning, Thapki wake up, finished her bathing and drying her hair by making it fly on the air.. The water drops splitted on Bihaan’s face..Bihaan wakes up and sees her..He started coming close to Thapki ..Thapki sees this in mirror.. when he was very close to her..she turned ..
Thapki: what you were trying to do?
Bihaan: wo..ye..wo..(shouts )why you disturbed my sleep.. ? I was sleeping peacefully.. I got disturbed by the water drops on your hair..after waking up also I got disturbed by your beau….(he was about to tell beauty but stops..)(Thapki looking at him confusedly)(Bihaan took the towel and went to bathroom very fastly..) Thapki looking confused and started getting ready..
Bihaan came back..
Thapki: what you were about to tell before Bihaan..
Bihaan(to change the topic): Where is my watch? He throws the things on the table by searching it on the table..
Thapki bends down to take the things.. and telling: Bihaan.. why are you doing like this.. (Suddenly he thrown something.. sindoor gets placed on Thapki’s maang..(The song Mangalam plays..) They were shockingly looking at each other..
The same day morning everyone came down..Vasunthara asked Shraddha and Thapki to cook the food as per the rasam..
Thapki nods..Shraddha’s mindvoice(Oh..no.. what is these stupid customs..)
Thapki were cooking the food and trying to help Shraddha.. but Shraddha refused to take the help.. They both brought the cooked things to dining table.. Everyone started appreciating Thapki for her goodness..Shraddha gets irritated…Bihaan gets glad and smiles as his wife is getting appreciated..
Dhadhi maa sees Shraddha and asking: Shraddha betiya.. why you have not placed sindoor on your maang..
Shraddha: Oh.. dhadhi maa..sorry.. I forgot to wear..
Dhadhi maa: don’t forget this betiya.. Thapki also getting married on the same day.. but she is wearing na..
Thapki and Bihaan sees each other and recalls how sindoor gets placed on her maang..
Shraddha’s mindvoice( Oh no.. no more insults.. Shraddha be careful..)(Shraddha looks at Thahaan..) Oh.. you people started ur eyelock again..see.. today I will make the family members to laugh at u..)
(Shraddha’s bgm plays)..Shraddha came to kitchen and made the arrangements like if Thapki opens the shelf door then the chilly powder will be falling on her and was waiting for Thapki entry.. Thapki asked Suman and Preeti to go and do the outside works..
Shraddha’s mindvoice( oh nooo.. why no one is there in the hall now to laugh at her..)
Thapki was about to open the shelf door..Suddenly Dhruv called Shraddha..
Shraddha’s mindvoice(oh no.. why this Dhruv is calling me at the correct time..)Shraddha left the place.. Thapki was about to open it.. Bihaan sees that chilli powder is about to fall on Thapki.. from outside of the kitchen and started running towards her…
Bihaan: Thapkkkiiiiiii….
Bihaan holds her..but The chilli powder started falling on both of them.. Thapki started screaming…
Thapki(screams): Bihaann…I can’t able to see anything..
Bihaan: Even I can’t able to see anything..
Thapki was screaming continuously..
Bihaan hold her and telling: Please don’t shout.. let’s go to room without anyone’s knowledge..If anyone came to know, then they will kid us.. for the fate of joining with u they will kid me too..please come..(Bihaan holds Thapki’s hands..
They started walking by closing their eyes.. Thapki gets stucked with something and started screaming again..
Bihaan: oh no..this chuk chuk gaadi will ruin my respect.. (Bihaan lift her in his arms)
Thapki(shouts):Bihaan.. what are you doing.. ?
Bihaan: oh chuk chuk gaadi.. am begging u..please don’t shout..I will make u safely reach our room..
Thapki: hmm..
Bihaan started climbing up by holding her in his arms (The song oh ranjhana plays..) They entered their bathroom .. Bihaan placed her down.. Bihaan turned the shower on.. due to the sudden force in shower Thapki was about to fall..Bihaan holds her..They were holding each other.. Their face gets cleaned by water.. after getting cleaned they were looking at each other..they had an eyelock…(the music na na na plays..)
Later Thapki is trying to go away from the shower’s water but Bihaan holds her hands and pulls her towards him.. for the balance Thapki holds Bihaan’s shoulders..They had an intense eyelock..(The song Tum hi ho plays..)
Shraddha came to kitchen and surprised …Shraddha’s mindvoice( oh.. no..where she went.. but chilli powder is fallen on the ground.. how can she go somewhere this much fast..let me check in her room..)
She entered the room and on hearing water sound she came near the bathroom ..standing outside and watches them..
Shraddha(irritated) : oh..no.. these people are having a romantic rain dance here.. oh.. these stupids always enjoy their moments.. but me…why.. why am like this always…(she left in anger..)
Under the shower,
Thapki: Bihaan.. what are u doing.. why u pulled me..
Bihaan: ye…wo.. actually…ur face still had a chill powder.. in order to clean it I pulled u …(Thapki nods at him confusedly)
In the evening, the family members were sitting together and seeing their old family photos.. Vasunthara showed Bihaan’s childhood photo to Thapki …
Vasunthara: see him.. he is very handsome from the childhood ..(Thapki smiles with shy)
Dhadhi maa: He used to be very bold from the childhood itself..
Vasunthara: Haan.. Thapki betiya.. he never used to cry for any things.. one time he met with an accident with lorry.. The entire family were crying at him..But during treatment he simply smiles and telling: Don’t cry maa, I was just playing with the lorry..
Thapki listening to her surprisingly…Then Thapki came back to her room..she saw Bihaan is doing exercise.. she started arranging the clothes and placing it in almari.. while,
Thapki: Bihaan.. Maa told me that you never used to cry for anyting..is it so?
Bihaan: oh madam.. you don’t even know that ur pathi is very bold and will not cry over silly things..
Thapki: I knew.. but just I asked.. (Suddenly Thapki got hiccups.. Bihaan on seeing this started taking her bag…)
Thapki(with hiccups): Bihaan.. wh..wh..what you are doing with my bag..?
Bihaan took the mango pappad from the bag and gave it to her and asked her to eat.. Thapki looking at him surprisingly and ate it..
Thapki(surprisingly): Bihaan.. how do you know this..? aur how you know that I used to have mango pappads in my bag?
Bihaan: Hello madam.. I am your Pathi.. don’t forget that..
(Thapki looking at him continuously..and mindvoice: how he knows everything about me..)

Precap: Shraddha is doing some evil plan against Thapki.. Thapki gets irritated by a person.. Bihaan scolds him.. Later Thapki is meeting her friend John.. Bihaan is getting jealous on seeing them..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..

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