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Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 8

Thanks the readers who are commenting for my ff regularly.. My ff is nothing without ur love and support.. I want the silent readers also to comment for my ff.. The readers who are commenting please do comment for every episodes.. thanks once again.. Here Priya back with the eigth episode..

In Pandey Nivaas, its wedding day for Thahaan and Shruv…
Bihaan and Dhruv were sitting on the mandap.. Pandit ji asked the brides to come on mandap.. Shraddha and Thapki came down from the steps.. Bihaan gets admired by Thapki’s beauty and continuously staring at her.. But Dhruv even don’t turn to Shraddha..
Bihaan gets up and give hands to Thapki to climb up the stage.. Thapki smiles and giving her hands..Shraddha seeing this and getting jealous..
Shraddha’s mindvoice(Oh ….no… even younger brother is so romantic and caring… But this Dhruv is sitting like
buffalo in the rain … he don’t even turn and see me..)
They sat down on the mandap.. The pandit asked them to exchange the garlands.. Thahaan and Shruv gets up..They exchanged the garlands.. Then the Pandit asked them to take the rounds… While taking the rounds. ,Bihaan and Thapki recalls their moments with each other.. Then Bihaan ties mangalsutra on Thapki’s neck..Thapki got happy tears.. Dhruv ties mangalsutra on Shraddha’s neck..Shraddha smiles at Dhruv.. but Dhruv turned his face..


Then Bihaan applies sindoor on Thapki’s maang.. Dhruv applies it on Shraddha’s maang. Then they got blessings from the elders..Then the relatives and friends started wishing the couples.. during that Bihaan looking at Thapki..
Bihaan: Very pretty…(Thapki smiles)
Bihaan(pranks): Oh.. madam. Don’t misunderstand my words.. I told about the lehanga which I chose.. Whhaaa.. it’s very pretty…
Thapki(smiles): oh… very cute and handsome…
Bihaan: I knew you are going to tell that not me but the sherwani which u have chosen ..right..
Thapki: Nahi… I told about you only.. (Bihaan smiles)
Thapki: But you are cute and handsome only because of the sherwani which I have chosen…(The fun music during their fight plays)

During their conversation Sheena came running towards Bihaan and hugged him.. (Thapki gets shocked and looks on angirily)
Sheena(kidding): Oh…teddy bear.. you have cheated me.. you got married to another girl and this much soon…
Bihaan: What I can do Sheena.. destiny decided this.. (Thapki looks at Bihaan angirily..)
Sheena: Any way congrats my dear teddy bear..( Bihaan gave shake hands to Sheena..)
Then Sheena gave her hands to Thapki and saying congrats Mrs.Bihaan Pandey.. But Thapki did n’t give her hand and turned her face to the other side..
Bihaan: wo.. actually.. madam is from village.. she don’t know this culture and all… (Thapki looks at him angirily)
(Bihaan took Thapki’s hands and make them handshake with each other..) Sheena : oh.. okay …bye teddy bear .. I will meet u again..

Thapki remains silent for sometime..
Bihaan: oh..chuk chuk gaadi.. why are you not talking anything.. okay tell me one thing.. Whether you have invited your friends or not..? None of your friends were coming..
Thapki(angirily): why you need to care about that Bihaan..?you have your friends here right.. just go and enjoy with them..
Bihaan’s mindvoice( why this chuk chuk gaadi suddenly showing anger on me..)
Then Bihaan and Thapki was about to get down from the Mandap ..Bihaan gets down and giving hands to Thapki.. but Thapki(in anger) turned her face and trying to get down by her ownself.. due to her legs placed on her own lehanga.. she falls but Bihaan holds her.. (The music na na na plays…) They had an eyelock…They were get lost in each other eyes..
Suman and Preeti came there and sees them…
Preeti: OMG chudki.. who place these romantic statues here.. The statues should be placed in the corner only na..
Suman: But badki.. the relatives and friends were coming to wish these statues.. so we can’t able to place them in corner..

(But still Thapki and Bihaan were got lost in each other)

Shraddha sees this and getting irritated..
Preeti shakes Bihaan .. They both came back to normal position..
Suman: Bihaan devarji .. bade sasu maa called you people for ring finding rasam.. shall I tell her that you are not going to come now..
Bihaan: Nai..nai.. Bhabi we are coming..
In the ring finding rasam, The big bowl with milk is placed in front of both the couples.. They were asked to find the ring within the bowl..
The couples inserted their hands in the bowl.. Bihaan and Thapki were searching the rings …suddenly Bihaan holds Thapki hands unintentionally.. they had an eyelock with each other(The music na na na plays) .. In Shruv’s bowl, Shraddha finds the ring and started shouting happily.. Dhruv seems sad..
Suman: Arre..Bihaan devarji.. Shraddha found the ring..but still you are looking at each other..have this romance later.. first find the ring..
They came back to senses and started finding the ring…

Shraddha sees this and her mindvoice( Oh.. no.. these people even don’t have the time and place to romance..)
Bihaan finds the ring and places it on Thapki’s hands.. Thapki looks on Bihaan.. Bihaan signs her to accept.. They both took the hands outside by closing their hands tightly..
Preeti: OMG.. both are closing your hands.. who is having that awesome wala ring? Show us na..
Thapki shows her hands having rings..everyone praised Thapki and they left..
Thapki: Bihaan.. why you gave the ring to me..?
Bihaan: Thapki.. my family members used to call me as Motti Buddhi.. but you..you are entering our home now only.. I don’t want you to lose at anythings..( Bihaan left the place)
Thapki’s mindvoice( Bihaan..seriously am so lucky to have u as my pathi)
At night Bihaan’s room and Dhruv’s room were decorated good..
In Shruv’s room, Shraddha is sitting in the room ..Dhruv came ..she wished good night to Shraddha and went to sleep..
Shraddha’s mindvoice( what good nighta… what he is thinking … seriously am not getting anything.. Bihaan and Thapki were celebrating engagement day as Sugha raat.. but his elder brother why don’t have any sense at all..)

In Thahaan’s room ..Thapki is sitting on the bed very tensedly..Bihaan closed the door… Thapki gets tensed.. Her hands started shaking..Bihaan seeing this coming closer to her and holds her shoulders..Then she gets tensed even more..
Bihaan: oh chuk chuk gaadi.. why you are tensed..?
Thapki: Bihaan… ye.. wo….. nothing Bihaan..
Bihaan: Then why ur whole body is dancing on the bed? Are u feeling cold? Its okay I will switch off the AC..
Thapki: nai…nai.. am not feeling cold..
Bihaan: Then why are you tensed..?
Thapki: This is the first time am staying with a guy alone.. that’s why..
Bihaan: Oh.. this is the first time for you.. but am not like that..u know I used to stay with the girls often..
Thapki: Kya…..?
Bihaan: Then what idiot.. for every persons this will be the first time..
Thapki stares at him..

Bihaan: okay.. tell me what are you thinking about..
Thapki: I was thinking about where to sleep..
Bihaan: For this thing and all you need to think.. go and sleep wherever you want..
Thapki: Then you..?
Bihaan: I will sleep on the couch..
Thapki: Nai..nai.. I don’t want you to sacrifice for me…
Bihaan: Then shall we both sleep on the bed?
Thapki : Nai, I’ll sleep on the couch.. you sleep on the bed..
Bihaan: why you are trying to be Mahan atma always..
Thapki: You are only trying to be Mahan atma.. just leave me I will sleep on the couch..
Bihaan: No..I will not allow this..
Thapki: teek hi.. one day you sleep on the bed and the other day I will sleep..Is this okay for you..?
Bihaan: Gajab… B for Bihaan’s Pandey’s wife is B for Buddhi maan.. okay.. today I will sleep on the couch..(when he is telling this , Thapki took the blanket and running to couch and lies on the couch..)
Bihaan: chuk chuk gaadi.. u r such an adamant..
Bihaan lies on the bed..Bihaan sees Thapki..
Bihaan: Thapki.. I need to tell something to u..
Thapki: tell me Bihaan..

Precap: Thapki gets anger because of Bihaan’s murmuring sound in sleep… Later cooking rasam held for Thapki and Shraddha.. Thapki and Bihaan is having rain dance under the shower..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..

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