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Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 6

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I want the silent readers also to comment for my ff.. The readers who are commenting please do comment for every episodes.. thanks once again..Here Priya back with the sixth episode..

The episode starts with in Pandey Nivaas..
Bihaan and Thapki came outside the home..Bihaan started seating in the bike..On seeing this Thapki: Nai…nai…
Bihaan: What nai?
Thapki: ye… wo.. why we need to go in bike.. let’s go in car na?
Bihaan: Oh madam, you want to show yourself royal to others..? (Thapki shakes her head no)..But I never used to go in car.. Because driving a bike which is gifted to me by Bhabuji makes me more happier than driving the royal car..
Thapki: No no … not like that..
Bihaan: Then?
Thapki: Nothing
Bihaan: Then come..


Bihaan starts the bike..Thapki is sitting on the bike with nervousness as it is her first bike ride with a man..Thapki hold his shoulder..Bihaan looks her nervousness through the mirror..
Thapki: Why are you ri…ri..riding very faster?
Bihaan: Oh..madam.. this is the first time I am riding the bike this much slower just because you are with me..
Thapki: accha.. teek hi..
Now Thapki hold him around his waist..Bihaan smiles..
Bihaan: you did n’t answer for my question yet..
Thapki: what question?
Bihaan: why you should think about my maa’s life?

Thapki: wo..actually..
Just then they reached the Jewellery shop..
Bihaan: Oh.. chuk chuk gaadi.. leave my waist and get down..
Thapki stares at him bit angirily.. They went inside the shop..
Shop keeper: Welcome sir, welcome mam.. Vasunthara ji informed us that you are coming for selecting your engagement ring..
Bihaan : Gajab.. then show us the new models..
Thapki took a very simply ring and showed it to Bihaan..it is having a heart shaped work..

Thapki: Bihaan.. how is this?
As she called Bihaan him for the first time.. He was looking at her continously.. Thapki shaked him…
Thapki: Bihhhaaannn..how is this..? (Bihaan saw the ring..)
Bihan: Oh..mahaan atma.. don’t think that I don’t have money..choose the costliest one na..I have enough money.. why are you choosing a very simple one..
Thapki: Bihaan.. what actually I knew you prefer love over money..
Bihaan: Matlab?

Thapki: You told me na that you like the bi..bi..bike gifted by Bhabuji more than the royal car.. and so I ch..ch..chose this one.. look here.. it is ha..ha..having heart shaped wo..wo..work which is the sy..symbol of love.. eventhough it is simple and ch..ch..cheaper it symbolises the love..
Bihaan: oh hoo madam.. I told about the love between me and Bhabuji.. not between me and you..(Thapki looks on )
Thapki’s mindvoice: This idiot don’t even know how to talk with girls.. I should not told maa that he is good..
Bihaan: But I will take this according to your wish..
Thapki: No..not needed..
Bihaan: Oh.. mahan atma ..I decided that’s all.. I am taking this.. but I will choose a costliest ring for you as per your taste..
Thapki: Who told you that I like co..costliest ring..?
Bihaan: Who should tell..? You preferred costliest car ride than bike ride.. right?
Thapki: Don’t act smart.. It does not mean that I like costliest things..
Bihaan: Then why you refused to come on bike?

Thapki: Because this is the first time I am going with a guy in a bike.. that’s why..
Bihaan gets glad on hearing this..
Bihaan ‘s mindvoice (So this chuk chuk gaadi does not have any guys before.. so you are lucky Mr. B for Bihaan Pandey)
Thapki: Bihaan..whether you had bike ride with any girls before?
Bihaan: S ofcourse..I had some girl friends..( Thapki became silent).. so I used to drop them sometimes when they need help..
Thapki: Girl friends means?
Bihaan: Oh madam.. don’t overreact for it.. I just used to help them when they need.. (Thapki nods)
Thapki and Bihaan chose the simple but the prettiest rings for each other.. They started their bike ride again to home.. during the drive..

Thapki: Bihaan, why you told to maa that I am good..?
Bihaan: I told you the reason already right..
Thapki: But you did not simply told me as good.. you added extra points like I am respecting the elders..I used to help others.. I used to do the work fast.. why those extra points..
Bihaan: wo.. actually… you also told to maa that I am good and added extra points..
Thapki: What I have said to Maa is true Bihaan.. but still you are bad in so..so..some things..
Bihaan stopped the bike..
Bihaan: Bad?.. in what?
Thapki: to know that you have stopped the bike?.. start the bike… I will tell you…
Bihaan: Tell me.. I will start the bike..

Thapki: Please Bihaan.. I am scared of dark.. start the bike..
Bihaan: Tell me..otherwise you have to wait here..
Thapki: why are you behaving like this? It is also your bad thing.. then what else you want to know from me?
Bihaan: Oh..finally I am bad right?.. so find a good one and reach the home by your ownself..
Bihaan left Thapki alone..he started his bike and took the U- turn and goes..
Tears getting rolled from Thapki’s eyes.. She started walking.. Suddenly some goons started coming there.. and they are riding their bikes around Thapki..Thapki got scared..
Goon1: Oh.. beauty..what are you doing here? whom are you waiting for?

Goon2: Shall I drop you..
Thapki gets scared..One goon stopped the bike and he was about to touch Thapki’s shoulders.. one person holds Goon’s hands before he touched Thapki’s shoulders.. the goon started screaming because of the pain in his hands..Thapki turns and sees him.. it is Bihaan..
Bihaan: How dare you try to touch my hone waale pathni..?
Bihaan started beating him.. Thapki seeing this in fear..
Bihaan to Goon1: Oh bhai..What you asked her? What she is doing here? She is getting practice to walk alone on the road in dark to face the problems that may be arisen by the idddiottic goons like you..

Bihaan to Goon2: and you.. you want to drop her.. drop her naa..(he moves forward.. the goons moves backward…he started beating them.. goons took their bikes and ran away..)
Bihaan(shouts) : u…the idiotic goons.. don’t ever and even try to see my pathni…
Bihaan turned backwards and sees Thapki.. Thapki runs towards him and hugs him.. Bihaan feels different.. without his knowledge Bihaan hugs her back..
(the song Hamdard …Pal dho pal plays..)
Thapki: I knew you are too good Bihaan… but sometimes..
Bihaan: But sometimes what ?
Thapki broke the hug and looks down..Bihaan hold her shoulders..

Bihaan: Tell me.. but sometimes..?
Thapki removes his hands from his shoulders and started beating him on his chest and shoulders..
Thapki : But sometimes you are bad Bihaan…Why you left me alone? I was scared..you are bad Bihaan.. .why you did this to me..(still beating him)
Bihaan holds her hands..
Bihaan: who told I left you..? I was watching you from your backside.. You told me na that you are scared of dark.. that’s why I checked you what you will do when you are alone in dark.. B for Bihaan Pandey’s wife should be B for Bold..(Thapki looks on)
That’s why I did this.. But still this is my mistake.. If you want me to apologise to you.. I will do that.. Am really sorry Thapki..(Thapki gets happy tears)
On hearing this, Thapki hugged him again..Bihaan hugs her back..
after sometimes,

Bihaan: Oh madam what happened now..?
Thapki: You called me Thapki for the first time.. so I felt different..
Bihaan: So whenever I call you Thapki you will hug me?
Thapki broke the hug..
Thapki: Shut up Bihaan…come let’s go…
Bihaan: Gajab…you started ruling your hone wale pathi… (Thapki smiles)
Bihaan’s mindvoice (I should not asked the reason for her hug to her.. she may not hug me anymore because of this..)(he is rubbing his hairs )
Bihaan and Thapki entered the home with the smile on their face.. Shraddha on seeing this from balcony..

Shraddha’s mindvoice (Oh.. this people went in the evening and coming at the late night.. they started their romance now itself.. But this Dhruv don’t even seeing my face and responding to my words.. Its okay.. after I am getting married to him , I will make him dance according to my fingers..)
The same night, Thapki recalls her moments with Bihaan and started sleeping in the guest room..
Bihaan started sleeping in his room.. Suddenly Thapki started running towards Bihaan and hugs him and telling
Thapki: I can’t live without you Bihaan..(cries happily)
Bihaan: Even I too can’t live without you Thapki..
Bihaan suddenly wakes up and realizing it is dream and shocked..

Bihaan’s mindvoice( Why I am getting dream like this.. I used to get dream about Katrina always.. but how today she entered..we are getting married only for maa’s sake.. but how she gets entered in my dream.. No overthinking Mr.B for Bihaan Pandey.. whatever came in dream is happened really.. that’s why it is coming in dream also.. but why those extra filmy dialogs.. Bihaan rubbed his back head hairs with his hands and looking confused..)

Precap: Thahaan’s and Shruv’s engagement.. Thapki is telling to Bihaan that she need to ask him something.. Bihaan looking surprised.. Shraddha gets irritated by seeing Thahaan’s unity..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..
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