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Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 2

Thank you friends for reading and commenting..I am Priya back with the second episode.. I want all the silent readers also to comment..I will be encouraged only by the comments..In the previous episode I told every characters are same but

Naman is drama artist..
John is Thapki’s friend
Diwakar is Thapki’s enemy in her college days..
The episode starts with
In Dhruv’s room,
Thapki: Excuse me sir..
Bihaan: Yes (he was about to tell that he is not an employee or officer in this office But Thapki interrupts him)
Thapki: G..go..good morning sir.. I c..ca.came here for an i..in..interview..
Bihaan turned to her and asked
Bihaan:Kya.. what did you told?
Thapki(scared a bit): Sir.. I c..ca.came here for an i..in..interview..
Bihaan(laughs): Why are you talking like a child?
Thapki: Sir.. a..ac..actually I had this p..pr..problem from my ch..ch..childhood.
Bihaan: Gajab…Then why you are searching job here.. You have to search the job in places like circus where the people used to entertain children..(he laughs continuously..)
Thapki got tears
Thapki(crying): Sir, a..ac..ctually I am allotted to the d..de..department of report collection .. so this p..pr..problem will not affect my job.. Please have hope on me.. I will be s..si..sincere in my job sir..
Bihaan: Whether chuk chuk gaadi reached its destination…?
Thapki: Matlab..?
Bihaan: When you are talking I am hearing the sound of chuk chuk gaadi.. (Thapki stares at him angirily) …Aur madam you need not to beg the job from me.. I am not doing any interview here.. Actually I am not an employee or officer here..
Thapki(angirily): Then why did you r.ra..raise so much w..wo..words against me.. Even you are not fit for any job but u r k..ki..kidding about my stammering..aur haa ..I am not b..be..begging job from anyone..I just t..told my situation.. How dare you are ?…She pointed her finger towards him.


Bihaan gets anger and he get up from the chair and started walking towards her.. She stepped backwards.. She stopped as she gets hit by the hall..(They were standing close to each other)
Bihaan holds her finger and puts it down..
Bihaan: How dare you are raising your finger against B for Bihaan Pandey.. first you have to thank me for listening to you patiently for this much amount of time.
Thapki: Look you are t..ta..talking too much..
Bihaan: Stop it.. Again I can’t able to wait till chuk chuk gaadi reaches its destination..
Thapki stares at him angirily.
Then Dhruv came inside.. On seeing him they broke their closeness..
Dhruv: Bihaan… thum?
Bihaan:Dhruv, I came to talk with you.. But now am not in the mood.. Let’s talk later.. You can continue your work..
Dhruv: Okay Bihaan..bye..
Bihaan left the room… Thapki is looking at him till he reaches the door..
Dhruv: Excuse me..
Thapki: S..s..sir..
Dhruv: I am calling you … where are you looking at..?
Thapki:S..so..sorry sir.
Dhruv: Its okay…come and be seated..(Thapki and Dhruv sits in their seats) Actually I knew your problem.. But I want to give the chance to your talent.. You can join the job tomorrow itself.
Thapki: Thanks a lot sir… Thank you very much..(Thapki cries happily)
Outside Dhruv’s office ,
Bihaan: I thought I have to talk to Dhruv about Maa’s wish.. But this chuk chuk gaadi spoiled my mood.. (he gets the call from Vasunthara)
Vasunthara: Hello Bihaan..Where are you?
Bihaan:Maa…Am in Dhruv’s office..
Vasunthara: Why did you go there Bihaan?
Bihaan: Maa..I just came to see bhai maa..tell what’s the reason you called me now..
Vasunthara: Bihaan..I need to go temple.. Come to home and pick up me and drop me in temple.. Bhabuji,Ashwin and Sanjay went somewhere in car..
Bihaan: Ji maa..

Inside Dhruv’s office, Thapki happily made a call to Poonam ..
Poonam: Hello Thapki..
Thapki: Maa…I got a job..They asked me to join the next day..
Poonam(happily cries):Oh.. I knew Thapki… You will remove the sadness away from our family. You do one thing.. Go to temple first and then come home..
Thapki: Ji maa..
In temple., Thapki was walking towards the Lord happily.. Thapki is praying to God and saying thanks to Lord.. Then she got a call from Aditi.
Aditi: Hello Di, Maa called me and told that you got a job..Congrats di..
Thapki: Thanks Aditi..
Aditi: Di, where are you..
Thapki: I am in temple.
Aditi : I am nearby temple di.. I will come there now.
Thapki: Okay Aditi..
Bihaan picked up Vasunthara from home and came to temple and dropped her..
Vasunthara: Bihaan.. come inside na…
Bihaan: Its okay maa.. you just go inside.. I will wait here…
Vasunthara: You will change one day Bihaan when you have your own life partner for you..
Bihaan smiles at her words and told Ghajab, let’s see..
Thapki was about to exit the temple and Vasunthara was about to enter the temple. But they did n’t see each other.. At the exit point, Thapki again turned to temple and smiles..Then without noticing the water in front of her she stepped in the water while turning again.. She was falling on the man stands there.. he did not hold her intentionally.. But as she got dashed with him, he holds her.. Thapki sees his face.. It is Bihaan..
Thapki: Tum..?
They came back to normal postion..

Thapki: How dare you touched me..?
Bihaan: Oh madam.. I did not touch you intentionally.. You were falling on me.. (Thapki looks on) If I were not standing here.. You will be fallen on the ground..
Thapki thinks something and tells teek hi..
Bihaan: Oh..chuk chuk gaadi I thought you have some problem on your mouth but now I realized you are having problem on legs also..
Thapki: Yes Mister.Rude.. Like you are having some p..pro..problem in your body, I am also having some p..pr..problems.
Bihaan(surprisingly looks): Kya..

Precap: Thapki scolds Bihaan..Bihaan gets hurted by her words.. Later Vasunthara saves Thapki from danger.. Thapki comes to Pandey Nivaas.. Bihaan and Vasunthara looks on..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading.. Negative comments were also accepted.
Possible doubts:
Whether Thahaan will forgive each other?
What will happen if Thapki came to Pandey Nivaas?
Whether Dhruv will accept for marriage?

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