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Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 15

A lot of thanks to my dear regular readers.. Read this article till the end.. my ff is nothing without ur love and support.. This ff brought me lot of friends.. The link for the previous episode:
Episode 14

Here Priya back with the fifteenth episode i.e., last episode..
The episode starts with … Thapki and John came to shopping mall.. Thapki bought teashirts for Bihaan,one watch,and she buy one gulel..
John: why u bought this gulel Thapki..?
Thapki(smiles) : u know John..he saved Bhabuji’s life with this gulel in his childhood.. he likes this very much.. that’s y I wished to give him..


John smiles at her..
Bihaan was roaming around the shopping mall ..he sees Thapki and John together..he gets shocked..
Bihaan’s mindvoice(why Thapki came with John.. she don’t even told me..what is the urgency for her to come to shopping mall ..that too with the another person..even if it is important also, she can come with any of our family members na..Let me ask her..)
Bihaan made a phone call to Thapki..Thapki gets shocked on seeing this and showed her phone to John..
John(slowly): it’s okay… attend the call..
Bihaan seeing this getting a super shock..
Thapki(in afraid): Hello Bihaan..
Bihaan: Hello Thapki.. where are u..?

Thapki: what is this question Bihaan..? am in home..
Bihaan gets shocked and gets teary eyes..
Bihaan(shocked) : in home..?
Thapki : yes Bihaan..
Bihaan : I have to talk to maa.. give phone to her..
Thapki : you can call her directly na..
Bihaan : oh.. so u will not give the phone to her..
Thapki : nai Bihaan.. its not like that… wo actually.. the entire family went outside..that’s y..
Bihaan cuts the call in anger
Thapki : hello…hello…Bihaan…
John : what happened Thapki..

Thapki : I don’t know may be signal problem..
They started moving.. Bihaan on seeing this getting teary eyes…
Bihaan’s mindvoice(Thapki… is this u.. I can’t believe this Thapki..) Bihaan cries continuously..The scene ends..
Thapki reached her room and placed the things on the cupboard and her mindvoice( Oh.. I have bought everything which is needed..tomorrow I will start my arrangements…)
Thapki turned and shocked to see Bihaan..
Thapki : Bi..Bihaan….t..t..tum?
Bihaan : what happened Thapki.. why are u getting scared on looking at me..
Thapki : nai Bihaan..not anything like that ..y u came so early?
Bihaan : oh ..whether that is the disturbance for u..

Thapki : nai.. nai,… but u told that u will come day after tomorrow..
Bihaan(sadly) : The work for which I went is not going to be done anymore..
Thapki : Matlab?
Bihaan : just leave it.. I don’t want to talk with u..
Thapki : bihaan.. r u alright? Whether u had fever..?(she is trying to place her hand on his neck, Bihaan throws her hand..)
Bihaan(angirily): Don’t pretend like that you are caring for me ..(Thapki gets shocked and tears getting rolled from her eyes)
Thapki (cries): what happened Bihaan.. why are u talking like this..?
Bihaan : I told u na I don’t like to talk with u.. just get out of my sight..
Thapki gets shocked and tears getting rolled from her eyes.. Bihaan took the wine bottle and started drinking.. Thapki gets shocked..
Thapki(shouts) : Bihhhaaaannnn…
Bihaan did n’t listen to her.. he is drinking continuously.. Thapki holds the bottle..
Thapki : naii Bihaan.. I will not permit u to drink..
Bihaan(shouts) : who r u to permit me..? (Thapki gets shocked and cries..)
Thapki(cries) : Bihhaannn…
Thapki holds Bihaan’s face..
Thapki (cries) : Bihaan.. what happened Bihaan.. please tell me.. why are u doing like this..
Bihaan removes her hands from him and holds her against the wall..
Bihaan : I don’t want to see u .. that’s y am drinking.. is this explanation enough..? just get out of my sight..
Thapki gets tears.. she looked the wine bottle.. Thapki removes his hands from her shoulders.. she took the wine bottle and ran outside the room..
Bihaan on seeing this getting anger and shouts Thapppkii….Bihaan is having tears on his eyes..

Bihaan’s mindvoice in sad tone( I can’t believe my eyes Thapki..but still I had no other option.. what can I do Thapki.. why u have done this to me)
Thapki came back to room but Bihaan is not there.. she took the things that she have brought for Bihaan and started talking to it..(Bihaan.. I bought these things for u .. I thought to surprise u.. but u r anger on me for some reason.. I think these things will not have any work now..I will keep it somewhere..)
Bihaan was standing near the door and sees that Thapki is hiding some things in cupboard.. Thapki came out but did not see Bihaan.. Bihaan entered the room..
Bihaan’s mindvoice( now I will get to know what else she is hiding from me..)
She took the bag and saw the things inside and getting shocked..one greeting card falls..he took that and sees the quote written by Thapki

“ Bihaan..We thought we are united by destiny ..and once I told u we got united by cheat and drama.. but now am telling u Bihaan we got united by the unknown love between us Bihaan..I love you Bihaan..I love you more than anything and anyone else in the world..”
Bihaan on seeing this getting shocked and tears getting rolled from his eyes… he realized why she lies to him in shopping mall… and started talking to himself in a sad tone( Thapki …am sorry Thapki,….please forgive me once Thapki…)(The sad version of Bihaan’s music plays..) he sat on the ground and cries continously..
At night, Thapki came to room and seeing Bihaan is doing something with phone on the couch..Thapki simply went to bed and started lying.. Bihaan comes near bed…
Bihaan : Thapki…
Thapki : what Bihaan ji..u don’t want to see me right.. shall I go outside..
Bihaan: Nai…Thapki..if u want to tell me anything u can tell me now..
Thapki : I don’t have anything to tell u..
Bihaan : I was asking about the answer that I need to get from u..
Thapki : I have not thought about it.. & am not going to think about that anymore..
Bihaan : Don’t lie Thapki..

Thapki : Am not lying Bihaan.. (Bihaan thought something)
Bihaan : Okay I need to ask something to u..
Thapki : what?
Bihaan : tomorrow am going with Sheena to mall.. will u permit me?
Thapki got tears but hides it..
Thapki(cries a bit): you don’t need to get permission from me..just go..
Bihaan shocked and holds Thapki’s hands… Thapki tried to relieve it.. but Bihaan holds it ..
Bihaan : Thapki..look at my eyes..(Thapki looks on)
Bihaan : Now tell me that I can go with her..(Thapki tried to avoid his eye contact but Bihaan insisted her to do..)
Bihaan: Tell me Thapki..tell me that I can go with any girl ..that does not trouble you.. can u tell me such a statement..(Thapki remains silent..) Tell me Thapki.. tell me..can u? (he is asking continuously)

Thapki(shouts and cries) : how can I tell that Bihaan.. I can’t tell like that..
Bihaan : why u can’t tell that Thapki…(Thapki remains silent) tell me Thapki.. why u can’t tell that..tell me the reason
Thapki started beating him on his chest and shoulders
Thapki(cries): you don’t even know why I can’t tell that..? u r still asking me for the reason.. why Bihaan… why can’t u know my feelings for u..
Bihaan holds Thapki’s hands from beating
Bihaan(with tears): I knew Thapki.. but I want to hear it from ur words..(Thapki looks on) I just want to hear it once Thapki.. please tell me once Thapki(Tears getting rolled from Thapki’s eyes..) What is the reason..Thapki..
Thapki(cries and shouts): The reason is mein thumse bahuth pyaar kartha hoon Bihaan..I love you….. I love you..
Bihaan cries happily..
Thapki: I am loving u Bihaan… The unknown love between us united us Bihaan ..I can’t live without u Bihaan.. My life is nothing without u Bihaan..I am loving u so much..
Bihaan: Even I can’t live without u Thapki.. I love u..I love u a lott…
They hugged each other.. (The song Ranjhana plays..)
They broke the hug.. They both cries happily and looking at each other.. they had an eyelock..
Thapki : one minute Bihaan..
She went to cupboard and took the things she brought for Bihaan..
Thapki shows the things to Bihaan..Bihaan gets the things from Thapki and placed it on the bed..He bends his legs down and folds his hands..
Thapki: what are u doing Bihaan?
Bihaan(cries): please forgive me Thapki..I doubted on ur love..please forgive me Thapki..

Thapki looking confused.. Bihaan told everything to Thapki.. Thapki gets teary eyes..
Bihaan(cries) : sorry Thapki…am really motti budhi .. please forgive me once Thapki.. I promise I will not hurt u anymore.. am having a complete trust on u Thapki.. please Thapki.. u need not to forgive me simply.. give me any punishments that u want.. punish me Thapki..
Thapki cries and shakes no to him.. Thapki places her hands on his shoulders and makes him get up..
Thapki(cries) : Its okay Bihaan.. Even if I have seen u with someone I would have done the same thing.. (Bihaan wipes Thapki’s tears)
Bihaan: But now I assure u Thapki I will not get doubt on u anymore..
Thapki hugs Bihaan..Bihaan hugs her back..(The song hamdard plays..) Bihaan removes Thapki from her body .. he holds her face with his hand.. Thapki looks at Bihaan.. Bihaan kisses on her forehead.. Thapki looks at Bihaan and cries happily..
Suddenly Shraddha entered the room to ask something and sees them
Shraddha(cries fun): hennnnnnnnnn…. u people are enjoying..

Bihaan and Thapki looks at her..
Bihaan: arre bhabi…kya hua..?
Shraddha(cries fun): Bihaan devarji.. u r so romantic.. but why ur brother is like this..why he is like a robot..
Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other and laughs at Shraddha..
Thapki : Shraddha..don’t cry like a child..

Shraddha cries continuously…
Bihaan and Thapki tries to cool shraddha
Bihaan: bhabhi…don’t feel sad.. we will help u..
Shraddha(suddenly): how? How u will help me?
Bihaan and Thapki started telling their entire love story to Shraddha..
Shraddha : wow.. superb ideas.. If I have fallen, he will hold me.. If I have broken my leg, then he will lift me in his arms..wow.. superb..
Bihaan: bhabi.. these things will not create love..There will be unknown love between u people too..
Thapki looks at Bihaan.. Bihaan looks at Thapki. . They smiles at each other..
After two years,
Bihaan: Thapki… whether u have seen our son Thahaan anywhere..?
Thapki: I don’t know Bihaan.. may be he is playing with Shruv..
Suddenly Shraddha enters the room..

Shraddha: Whether u have seen my son Shruv anywhere..?
Bihaan: what… we are also searching from them ..
Then Thahaan and Shruv came to them..
Bihaan: hurray beta.. why u were hiding from us..
Thahaan: I need one sister for me papa.. still then I will be hiding like this..
Thapki: don’t worry my dear Thahaan.. very soon u will get a sister and we will name her as Bipki..
Thahaan: Bipki? matlab?
Thapki: Bi for Bihaan
Bihaan: aur pki for Thapki..
Thapki and Bihaan smiles at each other
Thahaan(The unknown love for each other) ends…
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