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Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 11

Thanks for the wishes and support my dear readers.. I hope u all r enjoying it.. Am really glad and satisfied on seeing ur support and hope on me.. I hope u people already knew that am going to make less number of episodes.. Considering my perfection in uploading the episodes daily, please forgive me for less number of episodes.. hope u all will forgive me and u people will still accept my ff.. Here Priya back with the eleventh episode..

The episode starts with,
At night in Bihaan’s room, Bihaan was searching for one teashirt..
Bihaan: chuk chuk gaadi… have you seen my blue colour teashirt..?
Thapki: oh.. that teashirt… I placed it on that cupboard John.. ss..sorry…Bihaan
Bihaan gets angry and stares at Thapki very angirily and left the room… Thapki smiles at him and recalls John’s words.. (FB plays in shopping mall..
John: He is loving you for sure.. I can see it from his eyes.. you do one thing.. you call him as John instead of Bihaan.. If he gets anger , then he is possessive on u..that possessiveness is the symbol of love.. Thapki nods and smiles.. FB ends)
Thapki’s mindvoice( I think Bihaan is in love with me.. he is possessive on me.. that’s y he gets angry when I called him as John) Thapki is smiling realizing Bihaan’s love for her. Thapki started lying on the bed..

Outside the room,
Bihaan’s mindvoice ( how dare this chuk chuk gaadi called me as John.. whether she is missing him or simply thinking about him.. when am staying with her as her’s pathi how can she even think about other guys.. but Mr. B for Bihaan Pandey.. why am getting angry for such a silly thing.. ? Even Maa used to call me sometimes as Dhruv mistakenly.. at those times I never used to get angry..I will simply smile at her.. but now when she called me as John I got too much anger.. why this is happening with me and what is happening with me..I just can’t get it..)
Then Bihaan thinks of something..(Bihaan’s bgm plays)
Bihaan’s mindvoice( chuk chuk gaadi..whether u alone will make me angry.. u see ..even I too will make u angry chuk chuk gaadi..)
Bihaan enters the room and seeing Thapki lying on the bed..
Bihaan: chuk chuk gaadi.. shall I sleep on the bed today?

Thapki: why Bihaan..? but today I have to sleep in bed na..?
Bihaan(acts): why Sheena?.. can’t you give up for ur pathi? (Thapki looks on angirily..) oh sorry sorry.. Thapki…Thapki.. (Bihaan stares at her)
Thapki looking at him angirily and left the bed and went to couch.. Bihaan smiles..
Bihaan lies on the bed and started sleeping.. Thapki recalls John’s words(if he gets anger then he is in possessive on u and he is in love with you..)
Thapki’s mindvoice( When he called me as Sheena I also got anger..then whether am also in love with him.. whenever he used to tell about Sheena I used to get anger.. whether am also possessive on him.. whether am also in love with him) (Thapki looking confusedly) Thapki started moving towards bed slowly and sees Bihaan..(you are looking very cute while sleeping..) Suddenly Bihaan turned and holds Thapki hands while sleeping..Thapki gets tensed and she tries to relieve her hands.. but he did not leave her hands..

Thapki(slowly) : Bihaan..this is my hands.. leave me..
But Bihaan did not leave her hands.. Thapki tries to relieve her hand again by telling very slowly(Bihaan..please leave me.. this is my hands..) But Bihaan holds her hands tightly.. Thapki feels tired of trying and sits on the bed.. Later she gets sleep and falls on the bed and started sleeping..They were sleeping together by holding each other’s hands.. (The music na na na plays..)
In the morning, Bihaan wakes up and sees Thapki sleeping nearby him..he gets shocked and gets up..

Bihaan(shockingly): chuk …..chuk chuk gaadi… (Thapki wakes up and getting shocked)
Thapki(shockingly): how dare you are sleeping nearby me..?
Bihaan: Hello madam..yesterday night I was sleeping on the bed.. u came nearby me.. not I am..
Thapki: ye.. wo.. (she recalls why and how she came to bed and turned to him..)..
Thapki(lies) : wo…what actually… yesterday you were murmuring something.. that’s y I came nearby u .. then u hold my hands..I asked u to leave me but u did n’t leave me..(Bihaan looking confused and rubbing his back hairs with hands..)
Bihaan(confused) : I was murmuring…? about what?
Thapki recalls one time he murmured about Katrina and telling: you were murmuring about Katrina..
Bihaan: Katrina…?… but after our marriage I asked her not to come in my dreams.. and she stopped coming in my dreams also..
Thapki gets tensed and gets up from the bed and telling : u were murmuring about Katrina only…I did n’t lie to u (Then Thapki left the place very fast..)
Bihaan seems confused (what this chuk chuk gaadi is telling.. I did not ask her whether she is lying.. what happened to her)
The scene ends..

In the afternoon, Vasunthara asks Thapki
Vasunthara: Thapki betiya.. where is Bihaan?
Thapki: Maa… he left in the morning and have not reached the home till now..
Vasunthara(looking confused) : But he never used to do like this..
Vasunthara left..Thapki looks on sad.. She made a phone call to Bihaan..but the phone is switched off..Thapki gets tensed.. Shraddha looks this..
At night.. everyone were sitting outside the home and playing games.. But Thapki and Shraddha were doing some work inside the home.. Thapki is tensed and telling(why Bihaan have not arrived till now..what happened to him..is he fine..? Please Bhagwaan.. let him reach the home very soon.. please.. I need to see him now itself… without seeing him I can’t able to do any work.. please Bhagwan make him come to home now itself..)
Shraddha’s bgm plays..
Shraddha sees this..(Oh..I have got a new chance to break ur leg once more..)Shraddha placed the hot sands in the path to her and took her phone..
Shraddha’s mindvoice(now she will place her legs here.. then why thought will come true..now I have to make her to walk on these hot sand)
Shraddha(pretends to be shocked): Oh my god… what happened to Bihaan devarji.. ? is he okay?.. Is Bihaan alright? Nothing have happened to him right?
Thapki hears this and getting shocked and tears getting rolled from her eyes ..she started running towards Shraddha (Shraddha.. what happened to my Bihaan..) and was about to place her feet on the hot sand.. But suddenly she turns and sees Bihaan is coming from the gate..
Thapki sees this and running towards him..She came close to Bihaan
Thapki tensedly holds his face and shoulders
Thapki(tensed) : Bi..Bi..Bihaan.. u r alright na..? nothing have happened to u right?
(Bihaan looks confused)
Thapki hugs Bihaan and cries heavily..Bihaan got a great shock..

Thapki(cries): Bihaan.. u r okay na.. I was scared about u Bihaan..
Bihaan gets shocked and removes her from his body and told: I am okay Thapki.. why are u crying..?
Thapki shakes no to him and hugs him again tightly.. Bihaan got surprised ..
Thapki(cries) : Bihaan.. u r okay na..(she is crying continuously..)
Bihaan hugs Thapki back..
Bihaan: I am okay Thapki..Nothing have happened to me.. I am here with u Thapki.. please don’t cry..

The entire family is seeing this..they came to them..
Bhabuji: why are u crying Thapki betiya..? Bihaan broke the hug..
Bihaan: Nothing Bhabuji…I will take care of her..
Bihaan holds Thapki’s hands and takes her to their room.. Shraddha looking at this(oh …no… this stupid Bihaan came in the correct time.. )
In the room,
Bihaan: why are u crying like this?
Thapki(still crying): I was worried about u Bihaan.. I thought something have happened to u..I can’t even…….
Bihaan patted on her shoulder..
Bihaan: its okay Thapki.. I am here only na.. please don’t cry..I already told u that I can’t see tears in ur eyes.. right?..
Bihaan wipes her tears..Thapki looks at Bihaan..They were looking at each other..
Thapki: why u were late?..ur phone is also switched off..
Bihaan: I went with my friends.. They did n’t allow me to return soon.. I should have informed u.. am Sorry Thapki.. today u got tensed because of me right.. I assure u… from now onwards I will not let u in any pain..
Thapki hugs Bihaan.. (The song hamdard plays..)
Thapki(cries): Bihaan..please don’t leave me like this..
Bihaan hugs her back with a smile..
Bihaan: I promise I ‘ll not leave u in any situation Thapki..believe me Thapki..
Later,Thapki came to Shraddha
Thapki: Shraddha .. why are u doing this..?
Shraddha: what I did?
Thapki: don’t act anymore.. I knew everything..
Shraddha: what u know?

Thapki: you tried to injure my leg right..I knew that previous incidents were also done by you.. why are you doing this(Shraddha remains silent) tell me Shraddha .. why are u doing this..(Thapki is asking her again and again)
Shraddha(shouts suddenly): Because am jealous on u Thapki..(Thapki gets shocked)…because am jealous on u.. every good things are happening to u only.. I can’t bear this.. our family members like u very much than me…(Shraddha cries) and u r enjoying lot with ur husband also..but my husband don’t even considering me as his wife Thapki …how can I bear this Thapki..
Shraddha cries fakely… Thapki felt pity on Shraddha..
Thapki: please don’t cry Shraddha.. what u r thinking is entirely wrong
Just then Bihaan passes by and overhearing their conversation..
Thapki: u are thinking that am enjoying with my husband na.. that is not true Shraddha.. we get united only for maa’s sake( Bihaan gets shocked)

Shraddha’s mindvoice( Oh.. that old lady played the same drama with Bihaan Pandey too..)
Thapki: Me and Bihaan were just friends.. we are husband and wife for outside world ..but we r just friends Shraddha.. (Bihaan gets anger)
Shraddha: u and Bihaan hugged publicly in front of our family members.. how can I believe that u r just……
Thapki: It is just a friendly hug Shraddha.. please don’t misunderstand it…
(Bihaan gets more anger and left the place..)
Thapki: Don’t ever try to do this again Shraddha…(Thapki left)
Shraddha’s mindvoice(oh..nooo.. what a big theoretical drama..)

Precap: Thapki tries to tell something to Bihaan but Bihaan hurts her due to his anger..Thapki cries.. Bihaan realizes his mistake… Thapki is telling to Bihaan that she need to go Agra for getting certificates..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..

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