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Teri meri kahani -Shivika part 4

Hii gyez i am back i think you all not like this ff because in my last part i have onpy 8 comment … i post this ff fo jayshree she msg me ask me to post ff so this is for you jayshree

Part 4


Tia :ohh anika i am feeling very bad for you you lose my baby but donot worry you never catch me so donot take tension and he always give you pain so why are you worried for him look Anika i have no personally problem with you but you come in between my motive so i have to do this

Anika :tia i donot know what you have enimity with billuji i donot why i want to save him but i know only one thing thati expose you

Tia give her look and goes from there

Anika shivaay and all faimly in hall

Daksh come to Anika

Daksh :Anika i want to say you something

Anika : what

Daksh ; i love you Anika i keep you happy your all life please say yes to me

Shivaay ;why are you embarress her she said no na why are you doing this she said no

Anika : mr. Oberoi if i have problem then i can say i donot need you
Shivaay is shocked and
Everyone is shocked because Anika said mr. Oberoi to shivaay very first time infronot of all faimly

Anika ;Daksh whats your problem i said no you 4 time i donot know what you want but please stop doing this please be in ur limit and i have a doubt on you you are stalk me and i have to confirm this if this is true then i not leave you and donot dare to thought me alone i think you know now me who i am i destroy you donot you dare to stalk me again

Daksh :on which basis you can say Anika that i am stalking you have you any prove

Shivaay is happy because Anika reply to daksh and shocked that daksh stalk Anika

Shivaay :if she is saying then she is say truth

Anika ;yes i have your hand bangle Mr. Daksh khurana itsyour na i found in my house after someon attack on me

Tia ;Anika you

Anika : please tia its my matter please stay out of it i donot like anyone interfere in my matter and i donot like if you do this

Shivaay come and hold daksh shirt and say

Shivaay :How dare you to touch my Anika jus because she said no to you i will kill you if you do this Again you are criminal get out of this house right now

Daksh :yes i stalk Anika because i love her but why are you protect her what relation you have with her

Shivaay cant reply and shocked to his question

Shivaay :She is sheisi donot want to reply you get out from this house

Daksh ;Aniks now i am going but i come back i come back for you
Mai tumhe bhul jao yeh ho nahi sakta
Aur tum mujhe bhul jao mai yeh hone nahi dunga

Daksh go from there

Next day in oberoi mansion


Pinky welcome all guest tej and shakti atten guest dadi andjhanvi see all arrangement

Shivaay :Today is my marrige with tia why i am feeling like this i donot think like this i have to hide my feeling for Anika this is right

Shitia marrige start

Shivaay tia take six rounds and they are going to seven round but Anika stop him

Anika ;Stop

Shivaay :Stop It now Anika its a limit

Anika ;I done some special arrangement for tia

Tia look worried

Tia ;Anika please this do after marrige

Anika play cd on led

Cd start

Tia :I donot leave this shivaay after my marrige half property of shivaay singh oberoi is mine and then i divorce him

Her boyfrend is robin

Tia ;Dhruv baby you donot take tension i know shivaay singh oberoi donot touch me because he love that Anika Malhotra so you donot take tension but now i have to do something of this stupid Anika shecan spoil our plan

Shivaay and whole faimly is shocked and look to tia and shivaay look to Anika with painful and teary eye

Today no Precap

So gyez please tell me which ff i continue option

1. A beautifull love story – shivika

2. Teri meri kahani – shivika

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