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Tere Bin 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nandini challenges Vijay to play card game. Vijaya says she does not like gambling at home. Nndini say she is not betting money and is betting bangles instead. Vijaya says even then no. Ratan says he is ready to play. Nandini says it is okay, if Viaya is afraid to play, even she does not want to play. Vijaya agrees. Nandini asks her to bet her mouth organ. Ratan says simple mouth organ in exchange of gold. Nandini says it is okay. Game starts. Nandini wins first and asks Vijaya to try her luck again. Vijaya shows her cards. Everyone clap for her. Nandini acts as losing and then throws winning card and says she won. Everyone get disappointed. Nandini picks mouth organ, kisses it and says she will keep it.

Nandini asks Vijaya if she felt bad, so sorry. Nani says why should

Vijaya feel sorry, it is just a card game, there is a saying whoever loses card game wins love game. Nandini feels jealous. Vijaya says every one must be hungry, let us have food.

Vijaya serves food and feeds Akshay from her hands. Nandini feels jealous. Irfan says food is very tasty. Akshay says Vijaya prepared it. Nandini chokes hearing it. Lado rushes to give her water but slips and water falls on Nandini. Lado apologizes her. Vijaya takes Nandini to her room to give her sari and apologizes on Lado’s behalf. Nandini is shocked to see rose petals on bed. Vijaya says after 8 years of marriage, her marriage actually completed yesterday night. Nadini gets more jealous. Vijaya says she knows everything, she and Akshay were just Neeti’s parents, but yesterday night everything changed. Akshay told her how much he used to love Nandini, but now he loves only her. Their emotions spurted out and they became one from two. Nandini facial expression changes. Vijaya gives her sari and says it brand new, untouched like Nandini.

Vijaya goes down. Naani asks where is Nandini. Vijaya says she is changing sari. Naani says why did she let Nandini in her room, she would have send her to my room. Vijaya says nothing will happen, Nandini will come down after changing Sari.

Nandini changes sari and imagines Akshay and Vijaya romancing on bed. She smashes rose petals, pours lamp oil on bed and is about to burn it when Vijaya knocks door and asks if she changed. Nandini says yes. Vijaya sees lamp on bed and asks how did it come. Nandini acts as surprised. Vijaya says nothing happened, not to worry. Nandini says bedsheet stain will go away, but what about the stain she gave to Akshay. Vijaya asks what. Nandini says she was telling this sari is untouched like her, if she really knows if she is untouched or not. She knows Akshay and her were boyfriend and girlfriend and have consummated in college itself. She asks Vijaya if she is repenting for inviting her. Vijaya says good she came to know her true color, she will not deter. Akshay on the other side tells Irfan that he was just having concern for Nandini and realized he does nnot really love her, now it is Irfan’s responsibility to take care of Nandini. Vijaya tells Nandini that her lame claims will not change her decisions.

Precap: Nandini informs Akshay that Vijaya is the one who tried to tarnish her image in front of her society members.

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