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TEI Author Recognition Competition: The Matches

TEI Author Recognition Competition: The Matches

Well, we’re extremely sorry for uploading this so late but, Kruti has been really busy with her tests and I, Ria have been trying to catch up with my classes.

Okay, before we start with this I and Kruti would really like to thank all of you for making this competition a huge success. We both are really glad that you all liked this competition and enjoyed it as well.

Also, many among the ones who wanted to participate couldn’t because of their schedule. I am not blaming you all for even once because I know these schools are really a headache.😏

Anyways, there’s a person who deserves a standing ovation from my side. This idea of the competition was mine and on the first article I randomly mentioned Kruti’s name. Believe me, I didn’t even for once tell her anything and she talked to me regarding how we would be managing the competition properly. The private messages you all received, all replies to your queries and also, the uploads on the last day were all managed by Kruti. I was out of station at that time and she told me to enjoy, she’d sit back and do everything. Thank you so so much Kruti! Only because of you I didn’t even for once have to worry about all these and the competition really wouldn’t have been managed so well without you.

Well, coming to the most awaited part. Here are the matches.

• Will You Marry Me?
Author – Ayu
Correct guesses made by – Sushmitha, Adya

• Can’t Forget You
Author – Adya
Correct guesses made by – Baby, Maggi, Chiku, Sushmitha, SidVee, Zakiyah, Sidhanshi, Manu, Jisha di, Aaku, Roshini, Ayu

• The Hearts Meet Which Are Made For Each Other By Hook Or Crook
Author – Aamu
Correct guesses made by – Adya, SidVee

• That Single Step Lead Me Towards My Love
Author – Paavu
Correct guesses made by – —

• Jasmin and Sidhant Were Not Perfect But SidMin is
Author – Yashasvi
Correct guesses made by – Rochika, Paavu, Pooja_B, Adya, Zuha, Jisha di, Meeta, Baby, Sidhanshi, SidVee, Chandra

• ‘In Love And Arguments❤’
Author – Laddoo
Correct guesses made by – Affa

• I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband
Author – Ria
Correct guesses made by – Shatakshi, SidVee, Sara, Twinjfan.tamanna, Sidhanshi, Pooja_B, Affa, Chiku, Maggi, TwinjSidMin, SidMin, Jisha di

• Illusion 🎭🎭
Author – Shatakshi
Correct guesses made by – SidVee, Baby, Sana

• Impossible Love Story
Author – Siddhi
Correct guesses made by – —

• Crush Wala Love
Author – Baby
Correct guesses made by – —

• Her Voice – My Only Reason To Love Her
Author – Sanjana
Correct guesses made by – Jonakanksha, Apurva, Pooja_B, SidMin, Tahu, SidVee, Meeta, Ayu, Jisha di

• Our Love is Too Late
Author – Manu
Correct guesses made by – —

• Tashan or Love
Author – Sriya
Correct guesses made by – —

• Love Amidst Our Hatred
Author – Monica
Correct guesses made by – Twinjfan.tamanna, Meeta, Jisha di

• You and I
Author – Chiku
Correct guesses made by – SidVee, TwinjSidMin, Sidhanshi, Komal123, Ramya, Roshini, Meeta, Ayu, Affa, Twinjfan.tamanna

• I was wrong
Author – RanaBulbul
Correct guesses made by – Pooja_B

• Intazaar
Author – Roshini
Correct guesses made by – —

• Ajab Kunj ki Gajab Kahani
Author – Jasmine
Correct guesses made by – Manu

• Love Status
Author – Maggi
Correct guesses made by – Manvi, Ammu, TwinjSidMin, Alex, Alex, Paavu, Twinjfan.tamanna, SidVee

• The Story of Us
Author – Meeta
Correct guesses made by – Pooja_B

• Tum Hi Ho
Author – Affa
Correct guesses made by – SidMin, Pooja_B, silnt readr nly of afa’s stry, Sidhanshi, Ufaaq

• She Stole My Heart – A Halloween Special
Author – Sara
Correct guesses made by – —

• That One Fight
Author – Kruti
Correct guesses made by – —

• Who are you to me??
Author – Zuha Fatima
Correct guesses made by – SidMin, Pooja_B, Aaku, Sidhanshi, Twinjfan.tamanna, Baby, SidVee, Ruchi

Well, if any of the authors want to reply to the comments on your articles individually you all are most welcome to do so.

Thank you once again! Let us know your final views on this competition for the last time.

Best regards,
Ria and Kruti

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