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Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 136

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Recap: Yuvi got to know the entire truth.


Rajesh left leaving Yuvi and Malhotra alone.
Yuvi tried to free himself but the ropes were tied tightly so he couldn’t.
M:”don’t try Prince. You won’t be able to. Let me have some fun with you.”

He took a stick there, a wooden one. He beat Yuvi with it.
M:”because of you, i had to go to jail.”
He beat him again.

M:”because of you, I doubted my wife because i thought she was in the hotel with you”
He beat him again and again.

M:”because of you, me daughter, Sana went against me. She hates me because of you”
He beat him again.

Yuvi:”I didn’t make her hate you, she did it as she got to know your truth. Maybe she is small but she knows about justice and injustice.”

M:”shut up.” He hit him again and again.

Yuvi screamed after a while as he was not being able to control the pain now.

On the other side:
Rajesh, along with some other goons came to Luthra house. Everyone was in the hall.

Rajesh entered the house.
The family members were quiet surprised seeing him. They got up.

Anita:”what are you doing here? Just get out of here.”
Rajesh:”ohh, just anger. It has been a long time since i saw my furry bhabhi. Last time it was when you threw me out”

His goons closed the door.
Twinkle took out her phone and call Yuvi but no answer.

Rajesh house:
Malhotra:”i have a surprise for you. See there.”
Yuvi followed his gaze.
There was video of what is going on in Luthra house. Rajesh has a camera with him so Yuvi was seeing all live.

Malhotra:”he will torture your family there and i am going to torture you here”

Yuvi watched the footage and somehow hoped that Rajesh do nothing to them.

Luthra house:
Twinkle:”what’s all this? Just get out of here.”
Rajesh:”twinkle, you should take rest, you nearly fell down from the terrace yesterday”
Twinkle:”how do you know?”
Rajesh, laughed:”because this is was all planned by us, to push Anita and you, fro you it was not planned…”

Leela:”how dare you touch my daughter?”
Rajesh:”relax, relax…”
Twinkle:”listen, just get out of here or else i will call police”
Anita:”right, i will send you to jail”

Rajesh laughed:”don’t think about this Anita, let me give you a little shock. You won’t call the police (he took Twinkle’s phone from her hand and put it on the table), or else i will beat your son so much that he will die.”

Twinkle:”what do you mean?”
Rajesh:”Yuvi is with me, i mean with Malhotra, tied up in a chair and Malhotra is beating him a lot. He is screaming a lot, Anita”

Anita:”leave my son”
Rajesh:”what’s all this? There your son is saying to leave you and now you are telling me to leave him. What a family!”

Anita:”leave Yuvi.”
Rajesh:”ok, on some conditions, i want to enjoy sometimes”
Twinkle:”what do you want?”
Rajesh:”you will serve me till i am here”
Rohan:”they won’t do anything like that.”

Rajesh:”then prepare for your friend’s death”
Anita:”we will do what you ask us to do”
Rohan:”no aunty. You won’t do anything. Rajesh, no one will do what you say. We will always protect each other”

Rohan and Yuvi’s friends stand in front Taneja and Luthra family to protect them.
Yuvi smiled seeing that through the footages.

Rajesh:”what friendship? I must admit, you guys are ready to sacrifice your life to protect Yuvi’s family.”
Yuvi’s friend, Sid:”Yuvi is more than a friend for us.”
Rithik:”he is our brother.”
Rohan:”and we will protect his family”
Karan:”no one will touch them till we are here”

Anita:”don’t do that, boys. He will kill Yuvi”
Rohan:”aunty, Yuvi is strong. He is also bearing the tortures there for protecting us. And we will also bear the tortures for him”

Rajesh who was angry at this time, told his goons to beat them. The goons beat them with wooden stick but the boys didn’t budge. They kept protecting the family. And let no one touch them.

Rajesh called Malhotra without anyone noticing him.
Rajesh:”beat him so much that his family and friends regret for this act”
Malhotra:”sure, it will be my pleasure to beat him.”
Rajesh:”don’t cut the phone, i want his family and friends to hear his cry and screams”
Malhotra did the same. And there Rahesh stopped his goons and let them hear Yuvi.

Malhotra beat Yuvi a lot. He was bleeding a lot and Malhotra hit him on his head.
Yuvi screamed.

Anita was teary eyed. Even Twinkle couldn’t control her tears.
Twinkle:”Yuvi… you are hearing me right.”
Yuvi heard her voice.
Anita:”yuvi, don’t worry. We all are fine. You don’t have to worry.”

Rohan:”yeah, buddy. We will show him the strength of family and friendship”
Rajesh cut the call.

Malhotra continued to beat Yuvi over there.

Yuvi, to Malhotra:”you don’t care about me, but think about your daughter. She is scared seeing all this. Don’t you worry about her?”
Malhotra:”Rajesh won’t do anything to her”

Yuvi:”but just see her, she hates you for what you did. And she will hate you even more after that”

Malhotra:”I don’t care, once i took my revenge then i will take from you and your family. I will make her understand”
Yuvi:”why don’t you see that she is just small and yet bearing all this pain”

Malhotra:”because of you, you and your family made her hate me. Once you are away from her, she will become my daughter as before. She hates me and her mom just because of you”
He beat Yuvi more.

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