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TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ= we went with the flow part 2

TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj = We went with the flow Part 1


Twinj live in Amritsar
Yuhi live in Delhi
Twinkle and Mahi hometown= Haryana
Yuvi office
Yuvi was sitting in his office cabin looking at a picture. It is his and mahi wedding picture. He looks at the picture and smiles but he also has tears in his eyes.
UV= I am sorry Mahi for not giving you the attention that a wife deserves. I fell in love with you when mum showed me your picture. It was love a first sight. I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART but unfortunately I cant show you me true feelings as I don’t want anything to happen to you.
Flashback Haryana
1 day before Yuhi Marriage.
Twihi step mom came in the house with shagun ka saman and also said something to Yuvraj.
Step mum= Yuvraj I have one condition before you get married to Mahi
UV= condition

Step mum= Yes condition
UV= tell me aunty
Step mum= After you get married to mahi you will not show her any love or feelings that you have for her.
Shocked UV= What are you saying and Why aunty
Step Mum= I have my own reasons which I cant tell you
UV= what if I don’t accept your condition
Step Mum= I wont let this marriage happen and then Mahi will end up getting married to a man her fathers age or
UV = OR What?
Step Mum= I will Kill Mahi before the marriage function and tell everyone she committed suicide
UV= NOO I accept this decision. He said with a heavy heart.
From the marriage day UV has distanced himself from Mahi . He don’t treat her as a bed mate for fun. He does it so if she gets pregnant . Mahi attention will go on the baby and she can spend her time ignoring Uv and with her baby.
Flashback ends.
UV= Mahi until I don’t find out what chotti maa problem is I wont take you to Haryana . I don’t want anything to happen to you. He kisses her photo .
Next Day Amritsar

University of Amritsar.
Kunj was waiting outside the Principles office for his turn to take admission. He was really nervous. He became more nervous and scared when the other people who came out of the office were rejected to take an admission.
His turn came and he entered the office. He was shocked to see Twinkle in the principles office. The thing that shocked him more was that her stomach was like a pregnant ladies. He looked at her with a shocked face but also smiled at her.
Pr= Kunj have a seat please.
Kunj sits down and the Principle starts to praise his previous achievement and grade.
PR= Look Kunj I normally don’t allow students to take in admission in between the course but your grades a really good and its only a matter of a few more months until you fully qualify as an architect. Also your wife told me the situation your in.
Twinkle arrived to the principles office in a getup of a pregnant lady.
The principle was shocked to see her.
Pr= sorry I cant give admission to a lady who is heavily pregnant .
Twinkle starts her drama= Sir I don’t want admission for me but my husband.
PR= but I don’t give admissions in between the course.
Twinkle= sir please hear me first and then take a decision.
The principle looked at her and told her to take a seat.
PR= tell me

Twinkle= Sir my husband Kunj only has 1 year to fully get qualified but he couldn’t cause of our family.
PR= what do you mean.
Twinkle= Sir mines and Kunj marriage was fixed in childhood and our parent decided to get us married when he turned 21 and I was still 19. That why Kunj finish his qualification.
Pr= I understand but I cant give him admission between the course.
Twinkle= Sir I know but both of our families broke all ties with us because they had an argument and wanted us to divorce,. But we couldn’t as we really love each other from childhood and she then points to her stomach.
Sir if we were only expecting 1 baby I wouldn’t have forced you to give Kunj admission. He works in a shop as a manger and we don’t get enough money. If we were expexcting 1 baby we would have managed. But I am pregnant with triplets she cried. How will we raise them if Kunj don t have a good qualified job she cried.
The principle begins to think
Flashback ends
Kunj is shocked to hear what twinkle done but smirks
Kunj= Sir its ok if you don’t understand we will manage …. Chalo baby he said to Twinkle and held her to help her wait.
Kunj= yes sir
PR= I have never seen such a young loving couple before. I understand what you are going through. Kunj looking at your previous results I am happy to give you admission. You will also get scholarship and a job if you do good.
Kunj = thank you so much sir.

They go outside.
On the road
Kunj= Thank You so much twinkle he said and hugged her. She also hugged him back. They both broke the hug and looked around as they felt awkward.
Kunj decided to break the silence and awkwardness= Twinkle lets go Gudwara and then we will go out to eat in a Dhaba
Twinkle smiles and nods her head.
Night time Delhi
UV came home and saw mahi sitting down with his brother Jai daughter, She was playing with her.
Mahi= Angali kaha hai .
Mahi had put a blindfold on her eyes and was tring to catch angali.
She was about to fall over but UV c aught her.
Angali= Chachi chachu what are you doing.

UV lifted mahi and she took off her blindfold.
Mahi= Anagli go to your room and sleep now its getting late.
Anagli went and Mahi was also about to go but UV stopped her by holding her hand.
UV= can you please get me water
Mahi= hmmm
She gets him water. He takes the glass of water from mahi.
Mahi feels dizzy so UV makes her sit down and makes her drink the water.
UV= what happened? Are you ok?
Mahi= I think it’s the heat she lied.
Mahi PoV= Sorry UV for lying to you. The doctor told me that I will feel dizzy and weak after taking the abortion

Why did Mahi take an abortion?

PreCap= Twinj moments and UV finding out Mahi took an abortion. More Flashbacks

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