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TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj = We went with the flow Part 1

TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow


Thank You so much everyone who commented it made me feel very happy.
I hope you enjoy reaching the first part of TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ= we went with the flow

Night time (present time) Delhi
A mansion is a girl is seen entering her room. She is wearing a simple blue saree with a pearl blouse. She is wearing sliver and blue bangles . She has also wearing mangulstura and has applied sindoor. She enters the room and is relived to see no one is in her room. She sit near the dressing table and begins to take of her bangles and earrings. She stands up to go to the washroom to change but is stopped by her husband who is looking at her with a smirk.
Husband= Mahi you look absolutely hot and s*xy in this saree.
She looks at him and just smiles.
She walks past him to get her night clothes.
Husband= What’s the hurry wifey?
She exactly knows what he means .
Mahi= Yuvraj I am going to go to change my clothes she said.
Yuvraj goes near the door and closes it. She now knows what is going to happen.
Yuvraj= why will you change your clothes when I am near you huh? He said going closer to her.
He goes to her and starts to kiss her neck. He places many wet kisses on her neck he finally then gives her a love bite and she screams in pain.
Yuvraj= I don’t understand how you are not use to it now.
He holds her hand and takes her to he bed. He makes her lie down and goes on top of her he then gets intimate with her.
2 hours later.
Yuvraj is seen sleeping peacefully whilst Mahi has wrapped herself up in blanket and is in tears,
Mahi Pov= Twinkle where did you leave me and go ? You were the only person who I could share everything with. I just pray wherever you are Babaji keeps you safe. She then looks at UV and has tears in her eyes. I love you so much but when will that day come that you will make love with me not get intimate with me as you want to sleep with me. She then gets up and changes her clothes into a pink nightgown and goes to sleep. Before sleeping she again prays that her younger sister Twinkle is safe wherever she is.

A girl is seen tiptoeing into a room. She goes towards the bed a sees that the boy is sleeping. She then goes a lies down next to him. She is about to pull the blanket but a pair of hands stops him. She bites her tongue.
B= Twinkle how come you do this everyday?
Twinkle= What Kunj?
Kunj= ever since our so called marriage has happened you always sleep in the other room first and then come and sleep here next to me.
Twinkle trying to avoid eye contact= its nothing like that she is about to stand up and go but Kunj holds her hand and she falls near his chest and he holds her firmly
Kunj= tell me otherwise I wont let you go.
Twinkle= actually after maa went I would always sleep with her dupatta and Mahi would always be there with me. After Mahi got married I would still sleep with maas dupatta but chotti maa (step mum) found out and burnt all of maa things. She said with tears in her eyes. I still had a pic of me Mahi and maa in a photo frame but that frame broke when I was running away from home so I had no choice but to take the photo but that also ripped. I can never sleep alone. That’s why before we got married I would always make an excuse so that you can sleep on the lounge with me or would sleep with the lights on she said with tears in her eyes.
Kunj wiped her tears and asked her to calm down
Kunj= you can sleep here next to after all we are married.
Twinkle= But Kunj…
Kunj= I know that we don’t know where our relationship stands but you can sleep next to me.
They both fall asleep shortly with a pillow barrier in the middle.
Mid night
Twinkle kept pulling the blanket off Kunj and this was irritating him. He had no choice but to pull the blanket from her too
Twinkle=Kunj she complained
Kunj= Twinkle

Twinkle= Kunj
Kunj= You pulled the blanket from me first
Twinkle = but I get cold
Kunj= if both f us sleep on the edge of he bed we will both fight over the blanket. So come a bit near the middle even I will then we wont fight
Twinkle looked at him blankly
Kunj= It ok if you don’t its just that you wont get the blanket
Twinkle= wait I am coming she moving towards the middle
Soon they both fall asleep
Next morning(Haryana)
Yuvraj was talking to his PA on the phone.
UV= okay so when is the meeting
PA= its at 4.00pm
UV= okay I will be there . He disconnects the call and tries to find his files. Mahi enters the room and sees how things are everywhere.
Mahi= Your red file is on the table under your blue one. Your watch and tie is on the dressing tale. He takes his red file and goes near the dressing table whilst Mahi starts to put the things away that Uv had put everywhere. Uv wears his tie and watch and leaves the room without thanking or greeting Mahi. Mahi sits on the bed and says when will UV ever treat me like his wife or a friend at least. He only treats me like a bed mate and will only talk to see sometimes near people. When will things change.
Kunj had gone to college to get a admission form. He always wanted to be an architect but Manohar wanted him to join the business. When he was studying in London he lied to Manohar that he was studying business but he was actually studying Arciturture. When Manohar found out he was furious and made him come back to India straight away and join business. Kunj only had 1 year left to fully qualify so he went to get admission.
Kunj came home and had an upset face
Twinkle= what happened?
Kunj= I couldn’t meet the principle but I heard people say that he is very strict and wont give admission in between the course unless there was a valid reason.
Twinkle sat down next to him.
Twinkle= Don’t worry you will defiantly get admission tomorrow I promise
Kunj= but how?
Twinkle= Kunj you have done many things for me and now I owe you back. She said with a smile.
PRECAP= Kunj gets admission (but how?) and Flashback

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