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TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust;love chapter 21

Chapter 20

outfit link=https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=indo+western+dresses&biw(i hope it works)
Sangeet Day
The sangeet was going to be in a venue. The venue was decorated in silver and peach decoration. There was one beautiful swan shaped double chair for Twinkle and Kunj to sit on.
Everyone was dressed up in there beautiful designed indo-western outfits.
Kunj was wearing a simple white sherwani with a peach dupatta around his neck.
Twinkle complimented him perfectly by wearing a long peach maki dress with a long sleeved peach gown on top with silver embroidery. Her hair was done in a beautiful messy curled bun. She wore silver jumkas to complete her look.


Twinj were sat down next to you. Twinkle could not look at Kunj in the eye as she was feeling a bit shy after yesterdays confession.
UV= ladies and gentlemen welcome to Kunj and Twinkles Sangeet.
Rudra= Sangeet are meant to be for dance and a get together for all the family and friends to share with the would be couple before they take the vows.
UV= so without wasting anytime here comes the first dance performance by the grooms sisters. Please welcome Suman,Mahi,Chinki and Bubbly.
The sisters do a beautiful dance on Cham Cham and Tu keech meri photo
Rudra= That was really good. Now please welcome Shivaya bhaiya , OM, UV and me
The brothers all dance on Aloo chat title song and vele.
They did a splendid dance.
Soon everyone come and do individual, couple or group dance whilst everyone looks at them and smiles.
During the dance performance Kunj decides to hold twinkles hand. She feels shy and tries to free herself but all goes in vain. She decides to talk to him without making any eyecontact.
Twinkle very quietly= Kya kare ho?

Kunj= what do you mean “kya kare ho”? I am just holding my would be wife’s hand
Twinkle blushes= but kunj everyone is her looking at us.
Kunj= they looking at the dance performance not us. Even if they look at us they Know we are getting married.
There conversation was broken by an announcement that made kunj smirk and twinkle shock.
UV= please make a huge round of applause and welcome the bride and groom KUNJ &TWINKLE .
Twinkle= shit I don’t know how to dance
Kunj whispers= Did you forget the lift incident
Twinkle= please Kunj I am getting nervouse.
The music lays. Dil dhakne do
the music plays and Twinkle is seen nervouse. Kunj assures her that she will be fin. They both begin to dance. The dance finished really quickly and everyone clapped for them.
Soon everyone retired home as it was going to be Twinkles mehndi performance in the night.
Sarna House
Bebe= Everyone rest for 3 hours then girls get up as we have to go Taneja house for the mehndi function. Kunj you can rest for longer and come come later.
PreCap = Mehndi
Hope you enjoyed it
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