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TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust;love chapter 20


Twinjs Long drive
Just before they left Kunj made a important phone call
Twinkle and Kunj were in the car listening to music.
Kunj= Did you like the arrangement and decoration?Twinkle made a weird face. Kunj face drops and Twinkle noticed this.
Twinkle with a smile= Kunj I loved the decoration. It went so well with my outfit. Thank You


Kunj= mention not.
Kunj suddenly stopped the car.
Twinkle= what happened?
Kunj went to her door and opened it. He then took a blindfold and covered her eyes.
Twinkle= where are you taking me?
Kunj stopped .
Kunj= You can remove your blindfold now.
She removed her blindfold and was shocked to see white heart shaped balloons everywhere. She began to walk further by holding Kunj hand. There was white flowers trail that lead to a bench that was covered with more flowers.
Twinkle went and sat down on the bench.
Twinkle= WOW kunj this is so cute. Thank You
Kunj puts his finger on her lips = How can you talk so much.
They both then share a sweet romantic eye lock which was then broken by Kunj
Kunj= Twinkle stay here I am coming

Twinkle smiled whilst Kunj went.
She was playing with the flowers.
Kunj= NO one has ever made me feel so special as you kunj I LOVE then she blushes.
She then sees a small pond that has got a letter in a golden basket. She goes near the pond and takes the basket that say T&K in a love heart . She looks at it a smiles. She then reads the letter.
To my dear beautiful cute Siyaapa Queen Aka My future Wife Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna. I met you on our engagement day that was only 1 month ago and my life has changed since. The moment I saw you I was awestruck by your beauty. Initially we were both being forced to get married to each other but when we got to know each other and had an instant connection. We both began to get to know more as we have to spend our life with each other together. Getting to know you became my passion. I don’t know what you feel fore me but I have certainly got strong feelings for you. I will be waiting for your answer all my life. I LOVE YOU. Your future husband Kunj.
Twinkle had tears in her eyes. She then looked around to see Kunj and found him in front of her holding a red rose in his hand.

Twinkle smiles and takes the rose that Kunj offered. She makes him stand up and hugs him instantly. Kunj could feel the tears and broke the hug. He wipes her tears and kissed her forehead.
Twinkle= Thank You so much Kunj no one has ever made me feel this happy and special.
She holds his hand and they start to walk in the park with Twinkle resting her head on Kunj shoulder. They weren’t talking but were just enjoying the quiet love.
Twinkles PoV= Kunj you have made me feel so special and I will also confess my love for you in a special way.
Twinkle= Kunj you said that you will wait for me all your life but in 4 days I am going to become your life partner. You probably know my answer but I will tell you very soon.
Kunj= I will be waiting he said with a smile
Twinkle= BTW Kunj when did you plan this?

Kunj= I planned this just before we left home.
They both smile at each other. They then realise that time was going really fast. Kunj drops Twinkle home and she goes to her room closes the door and smiled.
Twinkle messaged Kunj= Thank You so much for everything “Baby”
Kunj replied= Anything for you.
They continue to talk on the phone before sleep takes over them.

PRECAP= Sangeet and Twinj secret romance

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