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TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust ;love chapter 8

Chapter 7

Everyone was sitting on the waiting for their order to arrive. During this time Chinki keeps receiving calls but because her phone is on silent nobody realized.
Mahi= there is so much to do for the wedding and such less time.
Soumaya= Exactly! There is so much to prepare for
Bubbly= I think we should start dance practice from now haina Chinki di
Chinki lost in her thoughts = yeah yeah
Kunj= what happened to you Chinki?Chinki= nothing bhai why?
Kunj=Bubbly is talking about dance and you are staring at her blankly. You love dance
Mahi= exactly! You live for dance
Chinki= its just that I have an assignment to hand in tomorrow that’s it
In the mean time the waiter arrives with there coffee and cake
Everyone was talking and sipping on their coffee and spend a good time together
When they are leaving the café the girls go ahead leaving twinj alone in the back.
There was an awkward silence when they were walking . They both wanted to share many things together but couldn’t.
They were about to enter the lift to go to the parking area but couldn’t
Bubbly= sorry there isn’t enough space
Saying this the lift door closed leaving twinj alone waiting for it to arrive again.


In the lift
Suman = its good that we left them to alone for a bit
Mahi= yeah they will get a chance to talk with each other.
Soumaya= I think they wanted to talk about the marriage dates etc but couldn’t as we were there
Bubbly= anyway no they will have lots of time to talk to each other in the lift she said winking at Mahi
Suman= what do you mean?
Mahi= basically we gave some money to the security man to stop the lift when Bhai and Bhabhi are in for some time
Soumaya= WHAT?
Suman = what happened?
Soumaya= its just that RT uncle is strike about Twinkle if he founds out that she has been out all day she will be in trouble
They arrive on the parking area looking all scared feeling bad for twinkle
They quickly go to the security man and asks him to make sure that the lift don’t stop but to there bad luck twinj had already entered the lift and the security man said nothing could be done now.

In the lift (twinj)
No one else was in the lift apart from Twinkle and Kunj there was some silence for a few seconds
Kunj= Oh shit
Twinkle= what happened?Kunj= Bubbly just sent me a message saying that the lift we are in is not working properly and keeps getting stuck
Twinkle= WHAT…. Babaji now when will I get home I hope I don’t get home late
Kunj= just tell uncle aunty that you were with me I’m sure they wont mind
Twinkle= Maa wont but papa will she said a bit to quickly biting her tongue
Kunj= what do you mean?
Twinkle= papa don’t really like me going out a lot and he said not to meet you a lot before we get married
Kunj= don’t worry I will drop you home
Twinkle= what about Soumaya?Kunj = we will drop her first
Twinkle= okay but how will all of us fit in one car
Kunj = don’t worry he said trying to change the topic everything is happening so fast?

Twinkle= I know we have just began to know each other well
Kunj= I think this is what babaji wills
Twinkle= maybe she said with a smile
The lift suddenly stops but the door doesn’t open . They press the alarm button but that doesn’t work either
Twinkle began to get nervous and was breathing heavily
Kunj noticed this and to make her calm he asked her to sit down on the floor of the lift . She did as he said and he also sat next to him. He held her hand to assure her nothing will happen
Kunj= so are you ready for the wedding?
Twinkle= kind of what about you she said calming down
Kunj= yeah …. I am getting married to a friend a special one he said
Twinkle= Mr Sarna have I become a special friend in only a couple of days
Kunj= yes you have
Twinke= kunj you are also one of my special friend…. I don’t know but when I saw you and after our engagement I have had a special connection with you . Its like I can share everything with you she said looking at him
Kunj smiled as he heard his fiancee talking about him they boh looked at each other and shared a short but cute eye lock
Precap= Twinj still stuck in the lift

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