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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 74

Hi Friends,
I couldn’t post it yesterday…So many reader’s note is given in this episode…Hope it is not confusing…Enjoy reading….


Twinkle was surprised to see that all the photographs were of Twinkle.She never knew that Kunj has taken these many photos of her.
Twinkle thinks, “When did he click these many pics of mine? Of course, he used to tell that he has a craze of photography and used to click pics. But I thought it was of random things…Now I realize it was just me…
Twinkle checks the pics. All of them with her different expressions, either talking to someone, doing work or eating…Some photos were of Kunj and Twinkle together, which she knew that he clicked. She collects all of them and keeps it in bed. She is looking at the pics and suddenly realizes that there is something written on the back of every photograph…

Kunj has noted down the date on which it was taken and the occasion or event which was occurring at that time. With the help of the date, she arranges all the pics and starts reading. First pic was of Twinkle blushing and looking at the ring. Twinkle turns the pic to find what Kunj has written.
“Aaj se hamara safar shuru ho reha hain…Aur izz safar ka ek bhi lamhe ko main khona nahi chahta…Inn tasveeron ke zariye vo har lamha, vo har yaadein jo humne ji hain, hamesha ke liye apne kareeb rekhna chahta hun…” Date
“And she said yes…Our journey begins…I don’t want to miss any of the moments which I spend with you…So from now on, I will be capturing all the moments in pics and keeping it with me forever.” Date

Twinkle: Ohh…So he started clicking my pics from the day he proposed me…
Next few photographs were of Twinkle in canteen, either chatting with Sanjay or any team member or some team member’s bday celebration. Some with Twinkle shopping or selecting clothes at mall. She I finds Kunj has written “Galti se kabhi kabhi do dhari talwaar bhi girly ho jaati hain…”Date.
Twinkle has a smile on her face reading it. Some were of driving classes where Twinkle is learning driving. “Madam irritated with driving lessons…” Date
One with Twinkle in an angry mode, and the caption was “Teacher Sadu Sarna se pareshan…Sherni ka driving classes chodne ka phaisla …tume kya pata meri jaan, tumhare saath do pal bitane ke liye, dost ki gadi udhar me mangke sikha reha hun…” Date
(Sherni about to quit driving classes due to teacher Sadu Sarna…To spend some time with you, I made this plan of driving classes and that to taking my friend’s car for an hour…Date)
Next photo was of Twinkle looking at Kunj innocently and she is in the driving seat.
Twinkle: Aahh…This I know.. It was taken when I have just learnt driving and took car and made a traffic jam. He took it saying I want to capture this expression of yours…
She turns behind to see what Kunj has written.
“Kal jo humne vegetable market me traffic jam kiya tah, uss se thoda kam hain aaj ka jam…Improve ho rehi hun me…Date”


“Ohh…Such an innocent face which says last time I made a bigger traffic jam at vegetable market than this…this is quite small and acceptable one…Date”
A pic of Twinkle blushing in a beautiful dress had a caption of “Good job, Yuvi..I donno how you predicted that she is gonna be your bhabhi…Date”
Twinkle looked at every picture and the caption written on back.. She was reliving their love life through those photographs. She was so touched by Kunj’s gesture… Don’t know why but Twinkle had tears in her eyes…But that was definitely of happiness. Happiness… that the guy whom she has chosen as her companion is the best. He loves her to that extent that till date he has kept all these memories with him. The way Kunj has preserved each and every moment of Twinkle was melting her heart, her ego and her complains…
Twinkle took the dairies to read. There were 5 diaries… 5 years of togetherness…

New company…new team…Seems interesting and scary too… I hope decsison of joining this company proves to be a right choice for my career…Happy to see Alisha there..at least one known face is there…I don’t know why…But one name stuck in my mind…Nakshatra Nambiar…What kind of a name it is…Thank god… She has a nick name “Twinkle”… It is too difficult to call someone Nak..Nakshatra… weird name, but catchy one though.
Out of all the 3 team leads, Twinkle seems to be the most difficult one to handle…Kind of roughness, arrogance is there…The way she stands for her team members is commendable…But it is hard to handle her anger issues and mood swings…She is not ready to listen itself..I tried to advise her regarding her anger using example of do dhari talwaar..Instead of understanding my point, she convinced me that she is right….Aur khushi khushi do dhari talwaar naam accept ker liya…Sahi naam diya hai maine…Sach me do dhari talwaar hain…(And she accepted the name happily…I think that name perfectly suits her.)
Phew…Fun Friday…Normaly that seems to be interesting…But today I had to answer the concept of my life partner…Weird that Sanjay finds it to be matching with Twinkle..

Really…No…She is not of my type…He thinks I am trying to impress her and I am in love with her…Never ever thought of her like that…I am impressed with the way she works…Her professionalism, commitment towards her team, her attitude are commendable…Her ego, attitude and that roughness makes her stand out among the girls in the team…But that doesn’t mean… I love her…I think I should stay away from her…at least to convince Sanjay..
I can’t handle this anymore…I am trying hard to resist myself from falling for her… She is impossible to ignore. She has become my center of gravity.I am making stupid reasons to meet her or talk to her..I think Sanjay was right…I am in love with her…Per kabse..aur kaise…Ye sab kab hua pata hi nahi chala…Aisa toh kya hain Twinkle me, jo muje kheech rehi hain uski taraf… (I don’t know from when I have started loving her…And what is that which holds me close to her…)

Twinkle is keenly reading the diary and has forgot the time too…Clock start ringing (clock which makes specific tone in every hour)and she reazlises that she won’t be able to read all the diaries in a single night…Moreover she has to keep them back before everyone comes back from movie. She decides to read the last diary. Twinkle wanted to know the feelings of Kunj when he decided to break up their relationship. )
[Readers – English translation of this part is written after ——– line.]Date
Aaj Papa ko ICU se ward me shift kiya…Thank god he is fine…Vo sabse pehle mujse baat kerna chahte the..vo bhi akele…Muje pata tha ki Twinkle ke bare me hi baat hogi..Aakhir hamare pyaar ke bare me pata chala tabhi toh unhe heart attack aaya…Muje laga tha ki vo Twinkle ko bhulne ke liye kahenge..Per me galat tha…Unhone aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha…
Aur jo kaha…Vo me zindagi me kabhi bhul nahi sakta…
[For readers, I am keeping this part in Manohar’s voice so that you get the actual feel… Hope I am able to do that…]

“Tume lagta hain ki tum uske bina nahi jee saktey aur vahi tumhari zindagi ki manzil hain…Hain na? Me samaj chukka hun, ki tume kisi bhi cheez ka vaasta de do, toh bhi tum uss ladki ko chodne vale nahi ho…Pehli baar maine tume, mujse ladtey huye dekha hai…Jo bhi tumne uss din kaha, sab man liya…Tumhari apni zindagi hain..Aur tume tumhara humsafar chun ne ka pura haq hain…Ab me tume nahi rokhunga…Jo jee me aaye kero…Shadi kerna hai to kero, ya bina shadi ke rehna chahtey ho to vo bhi kerlo…
Muje pata hain… tume aaj itni himmat kaise aayi hain…Yun mujse uss din uchi aawaz me kaise baat kiya…Tume ye ache se pata hain ki, papa ab budhe ho chuke hain…aur retired bhi…Aur ab me kuch kamata nahi hun…Ye ghar ab tumhare income se chalta hain…Yuvi ki padhai aur bank ke loan abhi baki hain…Mera pension toh sirf ghar chalane ke liye enough hoga…Toh tume ache se pata hain ki tum mere izz majburi ka fayda utha saktey ho…
Tumhare nazar me, mere paas tumhare shadi ko maan ne ke alawa aur koi rasta hi nahi hain…Aakhir yuvi ki padhai, loan aur ghar tumare paisons se jo chalta hai….Per yeh galat fehmi hain tumhari…Iss kadar majbur… Manohar Sarna… na kabhi hua tha aur na hoga…Me itna bhi lachar nahi hua ki apne bete ke saamne jhuk jaun….Agar tume padha likha ker, iss kabil banana janta hun toh aage bhi kya kerna hain yeh me janta hun…Me job kerne lagunga…Chota mota hi sahi,kahi toh muje job mil jayegi…Kya kerein…Maa baap ko, iss budape me aake naukri kerni padti hain, agar tum jaisa nikamma beta paida ho toh…Jaise taise me Yuvi ki padhai ka kharcha toh nikal hi lunga…Bus bhagwan se yehi prarthana hain ki jab pad likh ke vo bhi kaabil ban jaaye toh baap ko laat na mar de tumhari tarah… Tume shadi kerni hai na uss ladki sey…beshak kero..Bus ab ghar ki fikar mat kero….Manohar Sarna abhi zinda hain…”
[Back to Kunj’s voice]Sach kehtey hain log ki words are sharper than a two edged sword…Agar papa muje chaaku se mar detey toh itna gam nahi hota, jitna muje aaj hua hain…Vo mere bare me yeh sochtey hain…Ki me unke majburi ka fayda uthaunga…Manta hun maine unse jagda kiya..Per vo isliye ki me uss kadar Twinkle se pyaar kerta hun…Aur bohut ache se janta hun ki usske bina me jee nahi sakta…Aur muje laga tha ki, Papa mere feelings ko samjenge… bhale, pehle thoda mujse jagda kerle…Isliye nahi ki papa ka financial condition ka fayda utha ke unse apni baat manva sakun…
Aapko sach me aisa lagta hain ki me aapki majboori ka fayda utaunga? To mera bhi yeh vaada hain Papa, ki me tab tak shaadi nahi kerunga, jab tak Yuvi ki padhai aur aapke loans chukka na dun…Jab tak ki Yuvi ko iss kaabil na bana dun, ki aapko meri zaroorat na padhey…Ek baar Yuvi ghar ki zimmedhariyan uthane ki kaabil ho jaaye, toh me chup chap yahaan se chala jaunga…Aapko mere paison ki zaroorat hain na… Toh aaj..iss waqt se me bus aapke liye ek paisa kamane ka machine ban reha hun…Vaise bhi Twinkle meri zindagi hain…Aur uske bina, me sirf saas leta hua ek ATM machine ban jaunga… Itney saal aapka dulara beta kehtey rehe aur ek jhatke me yeh keh diya ki me nikamma hun…Aapko sirf paise se matlab hain na mere…To vahi sahi… Aaj se aap ka beta, Kunj Sarna mar chukka…Ab bas zinda hain toh ek machine jo sirf paisey kamata hain…

If you remember, I have mentioned in episode 2 that after Manohar’s denial, Kunj never came back to Amritsar and just used to send money in account…]————————————————————————————————————————————–
Today Papa got shifted from ICU to normal ward…Thank god…He is fine and at a stable stage now…He wanted to talk to me first personally…I was sure that it must be related to Twinkle. Of course, it has to be…Coz the last talk we had with each other before his attack was about my relation with her. I thought he will ask me to forget Twinkle….But…I was wrong…Whatever he said just blew my mind…I never expected something like this…
[For readers, I am keeping this part in Manohar’s voice so that you get the actual feel… Hope I am able to do that…]

“You think you can’t live without that girl…Right? And she is the ultimate destiny of your life…Fine…I have understood that I can’t persuade you from that relationship. At any cost, you are going to get married to her…For the first time in my life, I have seen you fighting with me for that girl…Whatever you said that day while arguing is all true..It is your life and you have all the rights to choose your partner. Now…I won’t stop you…Do whatever you feel like…You wanna get married..go ahead…Or you want to stay with her without marriage, that is also fine…
I know now you have grown up and you are capable of arguing with me…I know what is giving you confidence to argue with me and go against my decision. Now I am old and retired too. You very well know that I am not earning anymore…You are the one who is financially supporting the house. Yuvi’s education is not yet complete and bank loans are also there…My pension money is barely enough to support the household. So you have decided to take advantage of my condition…

You think that I don’t have any other options other than saying yes to your marriage, because I am financially in a crisis and you are the only one to support me…But you are getting it wrong…Manohar Sarna won’t get into your trap…I won’t let that happen…Kunj…I have worked so hard and invested all my money in giving you education..If I could do that much, I can handle this situation too…I will go and find a job…Of course I am old now and won’t get a good job at this age…Somehow I will manage Yuvi’s education expenses…People will start talking about it…But what to do? When you have such useless son, you will have to work hard even in your old age… I hope Yuvi at least, doesn’t do the same with me after his education is over…You want to get married to her, Right? Go ahead…Don’t worry about the family. Manohar Sarna is alive and I know how to support my family…You don’t have to worry about it anymore…”
[Back to Kunj’s voice]I have heard it somewhere that words are sharper than a two edged sword…Today I experienced it… It would have been better, if Papa had hurt me with me a knife…His words are 1000 times more painful than cut from knife. This is what he thinks of me…I can’t believe it…I agree, I fought with him that day and argued terribly…But the reason was I love her to that core and I can’t imagine a life without her…I felt Papa won’t agree first and after a few arguments he will realize my feelings for her and say yes to our relationship…I was not arguing with him coz I am the one who financially supports him.

Papa, you really think so…You believe that I will take advantage of your helplessness..Then I promise you…I will never get married to Twinkle unless and untill Yuvi’s education is over and your loans are paid off… I will be with you and will support you till the date Yuvi is capable of taking responsibilities…Once Yuvi is ready to support the family, I will leave you all and go from here. You only need my money…So from today, from this very moment…I am just being a machine to earn money for this family.Anyways without Twinkle, I can’t have a life…I will be like an ATM machine which respires…That’s it…You always told me that you are proud of me…Just because I am in love with a girl whom you don’t like…You termed me as useless son..I have understood that you just need money from me to support you…So here ends the life of your son, Kunj Sarna….Now I will be just a machine earning money…
[Readers, If you remember I have mentioned in episode 2 that after Manohar’s denial, Kunj never came back to Amritsar and just used to send money in account…]

Precap – Twinkle reading Kunj’s diary

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