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Tasha e ishq Twinj 2-3 shots

Hey guys hope your all well
I decided to write this 2-3 shots and I hope you all enjoy it.

A young girl who is about 23years old is sitting on the bed talking to her baby bump.
Girl- I am sure when you are born your papa will love you so much . He will give you all the happiness and maybe he might start to like me too and come back.
The girl then gets into her deep thoughts.


Leela- Twinkle hurry up Kunj is coming to see you today with his family.
Twinkle comes down- mum I still don’t understand why you and usha aunty are in a hurry to get us married I am only 23 and Kunj is 24.
Leela- beta I know you have always liked Kunj from childhood. No one will ever keep you as happy as him and once you get married me and your father can move to Canada then
Twinkle- But mum I will be all alone as Kunj lives in Delhi and Usha aunty lives in Amritsar.
Leela- but you will have Kunj with you and that is more important.
Soon Kunj and his family come and there wedding was fixed for 1week later.
During the one week Twinkle realised that Kunj distanced himself from her. He wouldn’t talk to her or call her like how other fiancée would do before marriage.
She thought that he might be stressed as everything was happening to quickly .
After the wedding Twinj went to a resort for their first night.

Twinkle was waiting for Kunj as he excused himself for a phone call.When Kunj entered the room he was mesmerised by twinkles beauty. He went and sat down next to her and without saying anything he kissed her on the lips.She also responded. Without saying anything they consummated their marriage.
The next day Twinkle woke up and was blushing. Without saying anything she got a duvet and went for a shower. When she came out she saw Kunj wearing his short. She smiled at him but he ignored her and went in the shower. She felt shocked with his behaviour.
He came out after having a shower and saw Twinkle.
Kunj- Look Twinkle I am sorry about what happened yesterday night. it shouldn’t have happened . His words hurt Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj what are you saying?
Kunj- Twinkle I couldn’t control myself from your beauty yesterday but the truth is I don’t love you and maybe I will never love you.
Twinkle- why did you marry me then ? You could have said no
Kunj- Both of our families fixed our marriage4 years ago and I didn’t want to break their heart and I actually love someone else.
Twinkle was shocked .

Kunj- I married you in pressure of the family as I didn’t want to break their friendship, In Delhi I live with my girlfriend Alisha and we both love each other immensely.
Twinkle was just crying
Kunj- listen in Delhi I will continue to live with Alisha but I have provided you with a house and other basic neccesties so if the family come over we just have to pretend to Love each other .
Twinkle wiped her tears and went outside she was waiting outside the car.
Kunj came and they went home and did the Ghar pravesh.
2 days later they left for Delhi. During these 2 days they didn’t speak with each other.
When they reached Delhi a driver came and Kunj told Twinkle that he will show her the house . He gave her his number in case she needed anything.
When Twinkle was about to sit in the car she saw a girl come to Kunj and hug him.Kunj smiled and hugged the girl to and then gave a peck to her on the lips.
Twinkle felt disgusted.
She reached “their ” new home and just cried.
Kunj why did you do this to me.

2 weeks past and Kunj never rang Twinkle to ask her anything.
One day she was going to the market but fainted suddenly. A kind old lady took her to hospital and she found out that she is pregnant . She cried.
The old lady was with her.(bebe)
B- what happened you should be happy?
Twinkle- happy or sad?
B- you are married right?
Twinkle nods her head.
B- what happened beta ?
Unknowingly Twinkle told the lady everything
The lady hugged and consoled Twinkle
B- I am sure 1 day your husband will come back to you
If you want anything this is my number
Twinkle- thank you
Twinkle went home and was shocked to see Kunj there
Twinkle- Kunj what are you doing here?
Kunj tells her how Alisha just wanted his money.
Kunj- I am sorry Twinkle
Twinkle goes to the kitchen and gives him money
Twinkle- you must be tired go to sleep in the guest room.
Kunj was shocked that she told him to sleep in the guest room but went and slept there
Twinkle on the other hand was crying a lot she had mixed feelings happy that she was pregnant and Kunj was back but sad because of Kunj betrayal
(To be continued)
I hope you enjoyed it
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