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Swasan:love of my life epi 9

Let’s begin

Swara quitely sneaked out of the room and went to the kitchen she opened the fridge and removed ragini’s halwa and ate some of it (he crazy princess your guess was correct)she got
teary eyed she reminced how ragini made it for her for the first time and how she loved it


While she was eating she felt a pat on her shoulder she turned and find Sanskar
Sanskar:so shona will this halwa finish till
tomorrow that you are eating it now and why are your eyes moist
Swara:sanky after eating this halwa I remembered my and ragini bond how we were swaragini and now
Sanskar:shona I know that your love for ragini has not become less
Swara nods
Sanskar:so can I have a bite
Sanskar:nothing eat eat

Swara fed him the halwa by her hands with the spoon and Sanskar di the same
Ragini who came to the kitchen to drink water saw swara eating the halwa got happy and went to her room
Swasan went to their room
Sanskar:shona actually I forgot to tell you that we are going to Australia day after tomorrow
Swara:what why
Sanskar:actually I have a business meeting and I thought that you will be bored at home so
Swara:and when did you decide it
Sanskar:last week
Swara:what and you at telling .e now

She beat him with a pillow and ran after him
Sanskar was also running
Sanskar:aree shona enough how much will you make your husband run
Swara:when husband does like this antique then we wife have to do like this only
And again she started chasing him
While running Swara lost her balance and fell on Sanskar and Sanskar fell on the bed
Now swara was on top of Sanskar both were having a romantic eyelock they didn’t break the eyelock for almost 5 mins
Sanskar:shona I know that I’m
handsome but now can you get up bcoz you are very heavy
Swara got up
Swara:what you told I’m fat
Sanskar:no shona I told that you are light then a feather
Then they slept

Next morning as usual Swara got up in Sanskar arms and went to the washroom and came after sometime
She got ready and waked up Sanskar
After sometime Sanskar also got ready and both came down
Swara went to the kitchen while Sanskar went and sat with arjum

In the kitchen ragini and pari also came
Swara:aree why are you’ll here
Pari:to help you.
Swara:that I know bhabhi but you do t have to work you sit peacefully I’ll manage
Ragini:no Swara it’s OK
Then shomi also enters the kitchen
Shomi:laado are you free today
Ragini:yes maa
Shomi:so can you come with me for shopping
Ragini:yes maa
Swara remember how they used to shop and got teary eyed but composes herself

Then janki and nisha also enters
Misha:shona will you come with me for shopping
Swara:what agian last week only we went no
Janki:yes shona but see this girl wants to exchange some dress bcoz its loose
Nisha:you are coming with me shona that’s it
Swara gives up and nods
Swara:maa you also come no
Janki:beta once I can corm with you but with nishu no chance bcoz she is such a shopping queen
Both swanki laughed and nisha cutely pouted

After having breakfast the maheswaris and gadodias left

Precap:Australia trip

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