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Swasan:love of my life epi 8

I’m so sorryyyyy guys for late update but what to do I was very busy and my school has also started I hope you haven’t forgotten me and my ff

Let’s begin
Ragini went to the kitchen and saw ap and sujata talking
Ap:sujata I think we should give some gift to swasan bcoz we’re going to their home for the first time
Sujata:yes jiji
Ap saw ragini
Ap:ragini what do you think
Ragini:whatever you decide maa
Ap:hmm so tell me what swara likes you must be knowing no
Ragini:yes maa Swara doesn’t like anything in specific but she loves my hands carrot halwa
Ap:OK so will you make it


Sujata:no it’s OK jiji we’ll buy from some sweet shop
Ragini:no chachi I’ll make it
Saying this ap went
Sujata:ragini don’t act now bcoz I know about you and
Ragini:old chachi I’m making halwa with my wish and I’ve no bad intentions in this
Sujata murmured something and went
Ragini started making carrot halwa

Ragini(monologue):I don’t know why but I’m feeling very good by making this

Screen shifts to Swasan mansion
Swara was busy in cooking the food for tonight’s get together
Sanskar came from behind and said
SANSKAR:shona why are you cooking we could have ordered it no
Swara:Sanky they are coming to our home for the first time and you are telling to order food from outside
Sanskar:i know but see you are looking so tired and you don’t have habit also of cooking for so many people
Swara:relax sanky and kaki is also there for help now she has gone to market but she’ll come soon
Sanskar:OK so till kaki comes I’ll help you
Swara:you know cooking
Swara:then how will you help me
Sanskar:you tell me what to to do I’ll help you
Swara:uts OK I’ll manage
Sanskar:no I’ll help you
Swara:OK fine you just give the things I ask for
And they again start cooking they talk and laugh in between
Some flour got on Swara nose while working so Sanskar signed her to remove it but had was not getting the place where the flour was so Sansk
ar came closer and wiped it they shared a romantic eyelock which was broken by a phonecall

Swara pixked the phone
Swara:he stake a left turn you will see a house wait I’ll come outside
She hung the call
Swara:sanky they have arrived come let’s go
Swasan go outside and stand upfront of the gate
Maheswari’s and gadodias arrive and are shocked to see swasan standing upfront of a huge mansion
They got down the car
She took everyone blessing
Sanskar:come Leta go inside
Everyone was still in shock but came in senses

And went along with swasan
They enters the mansion and we’re shocked by seeing it’s architecture
Dp:Sanskar this house
Sanskar:badepapa actually wo I I’m the owner of karma Industry
Sanskar noded
Daksh:you mean the karma which is among the five most famous industry in india
Sanskar noded
Laksh:how did you earn it by cheating
Swara:pls Laksh sanky have attained all this by his struggle so you better don’t comment on his hardwork
Dp:I’m proud of you sanskar

Rp:yeah son you have raised my head with Pride
Ap and sujata were equally happy
Then janki and nisha enter
Swara goes bad hugs them
Ap:janki ji how is your health
Janki:I’m fine ap ji
Swara:maa where is papa
Everyone was shocked
Janki:shona actually he and arjun had doe. Work to they told they’ll come in sometime
Ashwin:not in sometime janki I’m already here
Swara smiled and hugged
Ashwin:if my princess call me and I don’t come how is it possible
Swara:yes and where is my dumbro arjun
Arjun:thanks for the compliment shona
He said sarcastically

Swara:come I’ll introduce you to everyone
Swara:everyone this is my papa ashwin and he is .y bro arjun
Sharmishta and shekar were shocked seeing ashwin
Swara introduce everyone now ots time for gadodias introduction she introduces shomi as ragini mother shekar as ragini father and parvati as ragini dadi
They greet eo
Swara:come the dinner is ready
Swara serves everyone and then sits for dinner
Swara finishes her dinner and looks at janki
Janki feeds her one bite
Janki:actually shona ears the last bite from my hand
Shomi reminces how has used to do the same and Gera teary eyed
After the dinner

Sujata:ragini give the halwa which you made for swara
Swara was surprised
Ragini nods and gives the container to swara
Swara opens it and gets happy seeing her favorite halwa
Swara:thanks ragini
Nisha:shona here tale this
Swara opens it and sees her favorite peda
Swara:wow thanks nishu you’re the best sis I love you

Nisha:OK enough of buttering
Swara keeps the halwa aside and eats the peda
Ragini feels bad but doesn’t show
Swara:yum it’s very tasty nishu
Suddenly it started raining heavily so everyone decided to stay there only
Swara:ull show you all you rooms
She shows everyone there room and them takes.ragini to show her room
Swara:This is you room ragini

Ragini:don’t you consider me as your sis now
Swara was dumbstruck by her question
Swara:umm I sanskar was calling me I’ll talk to you later
While going she saw shekar on the way
Who saw her with disgust
Ashwin came that way
Ashwin:arre princess I was finding you only
Swara:what happen papa
Ashwin:I wanted to discuss some office matters
Swara nods and how with him

After sometime everyone was asleep swara quietly got up and went out of the room

Precap:where swara went?and some family moments

So for knowing where swara went plz comment

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