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swasan: we are perfect for each other (S2) Episode-4

Episode 4

I just ran with our baby in the sling (baby carrier).My baby was still so small that he needed a sling.i can’t believe swara is back. She is out of coma. Which means she will come home back. She will play with her baby. We will go to different trips together. I will love her like always. She will take care of our baby. We will click pictures together. We will make new memories.


I literally pushed who ever came in my way.

I almost kicked the hospital door and saw a nurse giving injection to swara.
Her face had dimples as she smiled seeing me and her prince. She forwarded her arms indicating us to come near her. I could feel prince was very happy which he usually does when he comes in this room. I quickly ran and hugged her. She could hug both of us at a time
Because prince was in the sling and the sling was attached to my ribs.

I can sense she was crying. I broke the hug. She signaled me to take the sling out. I did. But i was curious to hear her melodious voice. “Sanskar..” the first word she took and after a pause, “my baby.” She was so overwhelmed at the moment. I nodded to her.

She hugged him and showered him with kisses. He was smiling. Suddenly i realize i call him ‘he’. He’s name less!
“Whats his name?” She asked me.

I was shocked. What should i say her?
That i became a drunkard after she went in coma? I lost hopes on her? She always used to say, ‘Don’t lose hope. Your never know what tomorrow may bring.’

She shaked me. I saw her. She looked so pretty with those tousled hair, dry lips and tired face. The dark patches under her eyes say she’s tired. Tired of being helpless. Tired of being alone. Tired of staying away from her family. She had their prince on her left shoulder.

“What’s his name?” She whispered.
It was then i told her the whole thing.
She didnt cry. Was she angry?

“Sanskar..you know what?” I shook my head.
“Hope is the physician of every misery.”she spoke and laughed aloud. Our prince didnt understand anything but he Laughed along. Mumma’s boy! There was nothing to laugh in that but she was teasing me. Huh! Let her get well completely then i will tease her.

How are you?” I spoke tucking a hair strand behind her right ear trying to change the topic. Her giggles died as soon as i looked in her grey eyes.

She smiled brightly, “I am all fine sanskar. I just missed his two months. I can’t lose more. Take me home..please!” I nodded and kissed her forehead.

“I will fill the formalities for discharge.” She didn’t say anything as she was admiring her son’s features. I turned to go but she hold my wrist.

“Did you see he has the same eyes and complexion as mine.”
“Yes and he has the same nose and face cut like me.”
“I want to tell you something.” She spoke still looking at her son. I nodded.

“I came from coma last night itself. But it was very late. So i told the doctors to inform you the next day and see today you are here.” She spoke the last few words looking at me.
“You shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t miss even a single second with us now! We need you swara.” I spoke.

I couldn’t get angry. Because she has just come out of coma and i couldn’t take risk. Yes i felt bad that she spent the whole night in the hospital waiting for me.

Swara ‘s pov
The car reached home. Our home. Our paradise. My son was in my arms. He looked so adorable. He would be playing in his room nah? How might he play? He might look so sweet while playing. I already missed his first 2 months, i can’t miss more. My baby had to drink formula for these 2 months. But now i am here. I will br*astfeed my child now.

I stepped into the house and became shocked. The colour of the walls have changed totally. Yellow. It has always been my favourite. I couldn’t help but smile.

”you did this for me sanskar..?”
“No for the microorganisms living in the house.” He spoke sarcastically. He always speaks about microorganisms. My crazy hubby.

I held my baby closer to me.
Winters will end soon.

“I will feed the baby. You get fresh and up sanskar.”
“Yeah.. have fun cuties!” He spoke dramatically and went.

I stared, actually we stared at our sleeping baby. He looks so adorable in the peaceful moonlight. Sanskar back hugged me. He inhaled the fragrance of my hair.
“I missed you so much swara. Never leave me.” He spoke with cracked voice.
“Hey, no love! I will not. Ever.”

“What was the need to go to the bakery when you knew your health wasn’t good.” He tried to sound angry but he couldn’t.

“Hubs.. It isn’t easy to gey angry in your beautiful wife.” I spoke winking and smirking!
“Acha..” he spoke smiling naughtily and i turned to him.
His hands on my waste hugging me. My hands wrapped around his neck hugging him.
Bliss! This is pure bliss!

Iss qadar tu mujhe pyaar kar
Jisey kabhi na main sakoon
Phir bhula…

Zindagi laayi humein yahaan
Koi iraada toh raha hoga bhala

Ki darkhast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de

-at maheshwari mansion, Kolkata-
“mom dad chacha chachi.. our agents traced where swara and sanskar are.!” Lakshya spoke with ecstacy.

“What? My son and daughter in law …they..they?” Sujata spoke with extreme happiness unable to complete her words.

“really lakshya! Now i can apologise to both of them.” Ragini spoke with teary eyes. She continued, “I understood that my baby had to die one day. But our relation didn’t. Our relation has to exist. Where are they lakshya? We will go soon to them nah..”

“They’re are USA. And guess what?”
“What lakshya?”

“Swara And sanskar became parents few months ago.”
“What?” Sujata spoke unable to believe her ears.
“I will love their child like mine. let me buy toys and clothes for their child. But lakshya… is it a boy or girl?”
” Its a boy.”
“Wow it’s a very great news.”

” i will book tickets.” Lakshya spoke while dancing -walking and humming “lets nacho song” with his hoarse voice.

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