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swasan: we are perfect for each other (S2) Episode-3

I was very happy with you response. So happy, that i decided to post a bonus chapter today. Please dont say its a small one. I wrote specially for you guys.

Episode 3


Sanskar’s pov

I took our prince home. The home looks so dull. There’s dirt at all the places. Its not safe for our prince to live here. He should live in a very clean place. I should call my P.A. and renovate the home according to swara’s choice.

Till then i will tell the maid to clean the baby’s room. I will live there till everything gets changed.

Seeing the baby’s clean room, i relaxed. Suddenly our prince started crying. Why is he crying? Is he hungry? No its not his meal time. He is crying so violently on my shoulder. Is he in pain?? Noo..i cant see him in pain. just then my hand went to his wet diaper. Oh, so he is wet. I should change his diaper. But how? Let’s see YouTube.
“I will teach you sir! Sometimes YouTube also can’t help.” The old maid spoke. Did i said it aloud?
“Oh yes, son!”

She taught me how to do that. I also wanted to try. Right now!

“I also want to do that. Right now.”
“You are sounding like a kid son.” The maid laughed aloud. I was about to react but then saw a doll. It looks like a real baby. I smirked. Why not try it on this?
Prince was watching me with his button -like wide eyes and i was trying to wrap the 19th diaper.
“I can’t do it baccha!” I spoke and carried him to make him eat. I felt irritated because the lifeless doll wasn’t cooperating with me.

But he started crying. I started patting his back and whispered soothing words in his ears.

But he kept crying. May be after drinking milk he will be okay.

The maid has also gone. Its only me, him and millions of microorganisms now. The maid already told me that she has kept the milk powder packet out. It should be this blue one.
The packet read: ‘nestle cerealac – eat me and grow healthy.’

I made him sit in a high chair and wore my apron. I took the already cooled boiled water and put it in a cup. I switched on the induction and mixed some milk powder in it.

My baby was still crying. I went to coo him. He is somewhat calm now. I saw the contents about to boil and ran to the induction. I switched it off and picked up the container not knowing it was hot. It was so damn hot. My nerve system sensed it and it was about to fall from my hands. I saved it but a little formula fell on my hands.

I blew some air and quickly took an ice pack to cool the burnt area. Tears collected in my eyes due to the burning sensation. My son has started crying.

I took him in my arms and waited for the milk to cool down.

I stared at my child who just slept after drinking his formula. It was so difficult to make him sleep. I had to sing him song in my hoarse voice.

I miss you Swara..where are you?
Girte un ansuon mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lagge hai
In ashqon mein main na khota

Agar tu hota toh na rote hum
Agar tu hota toh na rote hum

I really love you Swara. Is there any flaws in my love?? Why are you not coming back? Please come back dear..please!

-the next day-

“Yes!” I answered the phone while patting my crying baby’s back. “She’s out of coma.” I eyes widened.

Sorry for typos. Waiting for your comments. Sorry for no swasan scenes. The episodes will be filled with swasan scenes soon.

Dedicated to- all those who commented in last episode.

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