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SwaSan Surprise Fan Fiction By Goldie ( Prologue )

Hii Guyz..Here is A BIG..n A VERY BIG SURPRISE fr U all through this New FF of Mine..Do Read n Tell Me hw U Liked tbis New FF of MINE 😅😅..

Title of the Story is a SURPRISE Fr U All 😅😅..U will Come to knw at End 😅😅..So Do Read n Let Me Knw Ur Views :).



Prologue :-

Scene 1 :-

A Girl n A Man were.Talking wid Eachother Normally inside A Cabin making da Girl to Smile Normally while on the other Hand Bringing An Evil or A Listfull Smirk on His Face..

Man : ( Smiles ) Hello Miss Topper.Hw r U ??.Heard U have Completed ur Final Year of Ur Medicals..M i Right ??

Girl : ( Smiles ) Yes Sir..N nw I m in Search of A Job..As i need it Badly..

Man : ( Smiles Winningly ) Ohh Soo..If U dnt Mind. Wud U Like to Wrk fr Me as A Personal Care Taker fr One of My Relative ? Dnt Worry I knw U being jst A Passed Out wont gave much Experience..So dnt worry nthing Big as Such..bt jst need to Take Care of His Daily Treatment n Routine..Nthing Else..( Smiles )

Girl : ( Shocked ) Sir R U Serious ?? ( Mouth Wide Open ) I mean The Gr8 Business Tycoon of Mumbai want Me A Simple Jst Passed Out Girl to Take Care of His Relative ?? M I Dreaming ? ( Cnt Believe Look ).

Man : ( Laughs ) Haha..No..Its nt ur Dream bt U have Heard it Absolutely Correct.I Seriously want U to Treat My Relative..I Liked Ur Hard Wrk n Ur Dedication towards Wrk n I feel U r Perfect to Treat My Relative.

Girl : ( Happy ) Ohh Thnk U so much Sir..I will be Glad to Wrk wid U Sir. . ( Shakes Hands ) n I will Try My Best to Stand on Ur Expections n Hopes.. ( Smiles ).

Man : ( Smiles n Shakes Bak Hands Lustfully ) Ya Sure..I knw U will do it ( Caresses Swara’s Hands Lustfully ) So dnt worry.Jst Be Relaxed n Calmed.Ok ? ( Smiles Evilly Secretly )

Girl : ( Feels Uncomfortable bt Ignores ) Ahmm Thnks Sir..( Releases Her Hands ) Thnk U Once Agn ( Smiles )

Man : ( Smiles Winningly ) Ur Welcome..Ok den U cn Join frm Day after Tomorrow..n Haa Dnt Worry abt Ur Accommodation n all..U cn Stay in Our Home itself widout any Tension..

Girl : ( Smiles ) Thnks Once Agn Sir.. ( Leaves )

Soon da Girl Leaves Happily while da Man Smirks Evilly n Lustfully..


Scene 2 :-

A Man n A Girl were Shown Having some Fun n Frndly Bonding indicating their Pure Frndship n Frndly Bond rising A New Unknown Feelings in their Heart making dem Feel Strange Yet Comfortable..

Girl : ( Makes Faces ) No Partner.Its nt Fair…U alwyz do like this.Wen U dnt wanna Get Treated by Me den Y do U alwyz Trouble Me fr Ur Medicines Haa ? . ( Pout Face ) Cheater Kahike ( Turns Her Face Angrily )

Man : ( Laughs ) Aww My Cute Angel ( Pulls da Girl’s Cheeks ) U r soo Cute..Ok Sorry.. ( Opens Mouth ) Lo Aaa ( Points His Open Mouth ) Feed Me My Medicines..n see I Promise I wont Trouble U nw ( Puts His Hands on His Throat n Swears ) Pakka Promise ( Puppy Face )

Shona : ( Happy ) Pakka ?? U wont Cheat Me agn na. ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) No Baba..i wont..nw come on Fast..Feed Me ( Opens His Moth ) Aaa..

Girl : ( Giggles ) Lo.. ( Feeds )

Soon both agn Strtd having some Frndly Moments Yet agn Forgetting A Pair of Eyes Watching them wid Anger n Frustration..


Scene 3 :-

A Mandap was Shown Whr A Girl n A Man was seen Taking Pehras while Ppl Present thr Taunted both da Bride n Bride Groom Making dem Both More Determined n Confident in their Aim..

Pandit Ji : Mubarak Ho..Shaadi Samparn hui..Aaj se aap dono Pati Patni hue. N U ( To Bride ) frm Nw Onwards both Legally n Ritually U r Declared as Mrs SWARA MAHESHWARI…

As Wedding Ended Ppl Strtd Taunting Making Both Swara n da Bride Groom More Determined n Confident in their Aim..

Guest 1 : ( Taunts ) Dekho toh hw Shameless both r..Ek toh Apni Izzat gava chuki n other one is Shamelessly Marrying even after being HANDICAPPED..God knws hw Long will their Jodi Wrk. ( Makes Faces )

Guest 2 : Leave na Kamla Behen..hume kya..We r invited fr da Wedding Lets Enjoy da Wedding n Go..warna who is Interested in such Baseless Wedding ( Taunts n Makes Faces )

Soon Both Swara n Her Ney Wedded Husband Headed towards their Room Confidently Avoiding n Ignoring The Taunts making A Pair of Eyes Shocked n Fume in Anger..


Tadaa ..

Here is da Brand New Prologue n A New Season of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar on Public Demand..Hope U all will Like this Season too..Happy nw ?? 😆😆😅

Laga Na Jhatka 😅😅 ? Well I Hope So 😅😅😆😆..

I knw after Reading da Prologue U myt have got Shocked n Mny
Questions myt be Roaming in All ur Minds..Like Who is da Man n da Girl in Scene 1 ?? Y Y is da Man Bak of da Girl ?? Then Who r da Man n Girl in Scene 2 ? n Y Swara got Married Suddenly n to WHOM ? ? Y People r Taunting Swara n Her Husband ?? Who is Handicapped among Swara n Her Husband ?? Wat Aim Swara n Her Husband has behind this Sudden Marriage ?? N Who is da Man Fuming in Anger seeing Swara n Her Husband’s Marriage ?? N MOST IMPORTANTLY Will Swara n Her Newly Wedded Husband become TRUE HUMSAFARS fr Eachother ?? Or Will they Fail as TRUE HUMSAFARS? N Mny Othet Questions ..Hai na ?? 😅😅

Bt Well All I cn say is Wait fr the Future Episodes to knw da Whole Story n Its Main Concept..Jst Keep Loving n Supporting Me n My this Swason like U did fr #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 1..So Nw Be A Good Reader n Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw Hw u Liked da Prologue..Hope U all
Liked it..*FingersCrossed*


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