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Swasan short story: MY OVERLY OBSESSED HUSBAND (prologue)

Sanskar: you will not go out of the house am I CLEAR

Swara: but…


Sanskar: no ifs and but

Swar(angrily): you are not my boss to order me

Sanskar: yeah I am not your boss.. but you will listen to all my orders bcoz I AM YOUR HUSBAND and i will not tolerate you disrespecting me
(Moves out of the room angrily and slams the door loudly….)

While swara sits their crying her heart out

Swara’s p.o.v

Its became his daily habit to shout on me and to cage me in the house…
He was not like this before…
He used to be a loving and caring guy…
He used to love me soo much…
He used to understand me and trust me but know all he used to do is doubt on me, shout at me and cage me in the house…
He doesn’t even allow me to go at any of my friend place or even visit my family…
He has changed…

Well lets see what faith has stored for her
Till then
Hey guyss this is my new story it will be a short story… I was not going to start it when I am already writing two stories but it was my friends idea and she desperately wanted me to write this story…. “Aku” this is for you dear😘

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