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SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 11

Hii guys m rafia sorry for this late update actually m in class 10 n I have my selections exams soo I need to concentrate so I will upload the next episode after 5th DECEMBER …so sry for but I will update after that
So last epi ends with swasan raglak scary house part

Today’s epi:
Today is sangeet .the ceremony will be held at Ragini’s house# Arnav’s househouse.the house was beautifully decorated like a palace

Ragini’s house

Arnav was having video chat with khushi in his room
Janki n shekhar were looking at d preparations
Ragini was in her room getting ready n was thinking about Laksh
Ragini – why do u feel strange whenever he is near me ??I feel happy in his company ……nooo Ragini what are u thinking he is just a gud frnd n nothing else …stop thinking
Her thoughts were broken by swara’s call .she picks it up
Swara- hello ,r u getting ready???
Ragini- yes n u?
Swara- yes m also getting ready….acha but what were u thinking
Ragini- what??nothing
Swara- accha now u started hiding things also …u always pick my phone at the first ring but now u picked it when I called u for the 4th time
Ragini- m not hiding anything
Swara- now u r telling lies also ….what is in ur mind haan!
Ragini- nothing swara (embarrassed) bye
Swara- OK bye(laughs ) keep thinking
She cuts the call

Swara’s house

Swara was getting khushi ready she puts the tika on her head
Swara- hmmmm…perfect
Khushi smiles
Swara sees some tears in her eyes
Swara- what happened di??
Khuahu- if papa would have been here the he would also b very happy na
Swara- yes di of course but he is not with us (sad)
Khushi-god took him away from us
Shomi stood at the door listening to them
Shomi(to herself)-m sry Swara n khushi that I lied to u about ur father ..he is not dead but I cannot tell u both about him ..he doesn’t deserve u


Shomin Harman were not married but they were parents of khushi n shomi was 8 months pregnant .Harman wanted a son
Shomi- Harman don’t u think its high time v should get marry now .our children will need both of their parents
Harman- y r u worrying dear. I said DNA I will marry u . don’t u trust me?
Shomi- of course I do !
After one month shomi gave birth 2 Swara
Harman was very sad he wanted a son. He didn’t even took Swara in his hand . after some days shomi get discharged n came home
Shomi-Harman c our family is complete …now when will u marry me?
Harman- I will not marry u ..I m going away I hate u
Shomi- what r u saying ..v have 2 daughters
Harman- they are not my daughters u characterless women . I just wanted 2 enjoy with u …now u r of no use to me
Shomi- how can u say like this?
He sent away
Shomi decided 2 tell swara- khushi that their father died
Fb end

Swara n khushi c her standing at the door
Khushi- cum in maa
Shomi comes in
Khushi- how m I looking
Shomi- very pretty my doll
Swara- n me ….m not looking gud?( making a sad face )
Shomi- no shona u r looking like a princess ..beautiful n intelligent
Swara- thnx ( she hugs her)

Ragini’s house

Evry1 arrived except sanlak.swaragini were looking at the door now n then
Suddenly lights went off n spotlight fell on the stage sanlak were there . all were surprised to them there
They danced on the stage then they dragged swaragini .
Swasan RagLak danced then arshi danced
Sry guys m very bad in explaining the dance sry
Dance ended

Ragini was standing alone Laksh came to her with 2 glasses of cold drinks he offered one to her
Laksh- cold drink?
Ragini- yes, thnx
Laksh- no need but I wanna ask something ?
Ragini- (while sipping drink)hmmm
Laksh- were u thinking about me in d mrng??
Ragini coughs
Laksh gets worried
Laksh-(rubbing her back with his hand ) r u fine?
Ragini- yes
Laksh- OK now answer
Ragini – no no I was not thinking about in the morning
Laksh- then y was I getting hiccups ??
Ragini – how will I know?
Laksh-ok then let me guess tina must have thought about me or riya…or Maya
Ragini- who r them?
Laksh- my ex gf
Ragini- haww so bad names….were u serious with any one of them??
Laksh- jealous??
Ragini- no just curious
Laksh- no I was not serious with any one by t I think I love some1
Ragini- who???
Laksh- I will tell u later
Ragini( sad) okk
Laksh went from there smiling
Ragini- stop thinking he is just a frnd

Swara was searching for sanskar he saw him his frnd priya ..she went there
Swara- hii sanskar ..hii priya
Sanskar n priya- hello
Sanskar puts his hand on swara’s waist ..she felt a it uncomfortable
Sanskar( whispers) thank god Swara u came,,.she was irritating me so much ..plzzzz help
Swara- y she is so gud toh
Sanskar- okk that means u don’t want 2 help
Swara- no no ..its nothing like that ..now c how I will irriatate her
Priya- what r u both talking??
Swara placing her Hand on sankar’s shoulder..he felt something
Swara- I was telling sanskar it has been so many days since v took selfies 2gether
She took sanskar’s phone n started taking selfies

She goes close to sanskar’s face n makes a pout face n took a selfie
She then in a posture of giving flying kiss to sanskar took a selfie
Like this she took many selfies making faces n all
Priya – sanskar I also want 2 take selfie with u
Just then his frnd cones n takes him from there n she was looking towards them n saying “sanskar..sanskar”
Swara started laughing
Swara- sanskar ur frnd is so funny
Sanskar- thnx for helping me
Swarq- no need m ur frnd n frnds helps eo at time of need not enemies
( she goes frm there smiling)
Sanskar- Swara u r sooo sweet 😍 looking at their pics n smiling

Epi ends

Recap- haldi😁😀

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