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SwaSan OS : Because I love you.. ( by Swarmayi )

Hello everyone! Swarmayi here.. Actually I planned 3 shots on current track and I posted its teaser also.. That idea was different from this os.. bt due to my health issues n another personal problems I wont be able to post it.. So I thought to write an OS.. I donno hw it is.. If its boring then I’m sorry! ☺



Uttara breaks her engagement. Swaragini too supported her.. Chirag’s family leaves from there.. Sanskar was happy from inside but still he is angry on swara. Seeing all this Sujata got angry..

Sujata : ( to swara ) Aey Chorri.. maine thare se pehli hi kaha tha.. ki tu mhari uttara ki shadi ke beech main mat pad.. par nahi.. Thare ko to bas sab bigadna aata hai.. pehle mhare sanskar ka ghar ujad diya.. uski zindagi barbaad ki aur abb usse thara mann na bhara to mhari chori ke sath bhi vahi kiya.. hain? Abb khush hain na tu chori?

Swara : But Mom.. They were comparing our uttara with money.. Aap uttara ke baare me to sochiye.. Mom, relationships pyaar se bandhe jate hai na ki paise se..

Sujata : Tu ye pyar vyar ki baate na hi kare na to behtar he chori.. Tune kaise kaise aur kitne acche tarikese thare rishte sambhale hai sab dekha hai maine.. Tu mhara mooh na khulva ha..

Sanskar : Mom.. please.. stop this drama here.. Now everything is fine. Uttara is safe from that persons.. so m happy.. & Mom.. U were wasting so much money on them what if they have asked more after marriage? What if they started to torture our uttara?  So I think what all happened today is good.. Now no one will say anything.. ( glares at swara ) Topic Over!

Sujata leaves angrily frm there.. all guest and Maheshwari family left.. only swasan are present there.. They had painful eyelock.. swara broke it and turned to go..

Sanskar : Going to meet ur future husband? ( mocking ) Sssssss… Itni bekarari? Bechaini? Usey milne ke liye? Ohh ya.. Hw can I frgt.. You r wedding planner.. so u hv to plan ur wedding.. no? ( painful smile ) But lemme remind u swara.. still u r Mrs. Maheshwari. Bt dont worry.. I’ll free u frm this unwanted relationship! Veryyyyy soon.. so that u can move ahead.. Actually I hv 1 question. Did u ever loved me? Coz I dint see u so desperate fr me.. umm.. I think no.. U dint.. U only loved my family.. ur family.. ur mahanta.. The Great Swara Maheshwari never loved her husband who loved her unconditionally. Who was with her in every situation. And what he got.. see.. ( laughs ) Pain.. Dhokha.. loneliness.. Bt look at u.. hw happy u r.. & why not.. ur childhood love.. ur first love cm back to u after so long.. Great!! Simply Great!! ( claps )

Hearing sanskaar’s bitter words tears started to flow from swara’s eyes.. She was angry, hurt, broken.. Finally she shouted loudly. .

Swara : Enough Sanskar ! Enough is enough! Bahot bol liya tumne aur bahot sunliya maine.. par abb aur nahi.. U doubted on my love.. How can u? I knw u hate me.. U hate me to the core bt.. bt I dint knw u’ll ever distrust me.. Sanskar.. you are not the sanskarwhom I loved.. u r sm1 else.. my sanskar trust me.. believes me. & moreover he loves me a lot.. bt u r doubting me? Sanskar.. agar muze zindagi mein aage badhma hota na toh main 6 mahine wait nahi karti.. kabki aage badh chuki hoti.. ( smiles in tears ) bt u’ll not understand this now.. bcz nw u made urself believe that I love Nikhil n we are gonna marry.. But its not true sanskar.. I never loved nikhil nor I love him now.. its u.. who misunderstanding our frndship. ( wipes her tears ) bt dont worry. U’ll regret soon.. very soon Mr. Maheshwari. & that time.. It will be very late.. bahut der ho chuki hogi tab tak.. ( leaves frm there while crying )

Sanskar hits nearby table angrily….

2 days later..

Sanskaar got a phone call.. He picked it..

Sanskar : Hello Mr. Sharma.. How are you?

Mr. Sharma : I’m fine young boy.. I called you to invite you and Mrs. Maheshwari to the party.. My wife and daughter met her in another business party.. They really enjoyed her company.. so please bring her too.. And I dont want any excuse ok? See you..

Sanskar : Mr. Sharma! Listen.. hello.. he.. ( throws phone on bed in anger ) Damn!!! What the hell..! Now I have to call swara.. Which I dont want.. ( calls swara in anger )

Sanskar : Hello..

Swara : Pata hai.. Aajaungi mai kal.. Mr. Sharma called me too.. I’ll come..

Sanskar : Great! I dint think that u’ll get ready so soon.. I’m impressed! Well, tmrw evening be ready at 7. I’ll cm to Baadi to pick up u..

Swara : Okay.. I.. ( sanskar cuts the call )

Swara gets sad and cries hugging her pillow…

Swara : I love you sanskar.. I love only you.. Why dont you understand! !! ( cries & sleeps )

Next day evening @ baadi –

Swara got ready in black & red saree.. She was looking absolutely stunning! Sanskar msgd her to cm outside.. She cm near his car . He was standing there. Swara calls him..

Swara : Sanskarrr!

Sanskar turned and got awestruck seeing his lady love in beautiful attire.. He forgot to breathe. She blushed slightly. She waved her hand infront of him.. He cm back to his senses and got embarassed. Soon both composed themselves & left for the party.

@ Party –

SwaSan entered in party hall.. Mr. & Mrs. Sharma welcomed them.

Mr. Sharma : Welcome! Welcome Mr & Mrs. Maheshwari! ( shakes hand with Sanskaar )

Mrs. Sharma : Hello swara.. Nice to meet you again..

SwaSan : Thank you so much.

Mr. Sharma : Please come inside..

SwaSan cm inside.. All were enjoying party.. Mrs. Sharma cms to Swara..

Mrs. Sharma : Swara.. I heard your voice.. and it is amazing! Please sing a song today for us.. Please..

Swara : Mrs. Sharma.. How can I? I mean now? N..no.. plz..

Sanskar was hearing their convo.

Mrs. Sharma : Please swara.. not for us bt atleast for your husband.. fr Mr. Maheshwari! Please..

These words ecoed in Swara’s mind.. Sanskar was waiting for her response.. She nodded in yes.. An unknown smile appeared on Sanskar’s face.. bt he composed himself. & behaved normal.. Swara goes on stage.. All light goes off and spotlight cm on only swara.. Swara Start to sing –

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon..

She looked at sanskar with teary eyes.. They had a painful eyelock.

Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho….

Sanskar too had tears in his eyes.. He quickly wiped it.. Swara looked at him & she remembered his accusings..

Meri nazar ka safar

Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar

Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho….

Swara remembered how he helped her to bring out Ragini’s truth.. she recalled their love confession… their wedding.. Their consummation.. And later their seperation..

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sirphire
Hathon mein aate nahi

Udte hain lamhe mere

Meri hansi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya be-qadar

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho….

SwaSan was looking at each other… While tears continuously flowing from their eyes.. They cm back to their senses hearing clapping sound.. Swara cm down frm stage..

Mrs. Sharma : Mr. Maheshwari! I must say you are very lucky to get wife like swara.. She really loves you so much.. You both look made for each other..

Sanskar : Smiled.

All are busy in chit chatting.. Suddenly sm1 calls swara..

Person : Hey Swara..

Swara : ( smiles happily ) Aarya!! What a pleasant surprise!

Aarya : Hmm.. you knw me na.. btw where is jiju?

Swara calls sanskaar.

Aarya : Hii jiju.. I’m Aarya.. Swara’s childhood frnd.

Sanskar : Ohh hii.. Nice to meet you.. Seems like swara had too much frnds in her childhood. ( taunts swara )

Swara : ( felt uncomfortable ) You both continue.. I’ll just come..

Aarya : Okay..

Swara leaves..

Aarya : So jiju.. How r u? Enjoying married life na? Oh I frgt.. You both are cmng tmrw na?

Sanskar : tmrw? Where?

Aarya : Dont you know? This swara na.. tmrw is my engagement with Nikhil.. I told her.. infact bcz of her only Nik proposed me..

Sanskar : ( hell shocked ) What? Nikhil? You mean swara’s childhood frnd?

Aarya : Yes.. he only.. you cant blv jiju he literally proposed swara 100 times b4 proposing me as a practice. Haha.. he’s big crack.

Now everything is crystal clear to Sanskar! He felt ashamed of himself.. How he accused swara.. Tears started to flow from his eyes. He left frm there in search of swara.

Swara was standing with her frnd in party hall.. Sanskar sees her and calls her name..

Sanskar : Swaraa!

Swara looked at him.. He was crying and was standing middle of the hall. Swara ggot confuse.. bt soon her expressions changed into horrified one.. She shouted loudly and runs to him…

Swara : SANSKAARRR…!!!

Before sanskar could understand anything swara pushed him and a big chandelier fell on Swara.. Sanskar get shocked & screams –



Ambulance arrived at hospital. Swara was on stretcher. She was unconscious and all wounded. Sanskar was talking with her like mad in all way to hospital.

Sanskar : Swara.. we reached.. look.. we.. ( sobs ) we reached hospital.. ha.. nothing will happen to you.. m with you na.. ha.. ur sanskar with you..

He was crying and talking to her.. soon they cm near OT.. He was holding swara’s hand tightly so was swara..

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari! Leave her hand plz.. we need to hurry.. she lost lot of blood..

Sanskar : Nooo.. no.. I wont leave her.. never.. plz doc.. lemme cm inside.. plz..

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari u r wasting our precious time.. I cant allow u inside.. plz try to understand. Ur wife needs treatment now.. she’s critical. Plz let us do our work..

Sanskar unwantedly left her hand and she went inside.. Sanskar sat on bench lifelessly. The girl whom he accused very badly.. he doubted her love.. is in critical condition just bcz of him.. To save him she sacrificed her life.. He was feeling guilty.. cz of hurting her..
He put his head backside of bench and closed his eyes..

After 3 hrs-

Doc cm out of OT.. He called Sanskar..

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar : ( rushed to him ) Doc.. doc how’s swara? Is she fine? Ha? Y r u quiet?  Speak up dammit!

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari! We tried our best.. Operation is successful. We took out all glass pieces out of her body.. but wounds are too deep and she lost alot of blood.. we cant say anything now.. bt if she wont get conscious in next 2 hrs then… M sorry..

Sanskar : N.. nooo.. hw can u say like that?( holds his callar in anger ) How dare u to say like that.. I knw.. nothing will happen to her.. I’ll bring her back.. My swara will never leave me.. I .. I knw her.. ( leaves doc collar and banged in ICU )

As soon as he entered in ICU.. He froze at his place.. His love.. His life.. His wife whom he loves like a mad was lieing there lifelessly. He slowly sit beside her holding her hand in his.. He weeps recalling their moments.

Aa Aa Aa…..

Dil De Diya Hai, Jaan Tumhe Denge
Dil De Diya Hai, Jaan Tumhe Denge
Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam
Dil De Diya Hai, Jaan Tumhe Denge

Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam
Ho… Rab Dee Kasam Yaara, Rab Dee Kasam
Dil De Diya Hai, Jaan Tumhe Denge
Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam…

Sanskar recalls their 1st date.. marriage… How swara saved everyone from kavya.. How she suffered while saving uttara from Rajat.. How she fell frm cliff & lost her memory.. How she gained her memory back and their romantic moments after that.. And then he recalls betrayal of Adarsh and Parinita..

Rukh Jindagee Ne Mod Liya Kaisa
Hamne Socha Nahee Tha Kabhee Aisa
Rukh Jindagee Ne Mod Liya Kaisa
Hamne Socha Nahee Tha Kabhee Aisa
Aata Nahee Yakin, Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya
Kis Tarah Mai Tumase Bewafa Ho Gaya
Insaaf Kar Do, Mujhe Maaf Kar Do, Itna Hee Kar Do Karam
Dil De Diya Hai Jan Tumhe Denge, Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam…

He recalls how she supported him.. How she bring his family together… How they both get seperated.. His hatred towards her in these 6 months.. His accusations on her.. How she said that he’ll regret.. And how she risked her life while saving him.. He cries bitterly..

Awaaragee Me Ban Gaya Diwaana
Maine Kyun Sadagee Ko Nahee Jaana
Awaaragee Me Ban Gaya Diwaana
Maine Kyun Sadagee Ko Nahee Jaana

Chaahat Yahee Hai Ke, Iss Kadar Pyaar Du
Kadamo Me Tere Mai, Toh Jahaan Waar Du
Chain Meraa Le Lo Khushee Meree Le Lo, De Do Mujhe Dedo Saare Gham
Dil De Diya Hai Jaan Tumhe Denge, Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam…

He kissed her forehead.. her eyes.. her cheeks. And asked her to open her eyes.. for him.. He’ll never leave her.. distrust her.. And cries keeping his forehead on her..

Mere Ashk Keh Rahe Meree Kahanee
Inhein Samjho Na Tum Sirf Panee
Mere Ashk Keh Rahe Meree Kahanee
Inhein Samjho Na Tum Sirf Panee
Ro Ro Ke Aansuo Ke Daag Dhul Jaayenge
Inn Me Wafa Ke Rang Aaj Ghul Jaayenge
Paas Tum Rahogee Bhul Abb Na Hogee, Karunga Na Tumpe Sitam
Dil De Diya Hai Jaan Tumhe Denge, Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam
Ho… Rab Dee Kasam Yaara, Rab Dee Kasam
Dil De Diya Hai, Jan Tumhe Denge

Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam…

Sanskar : ( cries ) Princess… I knw u r angry on me na.. haa?? I knw I did mistake.. no.. I did blunder.. I did sin.. bt.. ( sobs ) punish me na.. punish me.. bt y r u punishing urself haa? Y?? Dont.. dont do this swara.. plz.. I cant see u like this.. I’m dieing inside.. I should be on this bed.. that chandelier was abt to fall on me.. then.. ( sobs ) Y u.. u saved me? Haa? Y u put ur life in danger? Y swara? Y?? ( cries miserably )

A faint yet confident and known voice speaks..

” Because.. I love you.. Sans..kaarr..”

Hearing the voice.. Sanskar jerks and looked towards swara.. Yes.. Swara was awake.. Sanskar got happy..

Sanskar : ( happy ) Swaraa… ( he started kissing all over her face showering his love & care.. tears are flowing frm their eyes.. Sanskar wipes her tears.. )

Sanskar : Not now.. not now swara.. dont shed ur precious pearls for the person who dont deserve this.. I’m sorry swara.. I’m really sorry.. plz forgive me.. Y u saved me swara? I should have die.. ( cuts him )

Swara : Ssshhh.. shut up.. paagal.. kuch bhi bolte ho.. I was never angry on u Sanskar. I was hurt.. bt I knew 1 day I’ll get my old sanskar back. Plz now never ever leave me sanskar.. we faced enough of seperation. Now I dont have any power to fight.. I’ll die if again u’ll go away frm u.. I’ll die..

Sanskar : Sssshh.. shhh.. Princess! What rubbish u r talking! Haa? I’ll never leave u.. ok?

Swara : I love you…

Sanskar : I love you too…😘😘😘

The End!

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