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SwaSan OS : ” A DREAM…” by Swarmayi

Sorry.. I knw I’m late.. bt I was quite busy.. This os will be divided into two parts. This is 1st part. ok.. no more bakbak.. lets start –



Girl’s POV :

Yippee! Today I’m sooooooo happy.. I got 95% in 10th.. wohhooo.. And Dad! OMG!! He’s the happiest person in the world.. haha.. He’s so much proud of me.. He always says that.. He wants me to be a cardiologist, a doctor! Its his dream.. and yes.. I’ll do anything to fulfill it.. My Dad is my world.. My mom died when I was 1 yr old. After dat my dad bcm my mother.. He gave me whatever I want.. He never scolded me nor stopped me from doing anything.. He always gave me best values.. He was.. err.. sry.. He is my hero! My ideal.. from childhood I love music.. I used to sing songs in bathroom.. hehe.. crazy me! Whenever he used to listen it, he used to appreciate me.. Then I used to ask like seriously Dad? I sang so well? And his rply was – Yes bachcha! You sung very nice. And ur voice is so melodious. Thats it! I literally jumped on him and hugged him tightly saying thank you.. He laughed out loud and kissed my forehead.

      Few days later my interest in singing grew up.. I saw my few frnds going fr singing class.. I asked Dad abt it.. Dad agreed bt he strictly warned me dat it shouldn’t affect my studies.. And I assured him.. Finally I joined singing class.. I loved it.. I got attached to it.. I was getting peace when I used to sing.. Its like after doing all studies n home work frm morning, I used to get relax when I used to sing.. After dat, I started to participate in diff singing competitions and started getting prizes.. I was so happy and Dad too.. He gave me my space n I also kept my words.. I didn’t merge music & studies.. I gave my best in 10th and fulfilled my promise… ?

POV ends..

Person : Shonaa.. Shonaa.. Swaraa!! Where are you princess?

Swara : Coming Dad..

Person : Look what I brought for you.. ( gives a gift box )

Swara : ( opened it & shocked ) OMG!!! Dad!!! What’s this? Is this real? This is for me? Plz pinch me dad.. ohh God ! I’ll faint here..

Person : ( laughs ) Yes my nautanki! This is for you only.. This special GUITAR is ur gift frm me.. You got 95% na? You fulfilled my wish so I thought to surprise you by giving this.. bt its ok.. if u dont want it then give it to me.. I’ll return ( cuts him )

Swara : No no no no no.. what r u saying Dad! I want it.. huhh.. ( smiles brightly n hugs guitar ) My Guitar!!! ???

Person : Haha.. Shonaa.. Now you have to study more hard.. these two yrs are more imp for you.. these are main steps towards your career. And don’t worry my child I have full faith on you.. You are SHEKHAR GADODIA’S daughter. You are the best..

Swara : ( smiles ) Yes Dad.. I’ll study hard n will give my best.. and I promise I’ll fulfill all your dreams.. ( hugs him )

Shekhar : ( smiles ) I know my bachcha! ( hugs back )

2 years later…

Life is so unpredictable, no? When our destiny will distract us we can’t predict! Same thing happened with swara.. She got admission in good college fr 11th n 12th.. bt bcz her stream was science,  she couldn’t able to give much time for music.. always study and study.. She was so restless. She wanted to sing.. Whenever she used to see any singing programme in clg, she used to feel suffocated.. She lost her interest in studies.. only she used to think is all abt her Music! Even many times she felt to left all studies and do career in music! Why not? She has that talent.. capability. Bt her Dad! What will he feel? Thinking this she used to keep quiet always.. bt she had losted her peace..  And result – she scored 70% in 12th. Shekhar was shocked and angry as well.. Though she has scored good in NEET.

Shekhar : Swara.. I had enough of your tantrums now.. I didnt expected this from u..  now I hv decided.. You’ll not sing anymore and will not go fr practice also.. u’ll do MBBS in Mumbai.. I made arrangements for ur admission.

Swara : Dad, please.. I dont wanna do dat.. please.. Listen to me once.. I wont get happiness by doing this.. My happiness lies only in.. ( cuts her )

Shekhar  : Enough! I dont wanna listen anything.. wen ur mother died, I bcm ur mother.. From childhood I gave you watever u want.. Pampered u alot.. and now if I expect little frm you can’t  you even do dat fr ur Dad? U claims you love me so much na? Bt I don’t think so..

Swara : ( crying ) No.. Dad! I love you.. I love you sooo much.. and I can do anything for you.. bt not this Dad.. music is my life.. I can’t able to live widout it.. please..

Shekhar : No.. I dont wanna listen anything.. Now onwards u wont go there.. understand? And I booked ur tickets fr mumbai.. u r leaving tmrw fr mumbai.. u’ll live there in my best frnd’s house . Ramprasad Maheshwari! & will complete ur studies.. Got it? Now cmon go to ur room and pack ur stuffs..

Swara burst out in crying and left to her room.. shekhar looked at her with tearfilled eyes..

Shekhar : Shonaa.. m sry.. I knw u r sad nw.. bt m doing this fr ur betterment only.. Music will give u nothing..

Next day-

Shekhar went to drop swara on airport..

Shekhar : Shona! Take care.. study well..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) Yes Dad.. u take care of urself.. dont miss ur medicines..

Shekhar nods smilingly with teary eyes..

Swara : Bye.. Dad.?

Shekhar : Bye Bachcha!

Swara leaves.. Shekhar looks on n wiped his tears..

After few hours..

Swara’s plane landed in Mumbai. She called Shekhar & informed it. He told her that Ram’s son will be coming to pick up her.. She was waiting.. When She was going to sit sm1 dashed with her and she was abt to fall.. bt that person hold her tightly in his arms. He got mesmerised seeing her. Swara waves her hand infront of him and asked him to leave her..

Swara : Excuse me? Can’t you see while walking..? Now leave me plz..

He came in his senses n left her. She fell down.. Swara shouts in pain..

Swara : Aaahhh.. ouuuch.. What the hell! Why u left me? U idiot fellow..

Guy : Arrey.. u only told me to leave you.. so I left!

Swara : huhh! Stupid..

Guy was holding a name plate on which  Swara Gadodia was written..

Guy : if u r cmpltd with ur stunts then may I go? I wanna pick sm1..

Swara : Den go na.. who tied u here? ( suddenly she saw name plate n smirks ) u r going to pick swara?

Guy : Hawww? How do u knw? Dont tell me u r detective!

Swara : Shut up! U r holding name plate.. n for ur kind information,  m only dat SWARA GADODIA!

Guy : ohh achcha! WHATTT? U? U R SWARA GADODIA?

Swara : Yes.. y? Any problem?

Guy : No.. bt I imagined smthng diff.. n u r totally diff..  I imagined u r to be a sweet , flat , shy n beautiful type of girl.. bt u.. u r toh pumpkin! Teekhi mirchi n wild cat n bold.. Ohh God!

Swara : ( angry ) What did u say? Pumpkin?  Wild cat? Teekhi mirchi? How dare u.. u.. u.. sada hua karela! Huhh..

Guy : Hahaha.. look.. I named u perfect.. Teekhi mirchi! U got angry very soon..

Swara : Look mr…


Swara : Ohh plz.. stop flirting with me ok? N if u r done lets go..

Sanky : Okay.. lets go.. ?

Both leaves in car..

Precap : Swara upset, SwaSan frndship, n much more..

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