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Swasan n raglak heartbroken (os)

Heyyy guys I know you all are waiting for me to Post first epi of my devil I will Post soon…
Guys this is my First os hope you will like..
I dont like swara being only great even ragini should do something for her she is trying in serial but she cant be so Great like our swara soo I thought why not to make her great now…first I thought it should on swasan but ragini is playing very important role so why not swasan n raglak..without wasting time lets start…

Swara went to console sanskar After
hearing death news of laksh from ragini…but seeing the scene infront of her made her shocked and angry…Sanskar was drinking and loughing like nothing happend…


Sw: sanskar what is this

San: what

Sw: you are drinking and there everyone is crying for laksh

San: hahahah so what should do han

Sw: (shocked) sanskar

San: what han there is nothing see if laksh come or not we will be never toghter so I dont care..

Sw: (slapped) how can you say like this han he is your brother

San: I dont care (saying he was about to turn swara held his wrist and pulled him towards herself)

Sw: you dont care about anyone han what about badi ma and bade papa did you thought about them

San: I dont care about them anymore

Sw: sanskar do you have any idea what are you saying

San: I know what I am saying why dont you go to them be the great swara

Sw: sanskar what happend

San: nothing I am just fed up from you from laksh from everyone I wana be alone sooo leave me alone
(Saying this he pushed her swara was about to Fall but nikil saved her from falling)
Ohhh look here is your saviour now leave me and go enjoy with him

Sw: (crying n slaped) I hate you

Saying this she left with nikil seeing her leaving tears Fell from sanskar eyes after throwing the beer Bottle he also left…but seeing all this someone was happy…

At badi

Everyone was crying and also trying to console ragini n anuparma
But hearing someone voice they shocked and after seeing the person they were happy..
Seeing him ragini run and hugged him thigtly she was crying…

(Yes guys laksh is back)

Lak: shhh ragini shhhh..stop crying

Ap: laksh

Lak: Ma (he Broke the hug with ragini and hugged ap thigtly) Ma I am sorry leaving you all alone I am sorry

Ap: (crassing his hair) I am so happy that you are finally back..

Laksh meet everyone n told them everything where he went n why but someone was missing but nobody thought about him seeing laksh they forgott everything…

After Meeting everyone laksh n ragini were talking when ragini brought her mangelsuter n sindoor infront laksh n asked him to Fill her mang n tie mangelsuter seeing this swara Got tears she thought about sanskar but his today Behaviour made her hate him but still how can she hate him when she loves him madly..

Suj: where is sanskar does he know about laksh return

Ut: han mom I told bhei and he cant come beacuse he has a very important Meeting is in other city..

Ap went towards swara and placed her hand on head

Ap: dont worry beta when sanskar Come na you will also come back After all i want my both Bahu back..

Swara gave her fake smile in her hearth she know that day will never come…ragini also left with laksh After promising to swara that she will bring her back to mm…

Its been one month since laksh came everyone was happy ragini happiness has no bound..
Raglak were sitting toghter..

Lak: ragini where is adarsh bhei didnt saw him
Hearing ragini Got shocked

Rag: what are you saying laksh dont you know adarsh bhayia is in jail

Lak:what jail but why

Rag: laksh dont you know

Lak: no plzz tell

Ragini start telling him how she n swara saved dp n ap and he Used him to kill sanskar or sanskar to him and when he went missing how sanskar searched him how swara Broke their relationship for her…hearing all this laksh start crying

Lak: what swara Broke her relationship with bhei

Rag: han

Lak: Come with me saying this laksh took ragini hall and even called gododia family when gf reached laksh went towards n start asking sorry making everyone confuse..

Sw: laksh why are you saying sorry

Lak: beacuse of me you n bhei are not toghter

Sw: no intrupedt by laksh

Lak: plzz let me say swara bhei isnt on meeting (everyone shocked) he left beacuse I said to him

Sw: what are you saying

Lak: that day when you came to console bhei..


Sanskar was totally Broken hearing laksh death news he was walking on road when he suddenly saw laksh seeing him He Run towards to him n hugged him thigtly making laksh shock..

San: where did you went (Broke the hugged cupped his face) you know everyone is thinking that you are death

Lak: (jerked his hand) let them think what they want I dont care

San: laksh why are you saying this

Lak: han beacuse of you I have no importance in my family everyone is only caring about you

San: no laksh everyone missing you plzz Come back

Lak: no

San: think about badi ma

Lak: so you want me back

San: yes

Lak: then do what I am saying

San: (After thinking alot) ok

Flashback over and you guys know what happened…

Hearing this everyone got shocked as well angry on laksh what He did swara just didnt react she stood numb she didnt even cryied..ragini went near laksh n slaped him making everyone more shocked she held his color n pulled him..

Rag: how could you do this laksh han I never thought you will Do this beacuse of you Swara blame sanskar n she left him I never thought you will Do this (saying this she pushed him)laksh for me swara left sanskar na and today I am leaving you

Ap: ragini

Rag: no ma not today beacuse of me swara lost her first love becuase of me Baba throw her out beacuse of me she almost most died beacuse of me she
Made fake marrige Drama beacuse of me everyone thought her Charakterless beacuse of me she was about to loose sanskar and beacuse of me she left sanskar when she can do anything for me why not me so (pointing Finger on laksh) mr laksh maheshwari we are not toghter anymore you are not my husband anymore saying this she fainted laksh picked her immediately and took to their room they called family doctor but swara didnt react on anything n she left to their rooms..

Swasan room..
Swara entered in their room After 7 or 8 month she looked around there was still their picture of their confession their picnic marrige she was looking picture tears start fowlling down from her eyes she Fell with this on her knee n shouted loudly making everyone shocked
Sujata n sharmishta run to her n hugged her thigtly..

Mean while the doc Checked ragini
And gave news making everyone happy..

Doc: congrats mr maheshwari your wife is pragnent..

The doc left everyone came to ragini blessed her..

Rag: Ma Baba lets go

Lak: ragini plzz

Rag: who are you

Lak: I am sorry ragini

Rag: your sorry cant bring my sis happiness back Saying this she was about to leave when everyone requested her not to go finally she accepted but with a condition that she will stay in guest room with swara only..

During ragini pragnancy laksh tried to search sanskar but failled ragini never Talk to laksh or wore her mangelsuter n sindoor when ragini deliverd her Baby girl she gave to swara..
Sw: ragini

Rag: swara from now she is your dougther sur sanskar maheshwari

Sw: ragini

Rag: plzz if you will Not accept her even I wont

Sw: (After thinking alot) fine but I have als a condition

Rag: what

Sw: you will accept laksh

Rag: swara

Sw: ragini

Rag: ok fine I will

Sw: (happy) but why did you gave her sanskar name

Rag: (smiled) beacuse our happiness even he left his love

Sw: (smiled sadly tears about to fall) thanks ragini

Swara hugged ragini n happily Took sur with her laksh was happy that finally ragini forgive him but soo his happyness faded away hearing ragini

Rag: dont be happy I only accepted beacuse of swara I wana see my sister happiness but it doesnt mean I will forgive you we will act infront her only

Laksh was hearthbroken hearing this but compose himself..
Like this days passed months n years swara start leaving happily with sur but she was missing his sanskar n raglak only act infront her to be happy couple but they were also missing eachother…


If you want happy ending give me lots of coments then I will give you happy ending on swasan n raglak

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