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Swasan: my incomplete love story (chap- 31)

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Precap- down the memory lane.
Recap-swara suicide.
Sanskaar pov:
Why am I feeling so………. So restless? Swara betrayed me, lied to me and hurt me. Why am I still thinking about her? She betrayed me and I yelled at her. It’s simple, It happens every day. I never felt this restless when I yelled to others, then y am I feeling like this only with swara? Even at times when I yelled to meher it is never this way!
“Why are u thinking about her sanskaar? She betrayed you and broke your trust. SHE LOVED YOU!!!. U have to be thinking about taking your revenge.” My mind screamed at me.
“What is your problem with love? Why do u hate the word love? You act as if loving is a crime. For your kind information, what your mother showers on you is love, what you shower on your sister is love, what your dadi showers on you is also love. Love is the most beautiful feeling and pure and true People misuse the word love. Especially you teenagers or youngster or whatever. You all name your attraction love. Just like what you did for meher.” My heart advised.
“Oh puh-leeeez c’mon. Love is all about a boy and girl holding hands, going around the city, talking nonsense, showing fake affection and making fake promises. They say all of this but never mean them.” My mind said sarcastically.
“Not everyone! Love isn’t only about a boy and girl holding hands, going around the city, talking sweetly, showing affection and making promises. You think love is like you just see someone’s outer beauty and conclude you love her? No! Love is seeing ones inner beauty.” My heart argued.
“You would never know…..when our trust on someone breaks…it hurts.” My mind said.
I held my head. I was stuck in this mind and heart conflict. As they were continuing their argument… I couldn’t bear it anymore. Both were right in their own point of views.
“SHUT UPPPPPPP!!!” I yelled to myself and in a way it worked. I couldn’t hear any more of that voices. I sighed.
I sat on my bed. My mind went down the memory lane. I closed my eyes. I saw a vivid picture of what happened 3 years ago. Surprising! Though it happened years ago it was still clear. I don’t often remember it but….. But when I do it never leaves my mind.
(Well you wanna know what happened? Keep reading to know further :P)

When I was in college final year, there was the diva in my college aditi. She was damn gorgeous. Not to mention I was the hottest boy back then. ( ;p ). I had girls drooling over me while she had boys. I was never really much interested on her but had a tiny………ok a little crush on her.
One day I was sitting with my boy gang on the table.
Vin- do u know how they teach swimming in other countries?
Arjun- nope and and don’t care!!
Vin- they simply push the 5 or 7 year old in the pool.
Moh- oh really?
Vin- yeah. You know what?
Haf- what?
Vin- I am pretty sure am going to do the same thing when I marry and have kids.
San- u know what?
Vin- what?
San- I am pretty sure if u do that your wife will come behind you with a broom stick.
Everyone started laughing and vinod punched me.
We were cracking more jokes on each other and planning on doing stuff that evening. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw aditi standing behind me. I stared at her for a moment and raised my eyebrows. Everyone distracted themselves from her. Vinod started drinking water and Arjun looked here and there and the others did some random stuff.
“Um…Hel………..hey……..can I join you.” He asked.
The same instant vinod choked on water he was drinking and coughed badly. Arjun banged him hardly. We all looked at her for a moment.
“What? Why?” I said.
“Actually u boys are so cool, u hang out and do all kinds of cool stuff so I wanted to be your friends.” She said.
Then we agreed without giving a second thought to it. She hanged out with us later we became close and she proposed me and I accepted and we were the hottest couple. We………… I loved her like crazy.
But everything changed that day by that one day by that one line.


Hey guys!! Hwr all? Sorry I had to cut the last part short. But I absolutely have no time. My exams is on 17th so this is my last update. Next part is on December. Because this is my final exams I have to study hard so please please pray. And please drop your comments coz only for u all I have written this. Again please pray for me.
Love u all
Keep smiling. 🙂

Precap- down the memory lane 🙂

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