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Swasan my devil boss ( few shots) 6

Sory to b late .. bt m back …
so here i go …without wasting ur time .. mature content too warning !!
Sanskar pov:
Kavita here ! My thoughts were disturbes whn i saw swara walkin out i hold her wrist i can feel her insecurity i went near her hold her by waist n kissed on her forhead n said i love u yar dont b possv .. m wd u .. n i hold her hand n went down to d lawn as we cme out i cn clearly see kavita’s exprssn in shock bt i need to mke her understnd she was alwys my good frn n will alwys be .. i nva feel nythng fr her ..kavita cme near me gave me a side hug n asked me abt d grl .. i introduced her that she is swara my school lov bcoz of her i bcme a devil n now bcoz of her m chngng myslf .. kavitas face frowned i cn feel d intensity of heat btwn bth grls while shaking thr hands .. kavita taunted swara n said some people leav whn d person needs thm d most n cme bck by seeng success no worries all d best .. ur p.a is beautiful .. bt do u thnk she cn match ur level u r top businssmn of d city n she being ur p.a wht wll ppl thnk .. i swere i wnted to thrw out kavita now hw cn she be too mean to her she vry well knw whn swara left me wht i bcme .. n i told her dont u wrry kavita i dnt gv a damn abt ppl .. swara went inside sobbing i cn feel her pain her self respct mst b hurted by her ….kavita too wnt frm thr wd her high temper frnkly tht ws d good descn she took at tht moment … i wnt at bck of swara n knocked her door .. swara please open .. she ws bit upset thts it .. we r perfect fr each othr i dnt wnna loose u agn plz open .. she gv me no response i tld if u dnt open in 5 secnds i ll break d door i counted n she did not respond i ws abt to push d wd my full force she suddnly opn d door n i fall on her n thn on d floor i cn feel her heartbeats beatng fastly oh d rhythm of her brsts .. shit man she is my love lust desire responsibilty evrythn … i kissed her eyes in which i cn see d pain of kavitas sore wrds ..

Swara pov :
I shivered with his touch … i alwys wnt to reduce his pain throw my love bt he is doing it fr me.. i love his touch .. he stoodup n close d door n cme closer to me took me in his arms in bridal style n drop me lyk a princess on my bed …he cme near me n strtd kissing my neck .. oh man my body ws shiverng my heartbeat raised .. he cme closer to my lips n plced his rough ones on mine soft lips his pain ws visible in his hungry kiss d pain of sepration mde him desperate .. aftr lack of oxygn we parted .. i saw in his deep brown eyes n said sobbing i ..m.. i m havn no int..interest in ur money n success i wnt u frever no mttr hw poor u are ..m sorry fr d mstke i did in school u need to fce it all along these years … we avoided our feelngs bt truth is i love u alwys bt i wsnt aware … he whispered in my ears i cn feel his low voice n tear drop frm his eyes ..its okey bt i was broken …u ll nt undrstnd ths heart ache alot whn smone close to it lev it … i strtd hvng nytouts to frgt u i took out my aggrsn n now whn u r in my embrace i shuld torture u ..punish u .. ths heart doesnt allow…


i ws jst shocked wd his confssn he lov me so much tht he is ready to frgt all his pain.. i kissed him on his lips n ths tym it ws a rough one to punish him to love me so much i bited his lower lip sucked to sooth it he did d sme thng… we were actully plyng d domination game .. i wnt him to frgt evrythng n be mine …frever … i strtd kissing him wildly on his neck n chest ..open mouth kisses i wnna cover evr prt of his body i wnt him to frgt evrythn n lv me dy n nyt …i wna feel his pain .. i opened his shirt … oh damn his abs mke me crave fr him .. i kissed him evrywhere on his upper body he opened my blouse as i ws stll in my prty drss it ws such a hectic long shw tht i got no tym to chnge btwn all this missionmilap .. i cn feel him gttn wilder … tilted me on other side n strtd kissing me sensuously on my back ..tht ws our moment n we lived it … he agn mde me look towards him he just removed d barriers btwn me n thrw my blouse n strtd kissing my cleavage … i moaned in pleasure my hnds roamng in his hair … he shifted his view twrds my n..pls n kneaded thm he sucked thm hungrily n i let him do wht he wnt to i jst wnt him to b hppy .. n i knw nly i cn mke him d old snskr ..i let him fulfill his desire .. he sucked thm hungrily gvng bites on thm pressng thm wth hnds thn cmng to my lips kissing me .. i cn only feel d pleasure of being loved while suckin me his hnds shfted inside my saree n i ws stunned wd his suddn rectn n within no tym he opened my saree plates n my saree properly n threw it out of d bed now i ws in my pn.t.es he ws lookn me wd a smirk n opened his pant wdin secnds … i love d speed he shw coz i cn feel his despertn fr me .. withn no tym while suckn my b..bs he put his hnds inside my pn.t.s n strted rubbing my core i moaned in pleasur i understood his need n rubbed him out side his boxer n could feeel d despertn of his tool .. we kissed agn n rubbed each othr n he opened my p.nts n his boxers now hs tool ws vsibl it gnna b difficult fr me bt i wnt him to frgv me in no tym he wnt down n sucked me gav me bites on my thighs… he is so dmn seductv ..he ws kissin al ovr me licking me thn i wnt down n pleasurd his tool i wnt him to feel d love i hv fr him n i cn go to ny extent …this sundy is lyk a hate holdy chnged into love mking … i cme over him n he hugged me i cn feel hw desprty he wnna entr in me b my prt bt i agn wnt dwn n sucked him hrd n he mkin noises mre baby be bit mre wild shw hw desprtly we wnt each othr soon he reached to his extreme ..n i wnt to his mouth gvng him smuches he too hugged me n we slept …

precap: u took out businss rivalry .. m tking my daughter wd me

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