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Swasan my devil boss ( few shots) 5

Hey guys… thnk u agn fr ur lovely cmmnts n u ppl boost me up to write my ff wth all dedication …
so no bak bak …

Next morning :
swara’s pov :
..my head is aching ..ahhh ..wht hppnd last nyt … suddnly a voice came gudmrng i saw sanskr stnding near d door .. i wshed him gdmrng he gv me lemon juice n said yestrdy u wr alot drunk ..i narrowed my eyes n got shock whn he said by u knw u r an amazing kisser … n i puke lemon juice with a jerk … n i said ..w..w.what ? Sankar
he said wth his evil smirk u tryd to rape me yestrdy m sry i loosed my senses n we both broke our limits .. n i got d shock of my life .. i ws lyk i dnt trust u .. he asked me to check my neck ..n i shouted on him i cn understnd i ws bit drunk bt u were in ur senses y u did this to me.. he tld me ystrdy he ws too drunk n mr mehra secrty tryd to rape me he cme on tym n saved me .. i thought him as my hero n strtd kissin him n he loosin hia cntrl got cossy n mde me his .. i ws shocked i alwys wnted to loose my vrgnty in a spcl wy bt nt ths mch spcl . Ths ws cheating j strtd cryn loudly thrwn my things he suddnly stopped me n told me he did nthn excpt d kiss n i got relived bt no hw cm these mrks cme on my neck he tld me he did ths to tease me i feel lyk to slap him … two minutes ago i thought i lost evrythn to a person on whom smone else have ryt… his phone strtd ringin he picked d col up sry kavita i cnt meet u up tody … m bit bsy as i heard him tokn to his lov i thought to lev d convrstn i got up n try to go he hold my had n asked me wot happen ? I said nthngg ..thn he said why u drank so much seeng me n kavita togthr ws i jelous ..me n jealous noo .. its jst i feel lyk to drnk i had two shots whts wrng .. he said no this is nt d thng be true to me i cn see in ur eyes he strtd movng twrds me n i ws movng bck n in no tym i ws stopped by d wall .. his intense look mke me crzy ..i ws lyk let me go ..plz .. he tld me no so soon baby n he pecked my lips n wnt out of d room ..my face bcm ‘0’ i touched my lips n a smile appear on my fce … he saved me ystrdy ..we kissed bt kav..kavita .. m i agn cmng btwn thm .. my mind is so messed up i need to tok to sanskar .. i ll tll him i m shona n i dnt wnt to cm btwn hm n kavita again …n i need to go away or i ll agn fall fr him .. i alwys lyk him bt d feeln i love him i cme across my feelins ystrdy whn i saw him wd kavita .. jealous burned me to d core .. i need to tok to him .. its sundy so i ll go to his room n ll talk to him dirctly ..


Sanskar pov :
I ws readin my file she cme in my room wd a thud n said i need to tok .. i ws lyk speak up .. she said in a flow i m sorry fr my yestrdy behaviour ..i nva wna cm btwn u n kavita..i kpt my lappy aside n move twrds her .. i kept my hands arund her waist pulled her close n said .. u nva cme btwn us ! I wnt to mke her realise she is d only one i lov n ll lv i cnt hate her i realised it wn smone else tryd to rape her i fumed in anger coz only i hv ryt on her .. she tld me in a flow .. sanskar .. please let me go or else i ll agn fall fr u n i dnt wnna cm btwn u n kavita fr sure not in past not now n not evn in future .. i hold her hand n looked in her eyes .. ” bt ur eyes r syng smthn else ” i wshpered in her ears ” thy say u want me desperatly ” .. i never loved kavita shona not in school days n not even now she ws alwys my best frnd thts it .. i knw u cn see lov in her eyes bt i only loved u .. wll love u ..i kissed her hands …i alwys hv feelings fr u ..i kissed her eyes .. i alwys crave fr ur touch .. i kissed her cheeks .. i alwys wnna mke love wd u .. i ws abt to kiss her lips she closed her eyes n a tear fall down her cheeks i kissed d tears n wnt to her lips … n whspered i knw wht i wnt u alwys wnt d sme n pecked her cheeks ..

Swara pov:
I brokedown at tht tym .. i behaved so kiddish in school days .. bt tht ws a budding age n i ws possv fr him bt he ws so close to kavita i shuld hv undrstnd best frnd hv her own place n grlfrnd is d one who alwys support n keep trust .. bt wht i did i broke his heart he nva let me go out frm his memories he knew frm d frst day m his swara .. i brokedwn cryng i hurtd him i cn feel his pain as now i m aware of my feelings what i feel fr him .. i wnna repent fr all my mistkes .. i wnt him to forgt all his pain n hav a new start wd me ..i jst wnna gv him so mch love tht he frgt all those depressng years .. i nva knew tht d differnc of hate of 4 years wll cm to an end wthin 4 days .. we nva hated each other bt we jst ignored wht we feel fr each othr.. we shuld nva b late to exprss our feelings … he hold my hand mde me stnd n engulfed me in bone crushing hug … i looked in his eyes who wnt me .. i kissed his forhead n whspered m sorry .. i kissed his cheeks ..m sry fr my kiddish behviour … i kissed his nose sry to mke u angry .. i kissed his cheeks sorry fr nt trustng u .. sory fr breakin ur heart i wnna repent n wnna mke u hppy fr ever .. u pecked his cheeks .. sanskar i ll love u so much u ll frgt d pain i gv u … i m sorry fr broken pieces of ur heart .. lets just end d distnce btwn us ….i hugged him n our romntc moment ws disturbed by a knock on door it ws kaveri
: sir kavita mam came here to meet u .. she is waitn fr u in lawn ..
my face frowned ..

To be cntinued
Hehe…. soon these few shots r gnna end .. m gnna mss u ppl bt i wnna knw do wnt me to end it soon or to bring a twist n crry on wd more episodes .. n do cmmnt … love u everyone .. who keep on cmmntn on my fanfictn wd all love n care ur advices love mke me happy …

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