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Swasan my devil boss ( few shots) 4

Hey thanx everyone for supportng me ur cmmts mde me supr excited so jst thought to post … love u guys n tmmrw is my prctcl bt frnkly i cnt stop myslf frm wrtng it…

Swara pov:
No no not lion den bt devils cage bt frnkly he is nt that bad i ws thnkn so mch thnk god he didnot recognized me otherwse instead of servant quaters he wuld hv askd me to live in his pet house … i adjusted my bags in d other room its big room wd attached washroom ..i thnk he is nt that bad i took my laptop which his compny gv me n strted cmpletn d wrk …shit my foot still pains a bit bt i ll gt wll by tmmrw … i cmpleted my prsntn … n being restless i took a nap …sanskar cme in my room i could feel his presence n his stare on me ..i open my eyes n saw him stndng near d door … i whispered he is lookn as if he ll kill me tht y i ws sleepn in afternoon … bt he calmly askd .. how are you now ? .. i said m fine thnku.. wth dis he gv me a smirk n bring two files he asked me to prepare presentation on these two files fr him as tmmrw i ll assist him in board meeting .. n with much arrogance he walked out ..what he thnk of himself …i m not a machine that he ll gv me a file n i ll cmplete it lyk a robot .. i took d files n prepared presntns it took me 5 hours kaveri kaki bought dinner fr me in d room only after cmpleten my wrk i thought to infrm sanskar n i headed towrds his room ..


sanskar pov:
i was doing my wrk whn she knocked my door n i asked her to cm in … my whole cncntrtn ws on my laptop n she tld me wd much confdnc tht i cmpleted my wrk sir .. i looked twrd her directn n i was mesmerized to see her in her upto knee lenght nighty n mickymouse ws made on it n two ponys she look lyk a small school gng kid bt soo adorable .. i jerkd my thought n shouted on her r u mad miss swara if u hv cmpleted ur wrk go n sleep we livn in one house doesnt mean tht we bcme frnz m ur boss bttr behv urslf n gt out n kal aftr prsntn mr mehra hs party at his house i wnt u too b ready n be sophsticated i could see tear welln up in her eyes i wnt to hurt her i cnt fall fr her agn n she ran out frm my room.. i wnr to my bed try to sleep bt flng restless…gaush y she lft me evrythn wuld b so prfct by now

Swara pov:
Hw he cn insult me so much fine we ll sty togthr bt as strngrs i hte u snskar ..n i ll alwys hte u huh …he frgt me so easily n secndly behvn so rude wd me monster …huh i slpt wiping my tears off n in mrng i freshn up n wnt to d offc i try to ignre eyecntct wd snskr n so do he i gv my prsntn evryone praised me excpt tht stubborn … thn he asked me to get ready fr mehra party i wore a baby pink plain saree heavy silver boarder tied my hair in messy bun a light lipstick n little eyeshadow ..if my dad wuld b thr he wuld hv asked me to wear smthng heavy he lyk to shw off his wealth bt he is good at heart n took my stall if i feel cold while coming so i shuld hv smthng i wnt out n saw sanskr in black formals damn he is perfct gentleman bt only by his clothes whn he opn his mouth i feel lyk to slap him … his gaze fall on me n it seem he got a shockof his life ..his exprssn sy ths n i bcme mre cnfidnt i ignored him n walk outside d house n stand near d car …

Sanskar pov ..
I ws speechless she look so prtty … i saw her arrognce n ny ego took ovr my flngs i wnt out n sit in car n signed her to sit in ..it ws cmplete silence till d tym i reached thr .. i saw mr.mehra greetn us i introduced him to my secretary n walkd in thr i ws stndn wd a glss of champange n suddnly smone back hugged me i look bck n saw kavita my school dys bestie i culd see swara s fce buring in jealous n she gulp too glass of vodka … bt wn i agn saw towrd d counter she ws nt thr .. i got tensed n i searched her i asked d boy on counter he tld me a boy took her to room … i searched her evrywhr suddnly i heard her shout ” lev me u idiot i saiddd please leav ” n kicked d door of room n saw her lied n a boy i thnk mr mehra’s secretary tryn to frce hinslf on her tht ws it fr him i wnt n beat him blue n black he ws lyk sir she is nly a secretry plz lev me n i ws lyk she is nly mine nly i hv ryt to hurt her … i wnt her to cry bt nly due to me ..i punched him hard .. i took swara wd me to d car n mke her sit i gv her my coat her blouse got torn..

she ws in shock i took her to her room n she ws bit drunk so do i .. i ws abut to go she hold my hnd n pulled me twrds her she ws abt to cry ” is kavita so hot since school tym u gv her preference .. she agn cme or she nvr left u .. u look good togthr m sry i agn cme btwn u guys ..m i not hot ” she threw my coat on floor ..” it seem u dnt find me adorable ” bt wait did she said school tym she rember me she knew me omg m so glad m nt out frm her memory bt did she lft me due to kavita ..shit she dnt trust me .. bt y swara … bfre i cn say much she took my hnd put it arund her wait n said ” sanskr sy na am i not sxy ”

I ws stunnd wd her suddn rectn i jst said u r hot baby ..n she said prove it n kiss me ..i was speechlss bfre i culd sy smthng she put her soft lips on my rough ones ..she ws too angry i cn feel while she ws bitin my lip .. my devil too ovrtook me aftrol i ws also angry frm her i too kissed her passionately …it ws a long kiss she opened my buttons while kssng n i too roamed my hnds on her bck n open her blouse hooks bt thn nthng we fall on bed wthin secnds she fall asleep hugging me no … i wnt mre i wnt her totlly nw … bt thn i kissed her neck n bite a bit n left so tht i cn tease her tmmrw mrng . .. nw i knw tht she recognsd me bt she dnt knw i too knw her .. wht destny wnts dnt knw bt my hateret is also mkin me crave fr her touch n gv her pain …

hw u feel abt epi do cmmnt plz .. waitn eagerly … fr ur response

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