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Swasan my devil boss ( few shots) 3

Guys i dont want u people to wait much so m postng my 3 epi .. its a gift frm my side to my new family .. i m not a good writer in writing out stories yet m tryn …

Sanskar pov :
I was walkin in my lawn n thnkn how to mke her life hell … after ol d gme is on.. bt wot i love d most tht i hv gvn her work fr tmmrw which she wont b able to do coz d servant quater is mess .. actuly kaveri kaki leaves inside d house a room near kitchen so d servnt quater was made a store room n wht else i cn thnk in my naughty mind tht she ll hv to spnd her all nyt cleaning tht mess n sleepn wd rats … my chain of thought was broken when i heard a scream omg did servnt quater hv snakes too i nvr knew i ran hopin she wuld b fine … i dnt knw i wnt her to suffer bt i dont wnna hurt her physclly she cme outside lyk a strom n pushed me within seconds i ws lyn on floor n she was over me … her scary face mde me realise my school dys whn in 11 th std i had my basketball match i was gttn ready in boys locker room i heard a scream i went out n a grl pushed me n tht was d frst tym whn she kissed me by mistke we were both shocked she was hell embarrased bt i fall for her innocence tht point of tym … chuck it .. bt she crry tht fake innocenc of her now also bt ths tym m a stone hearted person .. i wont let my heart over power my mind … thy kaveri kaki col up frm inside tht dinner is ready .. i managed to get up but whn i saw her she hv tears in her eyes n she was yelling in pain seem her foot got sprain n thn i saw her arm is bleeding due to scratch … i knw she wont b able to walk so i thought to pick her up …n she was staring me while i ws carryn her …i hate her gaze tht mke me uncontrol i ws feeling lyk to kiss her.. it was such a strong feeling .. bt i compose myslf put her gently on sofa n asked kaveri kaki to brng frst aid box … kaki clean her wound n did frst aid n put balm on her sprain thn we had dinner togthr ..she try to gt up bt she was helpless i asked whr u tryn to go … she replyd back with a frown face ” servant quaters” …. i said kaveri kaki wll help her out to go thr wth her supprt … i ws so glad to see her tensed face .. kaki was gvn her poor grl look need to face ths mch ..

Swara pov :
This idiot hv such a big farmhouse he hv no courtsey to ask a wounded woman to stay bck … i wnt to servnt quaters … i m hell upset .. m missing my home no swara u cnt fall weak be strong its part n parcel of lyf .. i wnt inside d quater it was agn a mess i cnt clean it my foot is hell painin so i thought to take d blanket n sleep outside in d lawn .. i sit on d chair in lawn n i slept watchn d stars m feeling freezing cold … n suddnly i realised i hv high fever omg n in no tym my wrld ws roamn arund me n i ws feeln dizzy .

Sanskar pov:
I was workin lte nyt whn i feel freezn cold i thought to close d window n as i was closing it i saw swara sleepin in lawn i realy felt quilty…coz i knw she was vry sensitv since school tym n due to cold or rain she use to suffer frm fever …shit fever … no i yelled on myslf n ran towrds d lawn i checked her nerves n my doubt ws corrct .. she hs high fever ..i crry her in arms towrds my room n mde her lie thr i close all windows n on d heat pillar in d room so tht temperature bcome bit normal .. i brought water n soaked my hanky n put it on her head .. i cnt see her lyk ths my heart strt pinching me .. her tempeture lowered n i kissed her forhead ..thn her eyes n thn gv a little peck on her lips.. i dnt knw y i did ths bt i feel lyk to aftr ol i shuld gt a bit reward to cntrl my feelings fr her …
i slept by her side n wake up wd a jerk whn she was lookn here n thr in amusement ..
she askd me whr is she i tld her evrythn excpt d kiss ofcurse … thn i went to took bath ..n kaveri kaki bring brkfst fr her

Swara pov:
i cmpleted my bf n saw him coming out frm washroom in a towel wrapped around his body …wtf he wnts … he jst look so hot his abs were clearly visible… i ws staring him as if i wll eat him up if i get a chnce .. n i thnk he noticed he walked towrds me … cme near my ear his hot breathe left me speechless n a currnt flowed frm my body he whispered ” am i that hot” ..he huskly crry on ” i knw i m bt staring smone lyk this is bad habbit ” i ws hell shocked wth his suddn wrds … bt thn he told me he is gving me day lev n shuld tke rest n join offc tmmrw n to bring my luggage to d room next to his … i m soo confused i shuld get hppy or sad … i m so close to him … bt his gestures mke me fall fr him ..
but one thng mde me alot hppy i dont need to stay btwn those rats.. bt now i ll live in lion den..
Plz cmmnt hw u find d stry… ur wrds boost d writers m nt selfsh u cmmnt or nt i ll wrte it tll end bt if u ll cmmnt ..i ll b able to post early ..

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