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Swasan my devil boss ( few shots) 1


Hey evryone m new to ths wrld i thought
to write few shots i hope u lyk it n if u do plz cmmnt ….


Girls pov :
Today i am standing outside maheswari industries hope i get this job.. i need it eagerly after i ran away from my house from kolkata to mumbai to become independent .. as i entered i see a big libe for interview of secretary no doubt these grls r hot bt m not less i too look hot in my profssnl look .. black pant n white shirt my heels complimnt my look n as i entered all those grls out their are staring me in jealousy as i can feel thr burning faces .. let it be … after two hours thy col my name n immediately went inside with full confidence .. n as d person sitting on tht chair saw me he jst jumped n i recognized he is my college frnd laksh .. me n laksh were classmtes till 12 n we nvr share a strong bonding but ya i was vry excited to see him… its jst lyk u meet ur known in an unknwn city …. m jst too glad .. he knew i was a brilliant child so he appointed me for d job might b he was bit partial bt no doubt m good in my stdz my father n brothr were jst too possesv to keep ne safe so to bcme independent i ran away ..
i love mumbai … no doubt laksh told me that boss is vry strict so i need to b punctual ..
our boss col me up after appointment to mke sure m worth his compny or nt ..
phewww .. i was hell nervous ..keepn my fingers crossed i knocked d door n he asked me to come in …
as i entered i saw him.. shit it feels lyk my whole world turned upside down .. i m speechless .. sanskar maheswari is owner of maheswari industry .. i feel lyk to give my resignation at d spot n thts d prblm u signed d cntrct n i cn only leav if he himself fire me accrdn to cntrct n m sure he ll not … he is such a devil he ll nt let me go knw ..

Sanskar pov:
i was doing my wrk n i askd my new secretary to come in .. as i saw her my eyes burned up in revenge .. i was just too happy tht my ex grlfrnd who dumped me wdout gvng me reason who left me without notifyn me .. i really loved her n she took me forgranted i become a wrk machine to avoid her thought .. i had number of one nyt stnds to forget her .. i become a heartless devil .. n knw she is facing a devil … she gnna regret .. i cme to knw frm laksh tht my new secretary is homeless n needs ths job as she is new in city .. bingo my bro ..he dnt knw wot he actully gave me.. he nva knew i dated swara coz he was my younger brother n dating her clssmte i dnt wnna gv him any weak point of mine so tht he cn blckmail me bt knw i shre evrythn wd him aftrol knw he ll not blckmail me … miss swara u gone ( i thought )

Lets c… whr ths hate stry goes n if u lyk d concept sry fr mistkes bt plz do cmmnt .. so tht i ll cry on

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