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Chapter 56, Part 2


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Saanvi’s confession, Swasan arrive at Venus Park

It was late evening by the time they reached Venus Park. Sanskaar who was back at the wheel, looked really happy.
Swara (delighted) : It feels so good to be back here. Let’s go in and surprise Laksh.
They entered happyand anticipating Laksh’s surprise at seeing them both. But their anticipation was short-lived.
Swara stared in surprise. Laksh and some girl seemed to be arguing.

Swara (shocked at his tone) : LAKSH!
Laksh (shocked to see them) : SWARA! SANSKAAR!
Sanskaar : Laksh.. Saanvi, I presume?
Saanvi nodded mutely, wondering what was going to happen now.
Swara entered looking suspicious at the two of them. Sanskaar followed her and looked at Laksh, asking him a silent question. Laksh shrugged and looked away.
Saanvi studied at the couple walking towards her. Sanskaar was handsome in an obvious way though he was not as handsome as Laksh was for her and he radiated power. He was a comfortable man who knew where he was in life and as he saw him look at his wife with adoring eyes, she immediately felt envious of the woman. How she wished someone would love her like that one day. Well no, not someone. She looked at laksh.
Swara (looking at Sanskaar who came and stood next to her, puzzled) : Saanvi? You know her?
Sanskaar looked down guiltily. He didn’t want to keep this from Swara but Laksh had asked him not to tell and he had given his word.
Laksh (stopping Sanskaar from replying) : Swara! Sanskaar! You both here? Did you have a pleasant journey? Shall we all sit down…
He stopped as Swara raised her hand.
Swara : Laksh! No pleasantries until after I find out what’s going on here. Saanvi! (Saanvi looked at her slightly nervous) I am Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari, Laksh’s sister-in-law and the eldest bahu of the Maheshwari Parivaar.
She softened her expression with a slight smile as she saw Saanvi was nervous.
Swara (continuing) : This is my husband Sanskaar!
Sanskaar nodded in greeting and Saanvi smiled at the two of them grateful that they were not downright hostile towards her.

Sanskaar : Swara sweetheart, Maybe we should discuss this in the morning? Let Saanvi go home and.. (frowning) You do have a home here right?
Saanvi nodded but Swara shook her head.
Swara : She will stay here in one of the guest rooms. I want to talk to her first thing in the morning. Saanvi, Is that alright with you?
Saanvi nodded though she knew it was more of a rhetorical question. Swara Maheshwari was clearly the right woman to be the CEO’s wife. Though she didn’t seem the type, She could clearly exude power when she had to. Swara went with Saanvi and got her settled in a room comfortably.

Swara (as she was leaving) : Saanvi! I have many ideas as to why you’re here, but I want to hear the answers when you’re calmer. So I’ll talk to you tomorrow, but be warned. Laksh is my family and I’ll do anything to protect him. Well, Take some rest now. I’ll call you in a while for dinner. (smiling) Don’t worry. You’re safe here.
Saanvi nodded and attempted to tell something but Swara stopped her and returned back.
Swara (smiling at Sanskaar) : Go upstairs. I’ll join you?
Sanskaar nodded, gave a peck on her forehead and walked upstairs taking their luggage. Swara watched him go up softly smiling as Laksh looked at her. He was slightly uneasy and thought he should escape before Swara caught him. He was feeling guilty for shouting at Saanvi. But that girl was impossible. He couldn’t stand it any longer.
He saw Swara, then decided to make a run for it before she turned towards him. He had barely gone three steps before Swara stopped him.
Swara : Dramebaaz! Stop!
Laksh turned and looked at her sheepishly. She was slightly amused but a large part of her was concerned and her eyes were flashing. Laksh sighed. It was going to be a long night.
Swara : When you told you were coming here to Venus Park, It was to write a book, Am I right?
Laksh nodded and Swara began pacing the room.
Swara : I spoke to you three days ago and you told me all was well?
He nodded again.
Laksh (thinking) : Maybe all I have to do now is nod.

Laksh groaned, then nodded a third time.
Swara (crossing her arms, her voice raising with each question) : Would you like to tell me why you lied? Would you like to tell me why you were shouting at that poor girl? How do you know her? Where did you find a girl who’s in love with you?
Laksh looked at her surprised and she gave a half-smile.
Swara : It was obvious the moment I walked in. She’s madly in love with you. Why don’t you tell me what happened? Who is Saanvi?
Laksh got up, suddenly weary. It had been one argument after another and he didn’t want to talk about this anymore. He just wanted to feel free for a while.
Laksh : I’ll answer your questions tomorrow. I am going out for a while, Swara!
Swara: But Laksh..
Sanskaar (his voice from the top of the stairs) : Let him go, Shona!
Both of them turned at the sound of his voice. Swara looked at Sanskaar and wanted to protest, but they had one of their silent exchanges and she sighed admitting defeat.
Swara : Alright! Go.. What about dinner?
Laksh (not meeting anyone’s eyes) : I’m not hungry. I’ll see you both tomorrow.
He took his jacket and then almost ran out the door. Swara sighed once again and turned to Sanskaar.
Swara : What do you thing happened?
Sanskaar shrugged out of his jacket and laid it on top of a chair. He held out his arm pulling Swara in for a hug.
Sanskaar : Laksh called me day before yesterday and told me that Saanvi had told him she loved him but that’s all I know. I didn’t think she was troubling him so much or that Laksh would get so bothered about it.
Swara : I don’t think she meant to trouble Laksh. She loves him.
Sanskaar (sitting down with Swara leaning on him) : She already told Laksh that and I agree. She loves him. As soon as I saw her watching him, I knew.
Swara looked up at him and smiled. She took the hand she was cuddling and gave a kiss.
Swara : But Laksh…
Sanskaar (raising an eyebrow) : He loves Ragini.
Swara straightened in surprise. She saw Sanskaar smiling ruefully at her.
Swara : Sanskaar? You knew?
Sanskaar nodded and told her of Laksh’s phone call the other day.
Swara : Are you mad at me?
She looked sad and Sanskaar hastened to reassure her.
Sanskaar : Of Course not Shona! I know better than to come between you and Laksh. I don’t blame you for not telling me. It’s the same when I don’t tell you everything Aarav and I discuss or when I didn’t tell you about the phone call before. I love you, Swara!
Swara gave him a smile which lit his world up.
Sanskaar (huskily) : You are so beautiful!
Before Swara knew what had happened, Sanskaar was lying on top of her and was kissing her soundly.
Swara (gasping between breaths) : Sanskaar! Anyone can see us.
Sanskaar agreed and he got up, lifted Swara into his arms and ran upstairs to their room, the couple giggling like young kids.
Saanvi, who had tactfully gone back to her room when she saw they were getting intimate. She sat down on the bed and wanted to cry, but they wouldn’t come. She had promised herself she wouldn’t cry but it hurt so much to watch Swara and Sanskaar.
They were sure of their love, they were comfortable and knew what the future was for them. Just hearing Sanskar say I love you to Swara and watching her face beam with pleasure hurt Saanvi.
When she first saw the two arrive, She was so happy. She would get to meet Laksh’s family. She wanted to know them, know everything about them. She wanted to belong.
Then Laksh’s words came crashing down on her and she didn’t know what to do. How could she expect Swara and Sanskaar who would easily lay their lives for Laksh to support her? How could she win this battle? She thought what she was doing was right… But what if she was wrong?
She collapsed down on the floor leaning against the bed and wondered what would happen now. Suddenly a knock on the door brought her back to the world.
Saanvi : Come in.

Oh God! Her voice sounded like a frog, all hoarse and throaty. Swara entered the room holding a food tray. She came in smiling, but seeing Saanvi’s state, her smile turned into an expression of concern. Setting the tray down on a nearby table, She knelt next to Saanvi and hugged her tightly.
Swara : Oh! You poor dear…
And then the tears came. Saanvi clutched on to Swara as she cried heself out. She thought about how she loved him, how he loved someone else, someone named Ragini, by the conversation between Swara and Sanskaar. She thought of how Laksh told he wouldn’t marry her, how she didn’t know she was doing the right thing or the wrong one.
Until now, she hadn’t felt like crying. She needed to be strong, but seeing Swara’s concern, she couldn’t stop. Finally she stopped and leaned back against the bed again while Swara gave her some water.

Saanvi (giving her a watery smile) : Thank you! Umm.. Sorry about that.
Swara smiled and Saanvi saw why Sanskaar had fallen in love with this woman. She was beautiful in the traditional sense, but she had a liveliness on her face that gave her an unexpected beauty. The perfect wife for Sanskaar Maheshwari, the ruthless business tycoon.
Swara : Don’t bother about that. Anyone could see you were suffering. Come now, Please have your dinner. I thought it would be easier if all of us ate in the room today. Laksh is not here anyway so…
Swara stopped as she saw a single tear slide down Saanvi’s face.
Swara : OH! I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to…
Saanvi : It’s quite alright! (standing up) Thank you Swara! I know you know my name but you don’t know anything else about me. Would you like to?

Swara nodded and handed Saanvi the plate of food.
Saanvi : I am 23 years old. I was born in Gujarat and lived there until I was 13. Then I shifted to Mumbai where I have been since. My mother passed away 4 years ago. (Swara expressed her condolences and Saanvi nodded) I have majored in Literature and was assistant professor in Mumbai Arts University until I came here 3 months ago.
Swara, not wanting to talk about Laksh and hurting Saanvi even more instead asked her more questions about her childhood. After a while, Swara asked Saanvi to go to sleep and picking up the dinner tray, she walked out when a voice stopped her.
Saanvi : I really do love him, you know.
Swara (turning back) : I would have to be blind to not see that on your face. I know you love him.
Saanvi smiled in relief. Swara may not be on her side tomorrow but for today, She believed her.
Laksh and Sanskaar were having breakfast the next day when Swara walked in. So far, no one had mentioned a word about the previous night and Laksh was thankful. Swara merely sat down next to Sanskaar, smiled at them and began drinking a cup of coffee. Laksh stared at her.
Swara (noticing him) : Yes?
Laksh (shaking his head) : Nothing!
He continued to stare at her. Swara was never this patient. Something was wrong. Catching Sanskaar’s amused expression, he scowled and turned the other way looking at the door where Saanvi stood uncertainly. She saw him then immediately looked down. She was deliberately avoiding his gaze.
Laksh took in the moment to study her. She was pretty, really pretty and she had a child like expression. She was hyper yet serene at the same time. Laksh had spent last night thinking about her and Ragini. He wasn’t sure why… But seeing Saanvi didn’t irritate him as much today than yesterday. He wasn’t attracted to her. Not by a long shot. But nor did he want to avoid her anymore. He wanted to talk things through.
He realised she was standing outside because of him.
Laksh : Saanvi!
Swara and Sanskaar turned to see her jump like she’d been scalded.
Saanvi : I’m sorry… I just wanted to talk to Swara!
Laksh (ignoring her words) : Did you have breakfast yet?
Saanvi shook her head, bewildered.

Laksh : Then come in and eat.
Saanvi looked shocked and then shook her head again.
Saanvi : No, It’s ok! I just want to leave. I’m not hungry.
Sanskaar : Saanvi! Please come in and have breakfast. Otherwise my wife will feel the need to run after you and I have no inclination to chase her and feed her.
Saanvi laughed and nodded. In an instant, The tension had slipped away. Laksh noticed that lines around her face disappeared when she laughed. Lines that he had caused. He felt a twinge of guilt as he watched her sit as far as she could from him.
While the three of them spoke, Laksh mainly remained quiet as he noticed the interaction. Saanvi was really intelligent and he knew she was a lit major. She knew books and by the sound of her conversation with Sanskaar, seemed to understand business quite well too. She would make someone an excellent wife. She would be a wonderful wife for anyone. Even if he could get past the fact that he loved Ragini and marry Saanvi, He didn’t want to.

Saanvi deserved more than just being there as a convenient duplicate. She deserved someone who would love her. Someone who would make her happy.
The words ” I love you Laksh ” echoed in his mind once again and he shook his head. Saanvi couldn’t love him. She SHOULDN’T love him.
Swara : Well, shall we talk now?
Sanskaar : Alone or together?
Swara thought for a while, then stood up calling Saanvi to the other room. Laksh looked at Sanskaar with raised eyebrows.
Sanskaar : I’m not supposed to talk to you until she comes back.
Laksh was stumped. His jaw hung open as he watched Sanskaar ignore him and read some emails on the phone.
Laksh : Swara told you not to talk to me?
Sanskaar nodded.
Laksh : You’re listening to her.
Sanskaar nodded again.
Laksh : She has you wound around her little finger.
Sanskaar (cheerfully) : Yes, She has! Isn’t it a wonderful thing?
Laksh groaned.
Laksh : Save me from too happy married people.
Sanskaar : Well, Soon you might join the ranks of us too happy married people.
Laksh’s smile fell. He glared at Sanskaar who took no offense and continued to read the paper.
Swara came back in a few minutes and gestured to Sanskaar. He stood up and after giving Laksh a pat on his back walked over to his wife and they spoke for a while.
Swara (clapping her hands together) : I think Laksh should marry her.
Sanskaar (amused to see her dramatic expression) : You do, Do you?
Swara : Haan Sanskaar! That is what I feel. Spending some time with her made me realise she would be perfect for our family. She adores and loves Laksh. This would be perfect.
Sanskaar reminded her.
Sanskaar : Except for the fact that Laksh doesn’t want it to happen.
Swara : Well! Convince your brother. Come on Sanskaar! You know you can convince him.
Sanskaar : No I don’t. I can’t convince him because I don’t believe it.
Swara (shocked) : You don’t think Saanvi is the one?
Sanskaar : No Shona! I don’t mean that. Saanvi might well be the one. She really does love him. But Laksh loves Ragini. How am I supposed to tell him to forget her? What if someone had asked you to forget me? Or me you?

Swara opened her mouth to answer but then shut it. Sanskaar was right, Damn it. There was no way she would ever love someone else. Or even think about another person. It would always be Sanskaar!
She sighed.
Swara : What do we do now?
Sanskaar : We talk to both of them and we ask Laksh to make the decision. I refuse to have this forced on him.
Swara : Sanskaar! That’s a wonderful idea. I’ll go talk to him immediately.
Sanskaar (cupping her face) : Don’t worry, My love! This will all work out.
Swara (smiling at him) : I hope so, My love! I hope so.
Swara walked across the courtyard where Laksh was sitting looking at the garden. She came and sat next to him.
Swara : Your brother wasn’t keen on talking about this with you, so you’re stuck with me.

Laksh (raising an eyebrow) : Am I supposed to be happy about that?
Swara (hitting him playfully) : Dramebaaz! You’ve grown.
Laksh nodded. It seemed like he had aged 10 years the past few days. He sighed and looked down at the pretty flowers that adorned the left hedge. Swara followed his gaze.
Swara (smiling softly) : You know, Those flowers always remind me of my first true conversation with Sanskaar!
Laksh (turning to her) : Really?

Swara (nodding) : I think it was the first time I ever thought Sanskaar was more than a pompous a*s and that he could be a wonderful man. I hated the man but I think I loved him too. I had to argue with him. It was wonderful.
Laksh : Except for the part where he told you not to fall in love with him?
Swara chuckled.
Swara : He forgot about the fact that it was me he told that to. I was never a biddable woman.
Laksh chuckled.
Laksh : No, You weren’t! And neither is Saanvi.
Swara nodded.
Swara : She isn’t, I agree. (remaining quiet for a while) She loves you.
Laksh : I know.
Swara : She loves you a lot.

Laksh : I know.
Swara : Do you think you can love her?
Laksh : Right now, No! All I think about is Ragini.
Swara : Do you want to forget Ragini?
Laksh nodded, placing his hands on his face. Swara put an arm around his.
Swara : I have one last question, in parts. Not including love in the picture, Do you think Saanvi would suit you? Do you think you would be happy with her? Can you imagine leading a comfortable life with her?
Laksh drew a sharp breath, then looked straight into Swara’s eyes, ready with his answer.
Laksh : I….
PRECAP : ? ?
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