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SwaSan ~ meri aashiqui tumse hi five shots (intro+promo )

Hey okay here I m with five shots of SwaSan!!!! So first of all my previous ffs or anything i can’t continue them due to loosing the plot!!!!!

SWASAN- Meri aashiqui tumse hi



Swara Gadodia: – a bold attitude girl is broken from inside has a dark past never shows any emotions likes to be alone and a business woman known as sg.!!!

Sanskar maheshwari : a boy with high ambitions loves someone a lot belongs to a middle class family..!!!

Sahil sengupta : a mysterious boy

Rest characters same as serial..!!!

Scene 1

A girl is seen walking through the streets and rain is falling her tears are not visible due to the rain she was broken pain anger cheated all emotions were seen in her eyes.!!!

Scene 2:

A boy is seen getting out of the car and he calls someone


He said ” finally I won the bet she blindly loved me and I cheated so money is mine”

The other person ” congratulations okay dude so I will give you…bye!!!

He cut the call the boy smirked and left..!!!


A boy is seen praying in a temple..!!! He then takes prasad and left in auto to office…!!!

*****Promo ends******

So guys lets see how a broken soul and mr ambitious will fall in love..??? Let me know through your comments take care bye..!!!

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